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  • Forum Post: Deleted post on state employee salary

    Posted 12/12/2009 08:05:26 EST

    In Response to Deleted post on state employee salary: So, must have gotten some heat from the Governor's Office to delete my previous poll and post from October 11, 2009.  That post had sta more »

  • Forum Post: The Official "Time to Legalize It" Thread

    Posted 12/03/2009 08:19:26 EST

    excellent question..

    another great question is: do you think it is the role of government to tell you what a person can put into their own body?
    more »

  • Forum Post: The Official "Time to Legalize It" Thread

    Posted 12/03/2009 06:27:18 EST

    How can nature be illegal? more »

  • Forum Post: Larry David p's on Jesus

    Posted 10/28/2009 06:13:36 EDT

    you really want to be edgy... draw a picture of mo-hammud, or maybe get some pig's blood on said picture.. then let the good times roll.. more »

  • Forum Post: ohh oooohhhhhh!!!!

    Posted 10/21/2009 06:06:47 EDT

    In Response to Re: ohh oooohhhhhh!!!!:

    Posted by dkrejci46

    what he said more »

  • Forum Post: Winter Classic

    Posted 10/20/2009 06:15:36 EDT

    I hope this even fails miserably and is never to be repeated..

    Have the allstar game outdoors, but not one that counts..
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  • Forum Post: We may be off to a bad start but...

    Posted 10/18/2009 08:18:10 EDT

    In Response to Re: We may be off to a bad start but...: In Response to We may be off to a bad start but... : Classic Bruins fan...B's lose, and they try to make themselves feel better by trashing the more »

  • Forum Post: No leadership...

    Posted 10/18/2009 08:17:33 EDT

    Hunwick and Bitz... more »

  • Forum Post: Marchand

    Posted 10/11/2009 05:21:42 EDT

    In Response to Re: Marchand: well lucic hasn't had a great start either.....lets bury him in providence. also Thomas has had a rough start, is there an ECHL franchise we can move him to? I don't think more »

  • Forum Post: Red Light Timmy

    Posted 10/09/2009 12:24:54 EDT

    In Response to Re: Red Light Timmy: Before any of you add your fricken posts, proof read the darn thing. Some of you type and put sentances together like you are in the 2nd grade or your from some eur more »

  • Forum Post: Worried about the Recchi-Ference Relationship

    Posted 09/25/2009 07:10:26 EDT

    In Response to Worried about the Recchi-Ference Relationship: I am worried that a rift between these 2 and possibly others and Ference in the locker room will have a bad impact on the team performance more »

  • Forum Post: Bourque to be traded?

    Posted 09/24/2009 12:12:26 EDT

    In Response to Re: Bourque to be traded?: So you're saying make a move based on his last name and relation to Ray Bourque? Yeah, I'll pass on that. Posted by Pezell04x personally I don't see the probl more »

  • Forum Post: The real mistake

    Posted 09/22/2009 04:58:45 EDT

    In Response to Re: The real mistake:

    I like Tim Thomas, but he`s not  Martin Brodeur
    Posted by BlueChip99

    Martin Brodeur..... the barrack obama of goaltenders...

    more »

  • Forum Post: Selfish Players

    Posted 09/21/2009 08:11:52 EDT

    I emailed Barrack Obammer, he just responded by saying tomorrow he will appoint an NHL pay czar to fix this.. more »

  • Forum Post: Winter Classic Jersey!!!

    Posted 09/21/2009 03:30:46 EDT

    this jersey svcks.. along with the whole concept of the winter classic.. more »


    Posted 09/20/2009 08:51:54 EDT

    In Response to Re: JULIEN RYDER KESSEL:

    In Response to JULIEN RYDER KESSEL : Works for me.  Mixed feelings, but if it wasn't going to work, I'll take the draft picks
    Posted by mybruins

    agreed more »

  • Forum Post: Wheeler - Kessel connection

    Posted 09/08/2009 09:36:19 EDT

    In Response to Wheeler - Kessel connection: There has been a lot of talk about Kessel's contract as of late.  The one aspect that has been overlooked is the Wheeler and Kessel connection.  They are su more »

  • Forum Post: Forget the media, what did YOU think about Ted Kennedy?

    Posted 08/30/2009 08:16:39 EDT

    Didn't think too highly of him.. typical politician.. "Oh, Ted brought so much money to the state." Well, it was someone else's money.. more »

  • Forum Post: brad marchant

    Posted 08/26/2009 07:36:04 EDT

    He will make the team.. more »

  • Forum Post: theodores son dies! awful news

    Posted 08/20/2009 09:42:23 EDT

    It's almost like a kid I never knew died.. Kind of like that but not really..

    Thoughts and prayers to the family..
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  • Forum Post: Bruins dangling Kessel as trade bait

    Posted 08/15/2009 09:29:38 EDT

    response to thread title....

    more »

  • Forum Post: Who is your Baby Bruins to watch for

    Posted 08/07/2009 05:25:04 EDT

    I think Bitz is going to have a break out year...

    I know he isn't really a baby b
    more »

  • Forum Post: kessel UPDATE, to SJ deal set and ready, waiting for habs and SJ trade

    Posted 07/31/2009 06:03:27 EDT

    Barrack emailed me and told me it was done... 6:03 EST more »

  • Forum Post: 08-09 BRUINS BEST SNIPER?

    Posted 07/29/2009 07:02:01 EDT

    In Response to Re: 08-09 BRUINS BEST SNIPER?:

    your an idiot
    Posted by dkrejci46

    LOL more »

  • Forum Post: CHIARELLI!!!!!!!...YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 07/26/2009 08:12:12 EDT

    In Response to Re: CHIARELLI!!!!!!!...YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: In Response to Re: CHIARELLI!!!!!!!...YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : What kind of nerd would pick out a spelling mistake and then post abo more »