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  • Forum Post: Your favorite baseball movies?

    Posted 07/08/2011 05:15:20 EDT

    Field of Dreams, for capturing baseball's essence as Americana better than any other movie.  Bull Durham for it's awesomely accurate depiction of minor league baseball's unique charms. Major League fo more »

  • Forum Post: Who is the most overrated player of all time?

    Posted 07/02/2010 05:34:48 EDT

    Favre by a landslide. more »

  • Forum Post: Good Morning Ladies

    Posted 09/15/2008 07:59:00 EDT

    Meanwhile, Jests fans are already falling over each other trying to jump off the bandwagon: more »

  • Forum Post: Will Brady attend the games?

    Posted 09/11/2008 08:45:44 EDT

    Brady's first and only priority should be a speedy recovery. As such he needs to take his doctors' advice. Presumably after they do the surgery on the knee he'll be completely off his feet for at leas more »

  • Forum Post: Anybody else a little sad?

    Posted 07/31/2008 04:59:20 EDT

    I won't miss his BS. And sorry but he's not a 20 million dollar player anymore. I think he earned his contract $ most of the time, but his numbers have started a slow but steady decline over the last more »

  • Forum Post: How to get over a breakup

    Posted 07/14/2008 05:26:26 EDT

    [Quote]The "cutting off all contact" recommendation is hard to overstate. It's simple but extremely powerful advice, and too often blithely dismissed by those who think they're just above that or matu more »

  • Forum Post: WOW! Sort of disrespectful...

    Posted 07/03/2008 06:30:18 EDT

    I hate that freaking song.  That whole thing is so played out.  Let the Rays have it for all I care.  The only ones who sing along with that crap at Fenway are the pinkies and the drunks anyway.  (And more »

  • Forum Post: Shooting at an intruder

    Posted 05/15/2008 06:07:41 EDT

    Scarecrow said:"If your home is broken into at night, you have a gun, and the intruder does not flee when so ordered, you may open fire.� Your home is your castle, and the state has no power to preven more »

  • Forum Post: Is this the dumbest generation?

    Posted 05/14/2008 08:08:22 EDT

    The dumbest generation?�� I'd have to say it's the one that lived in McMansions, bought massive TVs, ate huge quantities of meat,�and drove SUVs as the evidence of global warming piled up.None of the� more »

  • Forum Post: Specter Contact Info

    Posted 05/14/2008 04:19:30 EDT

    Unless you're a constituent (ie, a Pennsylvania voter), or you have very deep pockets, you're wasting your time by contacting Specter's office.� He couldn't care less.� You're much better off contacti more »

  • Forum Post: Do the Pats Have Video?

    Posted 05/14/2008 10:31:01 EDT

    Problem is, from what I understand, that the Pats told Goodell that they gave him all the "ill gotten" video that they had.� So if they come out with more tapes now, they could face further sanctions more »

  • Forum Post: Tom Brady rips ESPN

    Posted 05/14/2008 10:27:27 EDT

    Sonie: I don't currently have NFL Network, due to the whole Comcast thing.� I don't want to pay extra for a bunch of Spanish soccer channels and tennis and junk like that just so I can get NFL Network more »

  • Forum Post: Tom Brady rips ESPN

    Posted 05/14/2008 08:17:12 EDT

    I hope the Patriots as an organization shut out ESPN, the NYT, and the Herald as much as possible.� No interviews, no comments, ignore their reporters in press conferences, the works.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Mike Felger

    Posted 05/13/2008 02:16:29 EDT

    I don't watch ESPN anymore.� They're pathetic.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Let the Herald know, Tomase MUST GO

    Posted 05/13/2008 01:11:08 EDT

  • Forum Post: Arn't some of these Vids actually legal?

    Posted 05/13/2008 01:06:54 EDT

    There are permissable taping locations (from the coaches box for example).� The whole "taping location must be enclosed on 3 sides and have a roof" part of the rule.� Also, visiting teams can tape fro more »

  • Forum Post: All Spygate talk / Goodell presser

    Posted 05/13/2008 12:59:44 EDT

    Paid for by Specter/Comcast?In the end? Paid for by you and me, as taxpayers, customers of the NFL, customers of Comcast, etc.� We're always the ones who pay for it in the end.� Which is why Senator S more »

  • Forum Post: All Spygate talk / Goodell presser

    Posted 05/13/2008 12:55:08 EDT

    They wasted two months dicking over an indemnity agreement for THAT???That's what lawyers do!� It's all about generating billable hours baby!

    more »

  • Forum Post: All Spygate talk / Goodell presser

    Posted 05/13/2008 12:35:31 EDT

    Nothing.� Absolutely nothing new of consequence from Walsh.� He alleged that "there may have been tape" of an IR player practicing in 2001.� Wow.� And he scalped some SB tickets for some players.� Sho more »

  • Forum Post: RAMS Spied on PATS before SB XXXVI?

    Posted 05/13/2008 10:25:02 EDT

    Some interesting stuff that just puts an exclamation point on all the media hypocrisy driving this ridiculous Spygate story: more »

  • Forum Post: I Will Cancel Comcast..

    Posted 05/09/2008 11:31:38 EDT

    As soon as FIOS is available in my town I'll switch for sure.� I was fed up with Comcast even before Arlen Spector showed up.� Now if Verizon would just get their butts in gear...

    more »

  • Forum Post: Men & The L Word

    Posted 05/09/2008 09:15:38 EDT

    Thanks!I love the "cowbell sketch".� Walken is hilarious in that.� His wacked out delivery worked so well in it, along with Will Ferrell, just being Will Ferrell.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Men & The L Word

    Posted 05/09/2008 04:01:52 EDT

    Seems to me that it's something that is on your mind, so maybe you're reading more into what he's saying than is really there.� If you're thinking about where you are in the relationship, and about th more »

  • Forum Post: Heidi Watney or Tina Cervasio???

    Posted 05/09/2008 01:33:57 EDT

    Let's be honest, it's been pretty obvious for awhile that NESN has a certain "eye candy" factor in mind when it comes to studio and sideline/stands reporters.� I don't have a problem with that at all, more »

  • Forum Post: Where did Tina go?

    Posted 05/09/2008 11:37:16 EDT

    Yeah, the new chickie is way hotter. more »

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