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  • Forum Post: Trade for Hanley Ramirez!

    Posted 12/07/2011 08:53:30 EST

    In Response to Re: Trade for Hanley Ramirez!: In Response to Re: Trade for Hanley Ramirez! : Along with being a mediocre shortstop, his bat is overrated too.  I don't get the colllective Sox fan hard more »

  • Forum Post: The infamous 103 release names yes/no you vote

    Posted 02/14/2009 10:59:50 EST

    [Quote]Can't release them unless they agree because of the confidentiality contract. ARod's problem is finding who outed him. However MLB needs anyone who did take HGH, steroids, etc... to man up othe more »

  • Forum Post: 103 names Remaining- Who´s Next Posada- Manny?

    Posted 02/10/2009 05:04:07 EST

    I say release all names, let everyone come clean, and let's begin the process of healing and moving forward. I'm even thinking of boycotting MLB (it should be easier living in the Dallas area with onl more »

  • Forum Post: Now Here come Saltalamacchia

    Posted 02/01/2009 06:55:39 EST

    Tek was an "Allstar" last year or did you forget.[/Quote]

    When I read this post, I believe he meant truly an All-Star-caliber player, at least consistently. more »

  • Forum Post: Tek Stare Down

    Posted 01/29/2009 05:43:12 EST

    [Quote]Sean McAdams was just on Comcast Sportsnet and said Tek might retire instead of taking the Red Sox offer.[/Quote] Did Tek actually say this, or is it just some more agent-bluff-speak, or even p more »

  • Forum Post: O Captain, My Captain...

    Posted 01/29/2009 05:21:40 EST

    I sincerely hope so. I'm not ready for him to move on. He, to me, has always epitomized the "Baseball Player", in build, temperament, and speaking to the press. Tek IS baseball, the good, the bad, and more »

  • Forum Post: Backup 1B/OF for years to come

    Posted 01/29/2009 04:37:18 EST

    [Quote]He was terrible in Boston. Dont get it. He showed nothing in the playoffs, and didnt get any offers anywhere else. Lifetime .281 but I never saw that. would love it if he rebounds and plays lik more »

  • Forum Post: Without Prejudice Jason Bay is a 6 Tools Player

    Posted 01/25/2009 06:57:49 EST

    [Quote]Being optimistic about Jason Bay is one thing. Trying to cover the mistake that Theo made (running Manny out of town) that cost the Red Sox the 2008 world title and will cost them 09 and 10 is more »

  • Forum Post: Edes: Rays-Reality Check

    Posted 01/18/2009 04:34:27 EST

    As far as Burell is concerned, he has not been in a division like he will face in the AL east and he would be at best a marginal upgrade over Eric Hinske who hit 20 HRs for the Rays in only 381 ABs. W more »

  • Forum Post: Law2005 is a Yankee fan!

    Posted 01/15/2009 03:07:08 EST

    Was he one of those slamming the Sox FO for being unable to sign Youkilis to an extension? Guess it happened anyway, despite the tripe sprewed from some folks around here with waaaaaaay to much time o more »

  • Forum Post: Is Theo snorting crack?

    Posted 01/10/2009 04:26:18 EST

    [Quote] 2004 and 2007 are starting to get a bit distant in the rear view and Theo bungled away 2008 with a team that should have won it all. Now its 2009 and Theo's personnel moves have made the Sox e more »

  • Forum Post: 2009 RS outfield is......?

    Posted 01/02/2009 11:02:01 EST

    Folks keep wishing on Hamilton. Why would the Rangers send away such a feel-good aw, shucks dude who got to visit with Dubya? The fans love the guy around here-he brought excitement to this team for o more »

  • Forum Post: Call Atlanta....

    Posted 01/02/2009 10:58:13 EST

    Trade Bya-and then who do you get to replace him? Those guys are great to ADD to a team with Bay. Let the guy have a full year in Beantown to show us what he's got! more »

  • Forum Post: counterattack Yankees moves

    Posted 01/02/2009 10:52:58 EST

    Why not get him? He's not the same guy who left the Sox. He's expressed interest (if reports can be believed) and would benefit from the Sox' defense. Can't hurt to have a good arm like his for a few more »

  • Forum Post: Teixeira survey:What do you think?

    Posted 12/20/2008 04:53:30 EST

    Even if Sox get him for what they have offered (assuming they have put a proposal together), he still is getting more than they need to spend on a gold-glove OPS guy they already have! I say lower the more »

  • Forum Post: Enuff Tex.....What are our pitching options?

    Posted 12/20/2008 04:23:31 EST

    It's good to see something about the pitching. It seems all the "Buzz" is about a certain resident Texan who will go nameless. What about Lowe? Smoltz? Where's the info on how these guys are feeling a more »

  • Forum Post: Just In!:Henry: 'We are not going to be a factor"

    Posted 12/19/2008 04:52:18 EST

    Maybe, just maybe, the guy just doesn't want to play for the Red Sox. Some players can have a chance in other places to win. Sox are my choice, but not for everyone. It doesn't have to be ploy to get more »

  • Forum Post: terrible trade

    Posted 07/31/2008 02:13:00 EDT

    So, I was thinking this was a good deal. THEN I saw the Sox tossed money for the contract in there, and Moss, for one guy we don't know will thrive in the big market? I'll scratch my head, but hopeful more »

  • Forum Post: Coco Crisp trade talk

    Posted 03/08/2008 07:58:58 EST

    How about people STOP talking so much about this topic, and what everyone is saying or not saying, and then this can't be the center of attention for Spring Training.� Just stop speculating and asking more »

  • Forum Post: Coco Trade Possibilities!

    Posted 01/30/2008 10:47:46 EST

    Ya'll, don't forget that Coco has been held by the Sox in the "hopes" of getting a lefty pitcher named Johan. The potential trade seemed to put many deals around MLB on hold. If there wasn't that mayb more »

  • Forum Post: Survey on Santana deal / Ellsbury

    Posted 12/11/2007 07:28:53 EST

    This deal gets done-and the Sox have 2 LEFTIES in their rotation----how often have they had this for real? I like Ellsbury A LOT- but pitching wins series, and Series, and hopefully other moves can be more »

  • Forum Post: Jacoby & Dustin are key

    Posted 12/08/2007 04:40:18 EST

    I want to keep Jacoby. The twins need to decide and do it soon the Sox can move on other free agents and make deals using some of the guys the Twins are "deciding" on. Are they even deciding, or just more »

  • Forum Post: Significance of sweep

    Posted 08/26/2007 09:47:18 EDT

    I agree. This sweep of the other Sox is real nice. Of course, that team isn't a playoff contender. So, Sox should feel good getting a day off, but in no way can they relax until AFTER the World Series more »

  • Forum Post: Lead down to 4 games

    Posted 08/13/2007 08:07:50 EDT

    I have to admit, these lolly-gaggin' moments and flat play really bother me and I expect a roaring return of the Yanks, as always, and a choke by the Sox. I am frustrated by Gagne's lack of fire and c more »

  • Forum Post: Are you kidding me? Kansas City?

    Posted 04/03/2007 07:51:58 EDT

    Thank the gods some folks have sense here. One game! Disappointing, yes, but still just one game!!!!! Get over it already! Why is there even a blog for this? Go Sox! more »