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  • Forum Post: Even turner to celtics

    Posted 07/21/2014 09:29:27 EDT

    In response to PHX85014's comment: [QUOTE] Love it ! Evan Turner at bargain price, what's not to like ? The Celtics had 3 goals this offseason: 1. get some length 2. get more athletic (wing players) 3 more »

  • Forum Post: Time to Unload Our 16 Million Dollar Man?

    Posted 07/18/2014 04:57:16 EDT

    In response to trouts' comment: [QUOTE] Seattle is looking for a right handed power hitter. Is it time for Napoli to go? [/QUOTE] Heck yes.  I been saying this for 3 months now. How can you have a 1B more »

  • Forum Post: Give the Marlins what they want for stanton

    Posted 07/15/2014 12:23:56 EDT

    In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: [QUOTE] In response to GoUconn13's comment: [QUOTE] In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: [QUOTE] In response to GoUconn13's comment: [QUOTE] In response more »


    Posted 07/14/2014 10:21:15 EDT

    They're all under-achieving this year,  with maybe an exception of Jon Lester and Koji Uehara, and the surprising emergence of Brock Holt. But the worst of the bunch in my opinion is Mike Napoli. You more »

  • Forum Post: Harden to the Celtics

    Posted 07/11/2014 09:06:35 EDT

    In response to Eldunker's comment: [QUOTE] I need more shooting guards!!  Especially an $80M one with no supporting cast who would be miserable in a multi-year Boston rebuild.  Oh and lets give up som more »

  • Forum Post: Gamethread Wednesday White Sox @ Boston

    Posted 07/09/2014 10:20:20 EDT

    Nice win by the kids.  I enjoyed a game for a change.

    Great idea pulling Sale Ventura... thx, we owe ya one!!  Dummy.

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  • Forum Post: Indiana wants Dragic, but trying to lure Celtics in multi-team deal for Rondo.

    Posted 07/03/2014 09:06:39 EDT

    In response to mossad-did-911's comment: [QUOTE] any deal with Phoenix would have to include the Lakers 2015 #1 pick, Warren, Len, Ennis, and possibly Bogdanovic. With Rondo and Green leaving Boston.  more »

  • Forum Post: Show of Hands - Who Still Thinks This Team has a chance?

    Posted 07/02/2014 10:37:41 EDT

    Nope. Toast.

    Straight up and simple.

    Last place is a possibility though.

    The Cubs?  Theo's loving this.  Disgraceful. .

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  • Forum Post: Some stats - call them interesting if yo u want

    Posted 07/02/2014 10:21:22 EDT

    I wanted to see the signing of Isaiah Thomas, pair him with Smart and move Rondo... but the re-sign of AB shows that ain't happening. IT the 2nd is avg 20 ppg in his 3rd season in the NBA. Love C. Par more »

  • Forum Post: Alot going on behind closed doors

    Posted 07/02/2014 08:03:03 EDT

    Do something,  anything... this team is pathetic. 

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  • Forum Post: Draft Day Thread! Let the Fireworks Begin!!

    Posted 06/26/2014 09:44:14 EDT

    LeBron trying to worm his way up to grab his boy Shabbazz.  

    Chalmers won't get it done LeBron.

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  • Forum Post: Draft Day Thread! Let the Fireworks Begin!!

    Posted 06/26/2014 10:43:39 EDT

    In response to BCSP's comment:

    I hope DA is able to trade up to # 1! Wiggins!!!




    That's who I've wanted all along.

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  • Forum Post: The 10 greatest players in the 2014 NBA Draft

    Posted 06/25/2014 11:11:09 EDT

    In response to DaCeltics' comment: [QUOTE] Mustang, at 19 Kobe could take anyone off the dribble and Wiggins can't and likely never will have a nice crossover dribble like Kobe has, and that changes a more »

  • Forum Post: The 10 greatest players in the 2014 NBA Draft

    Posted 06/25/2014 09:37:18 EDT

    In response to DaCeltics' comment: [QUOTE] My ten are:   1.Joel Embiid   2.Marcus Smart   3.Julius Randle   4.Noah Vonleh   5. Aaron Gordon   The best two-way players stop there   6.Jabari Parker ( Th more »

  • Forum Post: Set Bill-806 free....

