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  • Forum Post: Share your recipes and tips

    Posted 08/15/2011 03:24:01 EDT

    In Response to Re: Share your recipes and tips: Kar, Where do you buy this squeeze wonder?  It would be just for me, but I have never seen it. - Pingo Posted by pingo hey Pingo -- All I can say about more »

  • Forum Post: If you were forced to leave the U.S. than what country would you go to?

    Posted 08/08/2011 09:58:21 EDT

    The Netherlands. Definitely. more »

  • Forum Post: What motivates you to move?

    Posted 07/15/2011 08:55:33 EDT

    I exercise practically every day -- just started a new diet and exercise regimen in June and I've lost 20 pounds by eating right and working out - I feel awesome, and I still have a shedload more to l more »

  • Forum Post: June Chat

    Posted 06/21/2011 12:21:57 EDT

    Happy First Day of Summer, Everyone!!! xoxoxo more »

  • Forum Post: Your favorite romantic movies?

    Posted 02/04/2011 04:25:55 EST

    Cinema Paradiso -- Hands down.  The New Years Eve Scene gets me every time.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Which celebrities are you over?

    Posted 12/07/2010 01:37:09 EST

    The Turds from Jersey Shore
    The Kardashians
    Tom & Gisele
    Repeat more »

  • Forum Post: Your 'I quit' stories

    Posted 09/16/2010 01:15:47 EDT

    I love the people who wrote "I calmly explained" "I quietly said" or pick your favourite "poor me" lines.  You know very well it didn't go down that way at all. hahaha!!! more »

  • Forum Post: Your 'I quit' stories

    Posted 09/16/2010 01:12:31 EDT

    In Response to Re: Your 'I quit' stories: Hot day, had to walk to work 'cause road was was blocked by parade. Fat cop told me not to touch his car when I leaned against it. Got to work, sweaty, pissed more »

  • Forum Post: Quirky fast food items

    Posted 06/25/2010 01:28:45 EDT

    Cockles & jellied eels in UK, Herring & pickle stands in Amsterdam, Boiled veal breast sandwiches in Florence... more »

  • Forum Post: August Chats!

    Posted 08/05/2009 01:16:13 EDT

    WinkHey Chatters--- Hope you all are having a wonderful summertime!  
    Miss the boards, love youze!
    LeasyII more »

  • Forum Post: Share your RSVP horror stories

    Posted 05/04/2009 04:39:24 EDT

    Hows this? Invites went out, none of the extended "cousins" were invited (small wedding) and specifically, no children. Aunt calls to say she's bringing 2 of her sons anyway - (who were not invited) O more »

  • Forum Post: Happy Easter Everyone!

    Posted 04/12/2009 09:38:37 EDT

    Happppppppyyy Easter, folks -- more »

  • Forum Post: Calling all chatters

    Posted 04/10/2009 11:25:28 EDT

    Hey all --  Hows it going? more »

  • Forum Post: Favorite mac and cheese recipes?

    Posted 04/08/2009 10:30:58 EDT

    making a basic cheese sauce (I'm not a fan of cheddar) and adding it to short pasta shapes - (elbows, penne/ziti rigate, little shells), is awesomeness in a pan in any form. I remember my mom making a more »

  • Forum Post: Ladies...What is your favorite mens cologne???

    Posted 04/07/2009 01:12:54 EDT

    Call me old fashioned, but I like my guys to smell like freshly washed clothes, freshly washed body, and freshly scrubbed teeth! When a guy wears cologne I always think that they didn't bathe or wash more »

  • Forum Post: Socializing?

    Posted 03/26/2009 06:57:23 EDT

    Hey there Pingo -- I agree with tt - Does BIL have a medical problem that he is predisposed to dozing off? It seems as though he has to keep himself stimulated by reading to avoid dozing off. Have you more »

  • Forum Post: What is your hangover cure?

    Posted 03/19/2009 02:29:54 EDT

    [Quote]Drinking to excess in our culture seems to be a badge of honor. What a shame it is that people can't let loose and enjoy themselves without resorting to booze and drugs.[/Quote] America isn't a more »

  • Forum Post: What is your hangover cure?

    Posted 03/18/2009 04:17:37 EDT

    Before I go to bed, I'll take a couple of aspirins with a big glass of water, and first thing in the AM, another big glass of water, 2 aspirins, and a banana... It works like a charm.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Your urban limericks

    Posted 03/08/2009 12:13:31 EDT

    In Southie, they're playing the darts a common sight in these parts but go round the bend Down to the North End, and the italians will say Stu'gattz! (sorry to all my paisani... I've been dying to wri more »

  • Forum Post: Happy Birthday Pingo

    Posted 03/08/2009 06:22:57 EDT

    Hot chicken soup and lots of tea with lemon and honey -- maybe float a candle in it for you to blow out and make a wish on!

    Hope you're feeling better soon! more »

  • Forum Post: What We're Reading

    Posted 03/07/2009 04:01:03 EST

    Im smack in the middle of The Life of Edgar Sawtelle - it took me forever to get into it, (because I'm not a fan of dogs) but now its getting really good. Its about a family that owns a dog breeding f more »

  • Forum Post: Your urban limericks

    Posted 03/07/2009 03:49:37 EST

    The "Messiah" Promised us Hope
    He must be smoking the dope!
    It must be a Quirk,
    We're all Outta Work
    Better tell this to the Pope! more »

  • Forum Post: Happy Birthday Pingo

    Posted 03/07/2009 03:41:38 EST

    Hey Pingo!

    have a wonderful Birthday!

    I hope Mr. Pingo treats you to something nice! I know he will!

    Have a great day in whatever you do!
    Love, LeasyII

    more »

  • Forum Post: Phrases that drive you crazy

    Posted 03/04/2009 07:20:22 EST

    Misuse of the following: Literally, should use figuratively - "I literally fell off my chair" means that you actually did, so unless you were "dethroned" - it wasn't literal. Caucus getting together t more »

  • Forum Post: What are you giving up for Lent?

    Posted 02/27/2009 01:30:25 EST

    I'm giving up working and all the sick consumerism that went along with the salary I wont be getting for 40 days (or more) more »

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