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  • Forum Post: Unique wedding venues in New England

    Posted 08/22/2011 03:11:12 EDT

    We were married at the Shaw's center/Campanelli Stadium, home to the Brockton Rox.  More affordable than Fenway & very fun!  If we had waited until the season started, hubby & I would've thrown out th more »

  • Forum Post: JP Michelle Lydon - review/link

    Posted 08/18/2011 05:38:08 EDT

    Ok, this is NOT an ad, but Michelle is awesome!  She did our wedding 2+ years ago and is a friend, so I am SO happy to see her getting so much recognition.  She truly is one of those larger than life more »

  • Forum Post: OT - illness etiquette

    Posted 07/29/2011 06:39:44 EDT

    Hi everyone!  Thanks for the good wishes!  The scan was yesterday & it was another all clear!  I will never get tired of hearing that :)  They told us 1 more year of scans & then only annual check ins more »

  • Forum Post: OT - illness etiquette

    Posted 07/26/2011 04:14:15 EDT

    Thanks Kar!  DH is doing very well, he has another scan (2.5 years!) coming up this week, so it's a nerve-wrecking time.  I don't think we'll ever sleep easy when one comes up, but getting the all cle more »

  • Forum Post: OT - illness etiquette

    Posted 07/26/2011 10:37:21 EDT

    Late joining in on this one, but I'm glad to hear it sounds like the parents are communicating now. I can imagine that it was hard for them to find a time/way to bring it up.  DH surely didn't want to more »

  • Forum Post: Birthday Suggestions??

    Posted 07/06/2011 03:27:13 EDT

    Wow, the boards are slow lately!  Just popping in & saw this thread... We celebrate the beagles adoption day (no known birthdays) by getting them a little cake from the Barkery and making a donation i more »

  • Forum Post: insulation and knob & tube wiring

    Posted 03/24/2011 01:32:38 EDT

    Dirty Water is right.. knob & tube can be dangerous, especially if it's been compromised at all.  I'd suggest getting an electrician over to take a look.  They can give you an idea of the condition an more »

  • Forum Post: Durable dog toys

    Posted 02/23/2011 12:24:00 EST

    Kar - THANK YOU for posting about the salt in rawhides!  Scout developed a "drinking problem" last year where he would drain his bowl repeatedly & then constantly need to go out.  The vet ran all sort more »

  • Forum Post: Durable dog toys

    Posted 02/23/2011 12:21:29 EST

    Our beagles both have toy issues.  Molly is the destroyer... she will pull apart anything, holding it between her paws & pulling until it is in pieces.  She likes the string toys since she'll unravel more »

  • Forum Post: Dressing Dogs for Cold and Frostbite Protection

    Posted 01/25/2011 01:24:24 EST

    We have a waterproof fleece lined jacket for Molly that covers her bald little belly.  Scout won't wear anything, but has a thick coat.  We keep them on short walks and park visits.  Molly's paws star more »

  • Forum Post: Closing date coordination

    Posted 01/17/2011 10:58:34 EST

    Thanks everyone!  The seller decided to give Power of Attorney & closings will go on the same sade as scheduled.  Whew! 
    And I am never doing this again!
    more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 01/13/2011 11:22:36 EST

    We were lucky enough to sell our condo and find a great house to purchase. The problem is that we had set the condo closing date before we made an offer on the house and the seller of the house is una more »

  • Forum Post: Is road salt bad for your dogs feet?

    Posted 12/21/2010 12:08:26 EST

    We bought booties for one of the beagles who requires long walks.  He is also really sensitive to the salt.  He hated them.  He would pick up a paw, look at it & then look at us with sorrow. We found more »

  • Forum Post: How did you choose your realtor?

    Posted 12/14/2010 03:46:48 EST

    Hi Alfred, It is typical for the seller to pay the commission for both the listing and the buyer's agents.  There are first time homebuyer classes that are offered throughout the state and are REALLY more »

  • Forum Post: indestructible chew toys

    Posted 11/29/2010 05:01:34 EST

    Our beagles were destroying any balls that we gave them.  We bought a chuck it Recycled Remmy ball.  And our destroyer just chews on it constantly.  We can distract him with it & after a few fetches, more »

  • Forum Post: I love a parade...

    Posted 11/15/2010 01:09:37 EST

    That is so cool!! :) more »

  • Forum Post: Where can you take a dog indoors for the day during the winter?

    Posted 11/10/2010 01:50:49 EST

    Hey Wendi,  Depending on how well behaved the dog is, you may be able to bring him for visits to local nursing homes/senior centers.  When I volunteered at a shelter in NY we did this and it was great more »

  • Forum Post: Obedience classes?

    Posted 11/05/2010 04:04:52 EDT

    Hi Holdup,  We took our dogs to the Animal Rescue League in the South End (Tremont St.) for training. They also do puppy classes & agility.  Lanie was a Great instructor! Just thought I'd give you ano more »

  • Forum Post: Your favorite thing about your pet?

    Posted 11/04/2010 02:41:10 EDT

    Wow... reading these at work is making me miss my pups!  Kar - I can't believe how big Gracie is!  She is just a puppy :) I think my favorite thing about my little Molly used to be how she stuck to me more »

  • Forum Post: Wedding Review - Saturday, October 23, 2010

    Posted 11/02/2010 04:10:34 EDT

    Yay Rapunzel!!  Glad that you had a great day!  And kudos on being so on top of things and rolling with the planning snags!
    Happy Marriage!! more »

  • Forum Post: Appropriate Application Questions

    Posted 10/29/2010 03:05:57 EDT

    Be careful with that Slim!  I have had an agent lie to me and coach the prospective tenant in order to get them into the apt.  The realtor came recomended, but she has managed to get me 2 unreliable t more »

  • Forum Post: soft stool in one of my guinea pigs.

    Posted 10/29/2010 02:50:30 EDT

      My piggies had the same issue with celery & iceburg lettuce, so now those are out of the diet.  Spinach is good for them though, lots of vit. C!  I agree that you should stop any "treats" for a day more »

  • Forum Post: Today's the day!

    Posted 10/27/2010 02:42:41 EDT

    Congrats Rapunzel!!  Hope you guys had a great day ~ can't wait to hear about it!! more »

  • Forum Post: Blue Buffalo recall

    Posted 10/09/2010 07:45:32 EDT

    Hi,  I think a while back there was a post about what you feed your dog and someone mentioned Blue Buffalo.  I just got an email about a recall on their dry dog food and wanted to get the word out, ju more »

  • Forum Post: Frustrated with realtor

    Posted 10/04/2010 12:13:47 EDT

    Nanat,  I just wanted to chime in as a non-realtor.  We had our place on the market and our realtor's policy was an OH when it was listed and with every price change.  I don't know how much good it di more »

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