    Posted 06/24/2014 08:53:33 EDT

    In response to 2013soxchamps' comment: [QUOTE] It just dawned on me. Ironically enough, not having Bill-806 what it would be like with out Big Papi on the Sox.   I miss the drama and chatt more »

  • Forum Post: The Calm Before the Storm!

    Posted 06/23/2014 09:34:25 EDT

    I'm all in on grabbing Embiid,  sitting on him for the year... hope for Warren with the #17 pick and do this all again(lottery) next year.    I can wait... don't give it all up in the name of Love. Th more »

  • Forum Post: KERSHAW.. y dont we get dominant pitchas like that?

    Posted 06/19/2014 11:49:41 EDT

    In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: [QUOTE] who does get pitchers like that??? aren't too many Kershaws in the game.  [/QUOTE] We got one better CT, right? Andrew Miller - Drafted #6 in 2006 MLB more »

  • Forum Post: Report: Wolves Believe Celtics Have Best Trade Offer for Kevin Love!

    Posted 06/18/2014 01:01:43 EDT

    In response to mellymel3's comment: [QUOTE] In response to billge's comment: [QUOTE]     Too much, way  too much.     [/QUOTE] Agreed...Love is a very, very good player but not worth this much capital more »

  • Forum Post: 2014 All Star Team

    Posted 06/18/2014 10:49:28 EDT

    In response to miscricket's comment: [QUOTE] With the All Star team voting well underway..just curious. Is there any single player on the Red Sox that we as fans believe deserves to be called an All S more »

  • Forum Post: Green and #6 and #17 and next years #1 to Bulls

    Posted 06/09/2014 04:51:02 EDT

    In response to romneywins' comment: [QUOTE] Some tempting combination of players and picks to Bulls for the #1 this year?? [/QUOTE] Too Funny!!!  The Bulls!!! Do they even have a pick in the 1st round more »

  • Forum Post: Pitino Rewrites Celtic History With Nowitzki-Pierce Draft Story

    Posted 05/29/2014 04:56:20 EDT

    In response to Mployee8's comment: [QUOTE] In response to JohnnyLefty's comment:   Wait so I'm the Celtics were originally planing to draft Dirk?   Yes ... Pitino had a private workout i more »

  • Forum Post: Orlando/Boston Trade Chatter

    Posted 05/29/2014 04:32:58 EDT

    In response to nightrider495's comment: [QUOTE] In response to RSPCB73's comment: [QUOTE] In response to nightrider495's comment: [QUOTE] This would be a great scenario for the Celts! Embiid would be more »

  • Forum Post: NBA scouts talk about top prospects

    Posted 05/23/2014 04:45:11 EDT

    In response to CelticGreenLP's comment: [QUOTE] Interesting read from 3 NBA scouts points of view on Embiid, Wiggins, Parker, and Randle.  Each scout compared Parker to Pierce. They aren't huge Randle more »

  • Forum Post: Where Is Ellebury When You Need Him?

    Posted 05/22/2014 04:06:22 EDT

    In response to razcreation's comment: [QUOTE] Grady Sizemore strikesout with the bases loaded. He is hitting .220 on the season. Bradely Jr not doing much better. Red Sox always refuse to pay their ow more »

  • Forum Post: Gamethread Tuesday Blue Jays @ Boston

    Posted 05/20/2014 09:32:13 EDT

    When did Jacoby Ellsbury get Jenny Dell's job as the sideline candy in-game reporter?

    Can't feed your family on $170 mil these days without taking on a night job!!

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