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  • Forum Post: AJ hawk?

    Posted 03/02/2011 09:26:08 EST

    This is simply a financial issue. Hawk makes $10M last year and if he stays with the Packers it has to be reduced. He is a good ILB but would be expensive and we don't want another Adalius Thomas type more »

  • Forum Post: How many teams will be shopping for a QB in the 2011 draft?

    Posted 12/24/2010 01:34:30 EST

    Luck, Mallett, Newton and Locker should go in the first round. There is absolutely no question about Newton's talent and/or potential but he is a wild card and some teams fear he may be another Vince more »

  • Forum Post: The 33rd pick

    Posted 12/24/2010 01:04:17 EST

    I want some feedback on this idea: Patriots trade the Oakland pick this year for:
    2012 1st round pick
    2013 2nd round pick
    2014 2nd round pick

    more »

  • Forum Post: Peppers or Seymore? Take your pick!

    Posted 04/07/2009 02:09:22 EDT

    I would love to have Peppers join the Patriots but realistically we can't afford him. We have to keep Makins, Wilfork and possibly Seymour and the Peppers situation won't happen. Lets look at the Fina more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots Miami Game Thread

    Posted 09/22/2008 07:15:59 EDT

    Except for the kicking game and special teams, the Pats simply were outplayed by the Dolphins. Matt Cassell is starting to scare me a bit because he just looks uncomfortable and inexperienced. Can't b more »

  • Forum Post: John Lynch

    Posted 08/14/2008 08:31:58 EDT

    I agree with titletown fan. There are two benefits of signing John Lynch. First, Tank Williams is gone for the season and we need a replacement. Two, he can be a big help teaching the young cornerback more »

  • Forum Post: Email Specter and tell him to stop!

    Posted 05/15/2008 04:01:37 EDT

    Why aren't Senators Kerry and Kennedy standing up for the Patriots and going after Arlen Spector? As usual, the two morons are doing nothing beneficial for Massachusetts. more »

  • Forum Post: spygate...my 2 cents

    Posted 05/08/2008 12:30:28 EDT

    I agree with your comments. What has made the Patriots consistently competitive is a lot more than just the tapes. They have done some outstanding drafting, signed and rejuvenated good players (ex. Mo more »

  • Forum Post: Spygate "What if?"

    Posted 04/25/2008 02:45:21 EDT

    There are too many questions about the tapes. Who told Matt Walsh to do it? Who witnessed the order to do the taping? Why does Matt Walsh still have the tapes? These are just too many questions that M more »

  • Forum Post: Don Banks Says its Jerod Mayo

    Posted 04/25/2008 02:15:45 EDT

    I like Jerod Mayo and think he is just as good a player if not better than Keith Rivers. Mayo is known as a real student of the game and could be a good inside linebacker for years to come. However, I more »

  • Forum Post: Would the Pats trade up?

    Posted 04/25/2008 01:56:59 EDT

    I don't see the Patriots moving up in the draft for one reason, $$. The higher the pick, the more money will be needed to sign the player. I really think the Patriots want to go the other way and trad more »

  • Forum Post: Taylor to Pats?

    Posted 04/25/2008 01:40:42 EDT

    Why is anybody even considering trading the #7 pick for Taylor. He has already been in the league 11 years and may have 1-2 good years left in him. If we get Taylor from the Dolphins, don't give them more »

  • Forum Post: Pats on the verge of signing Law?

    Posted 04/24/2008 02:06:52 EDT

    I really like the move if the Pats sign him. Ty Law may not have the speed he had when he came out of the University of Michigan but he does have the experience. Still think he is a good cornerback fa more »

  • Forum Post: trade number 7 for taylor and...

    Posted 04/24/2008 01:52:21 EDT

    The highest I would offer the Dolphins is�a late 3rd round pick. Taylor has been in the league for a long time and really don't know how much longer he can play. Moreover, the Dolphins are starting to more »

  • Forum Post: trade number 7 for taylor and...

    Posted 04/24/2008 01:35:28 EDT

    Taylor is a good player but it too old for the #7 pick. I would offer the dolphins a 3rd round pick for Taylor and see what they are willing to take for him. more »

  • Forum Post: Keith Rivers

    Posted 04/24/2008 01:19:16 EDT

    TexasPat,Instead of picking Rivers at #7 how about the following: Trade down for a pick in the 20 - 25 range and take BC's Ghosder Cherlious. He is a solid offensive lineman and with the�trade�get at more »

  • Forum Post: Branden Albert

    Posted 04/24/2008 01:10:37 EDT

    Good points! I think we can develop a good strategy for the Pats. If Vernon Gholston isn't available #7 then trade down for a�20 - 25th�and pick BC's Ghosder Cherlious. With the trade get at least one more »

  • Forum Post: NFL Cutting Deal With Walsh

    Posted 04/23/2008 01:30:27 EDT

    A deal between Walsh and the NFL has been reached! more »

  • Forum Post: Branden Albert

    Posted 04/23/2008 09:46:05 EDT

    Clay73 I really think the Pats have to strongly consider Branden Albert. He is known as a hard worker and some consider him as good as Jake Long. Pats may want to take him and use the other picks and more »

  • Forum Post: Walsh talks may be near

    Posted 04/22/2008 01:37:48 EDT

    Don't use big words like Integrity because Matt doesn't understand or probably doesn't know how to spell it. more »

  • Forum Post: Bengals Turn Down Great OchoCinco Trade

    Posted 04/22/2008 01:30:39 EDT

    TexasPat,Have a scenario for you. The Pats trade the #7 to the Bengals for their #9, a 2007�3rd round�and a 2nd round 2009 draft pick. The Patriots can still get Keith Rivers and it prevents the Saint more »

  • Forum Post: Walsh talks may be near

    Posted 04/22/2008 12:45:26 EDT

    At times, this is getting more attention than the presidential race. If Matt Walsh has any legitimate information, it better be staggering. If all he has is tapes that show nothing and Walsh can't pro more »

  • Forum Post: 7th pick to Eagles for 19th and Lito?

    Posted 04/22/2008 10:29:00 EDT

    Kramer,Absolutely agree with you. On paper, a trade with the Eagles that would bring Lito to the Pats looks great but it won't work. Lito reminds me too much of Samuel and that is scary! The Pats don' more »

  • Forum Post: 2008 Pats Mock Draft

    Posted 04/22/2008 10:11:13 EDT

    Stuboy28,I like a lot of your picks and want you to think of these changes. Here are my choices and the only differences are in the 1st, and two 3rd round picks. Tell me what you think. #7 Keith River more »

  • Forum Post: give the 49ers their pick back

    Posted 04/22/2008 08:14:07 EDT

    The 49ers really need help on the offensive line. In particular�with the loss of Kwame Harris, they need a offensive tackle to�start right ways. �I think the person they need is either Branden Albert more »