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  • Forum Post: Brad Boyes

    Posted 03/05/2010 11:02:45 EST

    Been a long time since Ive posted gentleman...ladies. Brad Boyes is available in St. Louis. Although he has had a rough year, he was amazing the past year...basically the year after he left beantown. more »

  • Forum Post: Go get Iginla

    Posted 01/22/2010 07:18:49 EST

    Ahaha Iginla?

    Easy. Savard, Bergeron, 1st round pick and Mark Stuart should get it done.
    more »


    Posted 01/22/2010 03:14:55 EST

    I think it will def be Chicago. They are the deepest team in the NHL by far. They could drop Barker or Campbell, Ladd, Brouwer, Bolland, even Hossa, without missing a beat. Take ALL of those players a more »

  • Forum Post: looking for lost man

    Posted 01/22/2010 03:11:33 EST

    Agree with above post. You simply cannot have a winning season when youre top players miss a large amount of games. Frustrating...but true. I for one think Boston would be fluctuating around 1-4th pla more »

  • Forum Post: TRADE IDEA.

    Posted 01/22/2010 03:09:02 EST

    Bostons problem is continuing to bring in half assed scorers. Ryder, Sturm, Paille, Satan, Whitney?...the list goes on and on. It solves NOTHING. Hell, I would trade all 4 of those mentioned above for more »

  • Forum Post: Ilya...what's the answer?

    Posted 01/22/2010 03:00:48 EST

    I dont believe Kovalchuk could be resigned with Boston unless one of Thomas, Chara or Savard were sent packing. Remember Lucic and Rask need new contracts....that being said, Ilya is DEFINITELY gone f more »

  • Forum Post: A lost locker room!

    Posted 01/22/2010 02:55:57 EST

    I would take Ward and Whitney from Carolina for some later picks and Satan.
    Both are on the block.
    more »

  • Forum Post: carolina won....toronto lost

    Posted 01/21/2010 11:04:48 EST

    I have to agree with above post. Forget Hall and Seguin, Boston needs depth on the blueline..they need Cam Fowler. Boston needs a new Cam on the team. Imagine how bad Boston would be on the blue line more »

  • Forum Post: Boston = No Finish

    Posted 01/21/2010 11:02:19 EST

    Ahah, its going to be a longshot at this rate, but I wouldnt go throwing in the towel yet. You can say no excuses all you want, but the simple fact of the matter is that when you lose 100+ man games t more »

  • Forum Post: Boston = No Finish

    Posted 01/21/2010 09:56:41 EST

    Its a talent issue ccoul, not compete level. Boston won the majority of puck battles tonight. The PP should be less embarrassing once Savard returns. If Boston doesnt get a bonafide goal scorer at the more »

  • Forum Post: Refs F'd us out of 2 points

    Posted 01/21/2010 09:47:50 EST

    How can you not blame the referee? Are you kidding me? He doesnt make the wrong call and Boston wins in regulation or OT and none of the errors throughout the game even come up, right? Boston didnt fi more »

  • Forum Post: Refs F'd us out of 2 points

    Posted 01/21/2010 09:34:50 EST

    This is an ongoing problem Ive witnessed all year. Referees deciding hockey games. Its disgusting when the ref messed up and made the wrong call like tonight. This is what made me stop watching hockey more »

  • Forum Post: WIDEMAN!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 01/21/2010 09:22:33 EST

    The good thing about Wideman is that he is 'reasonably' young and has potential. He also is slotted in as a top pairing NHL defenseman. There is definitely atleast one club that would be willing to tr more »

  • Forum Post: Boston = No Finish

    Posted 01/21/2010 09:18:55 EST

    Yet to miss a game this season, just watching the game against Columbus, SAME problem as EVERY game. No finish no finish no finish. They must have the CBJ doubled in scoring chances right now and Im p more »

  • Forum Post: One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..

    Posted 01/18/2010 10:31:46 EST

    Why Wheeler?---he is one of the better up and comers in the National Hockey League. He is on a third line and could be on any teams top line within the next 1-2 years. Why Ryder?---hes proven he can s more »

  • Forum Post: How Much Longer?

    Posted 01/18/2010 10:26:47 EST

    Woow so much hate for Wideman hahah. He has been having a roughish season, but most of you probably dont know or dont care that he has been playing sick the last few days. I cant imagine how anyone co more »

  • Forum Post: Everyone is spectating it...so do it CHIA!!!!!! IK to Boston!

    Posted 01/18/2010 10:20:33 EST

    Im sure you meant speculating..not spectating...anyways I digress.. Darren Dreger of TSN makes a very strong point on these speculations. It's quite simple really...if Atlanta does not sign Ilya, Atla more »

  • Forum Post: Injury update?

    Posted 01/18/2010 10:15:30 EST

    Boston has a rule where they dont release statements about injuries, so anything found out on blogs or sports sites is from word of mouth directly from people on the inside. Begin--injured, no timetab more »

  • Forum Post: One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..

    Posted 01/18/2010 10:04:20 EST

    Let's not include the game vs Ottawa, which was evidentally a tired team, with a horrific schedule (what genius made this game a 1pm matinee?) against a team with a chip on their shoulder (having lost more »


    Posted 01/17/2010 06:48:26 EST

    cowboys9 is right though...whether he is an apologist or not. Playing 3 games in 4 days is just plain difficult, nevermind having a depleted lineup. I think I will save my judgement on how this season more »

  • Forum Post: Bruins preparing a major offer for Dion Phaneuf?

    Posted 01/17/2010 06:38:07 EST

    Boston has great defense, Boychuk will be the new Stuart and Marky Stuart will be gone this year to make 3.4-4M from a team looking for a shut down guy to go on a top pairing unit. He's ready for that more »


    Posted 01/16/2010 07:26:58 EST

    I too am not a biased Bruins fan. Im the first to bring this kind of crap up when it happens to any team. I love what's good for the game...and hitting guys head first into the boards from behind is n more »


    Posted 01/16/2010 07:05:17 EST

    "There is no one on this Bruins team even in the same league as Crosby or Malkin." - while this may be true, there are players that hold the same value to their team as those two...and they are Berger more »

  • Forum Post: Conditioning Department

    Posted 01/16/2010 07:01:59 EST

    They arent. If it keeps up, byebye playoffs. Same would go to any professional sports team with this kind of ridiculousness. more »


    Posted 01/16/2010 06:57:54 EST

    Cut them some slack...with you're top 2 centers/players out...no team should win. How often would Pittsburgh tank if Crosby and Malkin were on the IR? Its frustrating...trust me, I watched every secon more »

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