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  • Forum Post: Titos a bum

    Posted 05/05/2011 05:02:49 EDT

    In Response to Re: Titos a bum: In Response to Re: Titos a bum : Hey DADDYOBOB, how are ya? Posted by BOSOX1941 I'm just enjoying a romp through the old digs.  I like nothing more than showing a polly more »

  • Forum Post: Titos a bum

    Posted 05/05/2011 04:53:56 EDT

     Moving Lowrie to 1B would have meant moving three guys around--Scutaro to SS, Lowrie to 3B, and Youk to 1B--like musical chairs.  Are you kidding me!  SO WHAT!  You don't move your GG 1b back to firs more »

  • Forum Post: Titos a bum

    Posted 05/05/2011 04:18:03 EDT

    In Response to Re: Titos a bum: Today's game was also a reason for pinchrunning for A-Gon and Papi--they didn't have to play 13 innings last night.  Funny with all these complaints about pinchrunning more »

  • Forum Post: Titos a bum

    Posted 05/05/2011 03:54:13 EDT

    In Response to Re: Titos a bum: I think if you ask tito he will tell you the same thing slomag, the sox had to have at least one guy available on the bench + salty had to catch early today so you can' more »

  • Forum Post: Why remove Wake?

    Posted 05/05/2011 03:35:52 EDT

    It was a complete managerial meltdown.  I think a little league coach would do better than Tito did last night.  Pinch running for Gonzo, bringing in Wake when Paps was ready, having a GG first basema more »

  • Forum Post: Francona is a idiot

    Posted 10/05/2008 05:54:54 EDT

    [Quote]There's no question that Francona is a great clubhouse manager. However, he is a weak game manager. There are a lot of Kool-Aid drinkers on here, but my opinion is completely objective. If Fran more »

  • Forum Post: Nick Kaczur-scumbag

    Posted 08/06/2008 08:17:56 EDT

    It appears to me that a lot of you don't understand the incredibly addictive nature of oxy. You will have withdrawl symptoms from taking a single pill. Even if it's the only time you have ever taken i more »

  • Forum Post: everyone look at this quote from joebreidey

    Posted 08/05/2008 07:25:02 EDT

    [Quote]Or talking about farting and "OMG look what he says!" without the capacity to truly understand where the more intelligent baseball fan was coming from. A very sad individual. I agree. I've disa more »

  • Forum Post: You might like this

    Posted 06/26/2008 07:49:37 EDT

    Most of the posters from the Sox board have migrated over to  There is a Pats board there also.  It just needs a little dusting off and a few good posters and it will make a resounding more »

  • Forum Post: CHECK OUT NEW SITE

    Posted 06/26/2008 07:28:21 EDT

    Most of the posters from the Sox board have gone to  It has a lot more features than even the old BDC format.  There is a Pats discussion room sitting there waiting to be used.  I am on more »

  • Forum Post: Good bye

    Posted 06/17/2008 05:04:06 EDT

    a lot of good posters have gone to  This isn't the only board in town. more »

  • Forum Post: June 17 vs The Phillies: Lester vs Moyer

    Posted 06/17/2008 04:00:29 EDT

    [Quote]Pretty amazing how this board has gone downhill. Six posts so far? The mods do not care it seems; by August no one will be left here.[/Quote] Pumpsie and all, there is a much better game thread more »

  • Forum Post: this forum stinks

    Posted 06/12/2008 03:51:47 EDT

    [Quote]Have you sent your comments to the Feedback section?  If enough of us complain, maybe they'll do more to fix it.  They have already made some changes since the changeover; we can only hope they more »

  • Forum Post: June 11th vs Orioles: Colon vs Olson

    Posted 06/11/2008 06:02:49 EDT

    It's time to retire this format.  more »

  • Forum Post: June 11th vs Orioles: Colon vs Olson

    Posted 06/11/2008 05:33:37 EDT What are you waiting for?  Has there been any improvement?  You are all being lulled into accepting what this board is.  It's not going to change.  It is what it i more »

  • Forum Post: Rocket's Little Blue Pill

    Posted 06/10/2008 12:37:31 EDT

    I always said this band was way ahead of their time. more »

  • Forum Post: Where have all the posters gone

    Posted 06/09/2008 03:26:02 EDT

    [Quote]All I can say is don't give up.  I think they've ruined it forever for the most part, but the game day thread can and will be saved, and that's important.  Just keep posting to at least that on more »

  • Forum Post: Manny and Youk -- what the Eff was THAT???

    Posted 06/06/2008 10:16:59 EDT

    [Quote]i didn't believe it until now but I heard there has been an on going feud between Manny and Youk since Japan[/Quote]

    I heard this rumor, too.  But I know the source wasn't really credible.  ;-) more »

  • Forum Post: June 5 vs The Rays: Lester vs Shields

    Posted 06/05/2008 07:11:21 EDT

    [Quote]That is a very strange statement from a Sox fan . We may be missing 3 big parts of the offense as of tonight and you would like to see Youk gone ??  WOW[/Quote] Never said I wanted to see him g more »

  • Forum Post: June 5 vs The Rays: Lester vs Shields

    Posted 06/05/2008 06:23:30 EDT

    [Quote]. too bad it was not bartlett that got taken out by coco.. the rays are cocky and i HATE that... I think that's the whole issue.  Had he taken out Bartlett, no one except Sufcliffe, who was sle more »

  • Forum Post: Coco slide was not dirty!! What is wrong with Madden?

    Posted 06/05/2008 06:07:14 EDT

    [Quote]Let me guess Not so  long ago the Rays were "playing hard and thats how you should play the game" Now all of a sudden, they are bit cocky  and  playing to hurt people? and Maddon is out of line more »

  • Forum Post: June 5 vs The Rays: Lester vs Shields

    Posted 06/05/2008 05:32:08 EDT

    They have referred to the Manny/youk thing several times on the FSN broadcast.  Of course they think that Demarlo Hale should have been tossed because he took down the pitcher.  They have mentioned no more »

  • Forum Post: Kaczur

    Posted 06/05/2008 07:02:04 EDT

    Oxycodone is one of the worst medications to have ever been produced.  It is so highly addictive that it should not even be made.  There is no recreational use for this medication.  If you are taking more »

  • Forum Post: Belichick on Celtics, Please!

    Posted 06/05/2008 05:25:56 EDT

    That's easy.  He's our coach and he is good at what he gets paid to do.  more »

  • Forum Post: June 4 vs The Rays: Beckett vs Jackson

    Posted 06/04/2008 06:16:17 EDT

    espn is acting like Coco tried to kill the 2nd baseman.  Now the drunk basically called CC a bush league player.  This is the sox, not the pats!  they should have checked their Bias at the door.  more »