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About Me: maybe someday i'll get a chance to move back to Boston - I'd love that !

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  • Forum Post: OK Weather in Denver

    Posted 10/11/2009 12:17:51 EDT

    yes, looking like mostly cloudy and upper 40's during game time.  i'm from Boston, but since i've moved i'm not sure i know who i'm pulling for here.  whoever plays better football, i guess - whoever more »

  • Forum Post: I can't Believe I have to listen to Collinsworth on MNF

    Posted 09/07/2009 10:43:40 EDT

    Your problem with Madden might be that you know a lot about NFL football, NEGAME.  For those like me who don't and are looking for some education, Madden came off very well, explaining many facets tha more »

  • Forum Post: Should the Pats look into trying to acquire Brandon Marshall or Tavaris Jackson?

    Posted 09/03/2009 03:36:00 EDT

    from a Broncos perspective - if there's a way to move marshall and get compensation the Broncos ought to grab it.  even though McDaniels is saying No Deal (and where was that language when they still more »

  • Forum Post: John Lynch

    Posted 08/14/2008 08:55:17 EDT

    out here in Denver the personnel moves Mike Shanahan has made often leave you just scratching your head and wondering what he can possibly be thinking about. Pats get a veteran leader who still has a more »