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  • Forum Post: Great Lines

    Posted 11/27/2013 03:25:44 EST

    Back in the 60's the B's had the BOW line- Bucyk, Murray Oliver & Tommy Williams. Chicago had the Million Dollar Babies- Bobby Hull, Red Hay & Murray Balfour Hawks also had he scooter line of- Stan Mi more »

  • Forum Post: So it's the Blackhawks

    Posted 06/09/2013 09:49:37 EDT

    Over 50 years as a die hard Bruins fan born and raised in Chicago! Confident in B's chances and hope to give all my friends extreme s*%T forever.....if Hawks win series, I probably will have to move.. more »

  • Forum Post: Still some decent UFA's out there.

    Posted 08/18/2012 05:30:15 EDT

    In Response to Re: Still some decent UFA's out there.: Byron Bitz and "decent" only go together if it's "decent candidate for a nose job" or "decent candidate to never play in the NHL again. Posted by more »

  • Forum Post: Just remember this

    Posted 01/18/2012 09:53:54 EST

    If PC can convince Bubba to come back to cover Gill's sorry behind like he did for years on the B's then it might be worth considering. Otherwise I love him being a Hab! more »

  • Forum Post: Tonight's 3rd line. hamill-kelly-caron. thoughts?

    Posted 01/17/2012 08:49:37 EST

    I thought Hamill had a good game! Had a couple of good chances, forechecked hard & played the body. CJ even put him out on the PK once....Did not look out of place at all. Kid needs a dose of steady i more »

  • Forum Post: A shutout, TT, Benoit, skating stooge, JJ and tequilla

    Posted 12/14/2011 09:37:57 EST

    In Response to Re: A shutout, TT, Benoit, skating stooge, JJ and tequilla: He's the Bruins nuclear option. He's Boston's version of Mutually Assured Destruction. He doesn't have to fight. He just need more »

  • Forum Post: Colborne scores!

    Posted 11/23/2011 01:56:27 EST

    In Response to Re: Colborne scores!: Neely and a first (Glen Wesley..which goes onto be Lucic) for Barry Pederson.  Now that is the worst trade ever for Vancouver!  Good luck to Colbourne, I hope he h more »

  • Forum Post: CJ's postgame comments

    Posted 02/13/2011 04:46:18 EST

    He should say; "Tou guys should thank me....I don't take timeouts so you writers can get out of the building faster!" He should say; "Wasn't it smart of me to figure out Marchand was being wasted on t more »

  • Forum Post: Mark Stuart

    Posted 02/05/2011 04:02:18 EST

    In Response to Re: Mark Stuart: I still don't understand why Stuart continues to sit while Boychuk of all people is getting premium minutes.  Boychuk has been non-existent this season, and has been do more »

  • Forum Post: Who Does Marchand remind you of

    Posted 01/23/2011 11:24:00 EST

    In Response to Re: Who Does Marchand remind you of: Johnny 'Pie' McKenzie  Posted by Chowdahkid- Good one Chowda......old Pie Face was all hustle, get in your face, super strong for a smaller guy ( I more »

  • Forum Post: Guess what "4" is? (No, not Orr.)

    Posted 01/02/2011 02:24:31 EST

    The number of games in a row the B's lose in the playoffs under Clod's masterfull coaching? more »

  • Forum Post: Seidenberg to Boston

    Posted 03/03/2010 12:11:26 EST

    This is a big win .....The B's get rid of ECHL talent Bitz! more »

  • Forum Post: Morris to Phoenix, details to follow on TSN

    Posted 03/03/2010 12:03:08 EST

    In Response to Re: Morris to Phoenix, details to follow on TSN: you guys are idiots. morris sux and i dont hunt for autographs thats for chix and little hockey pansys who think autographs are awesome. more »

  • Forum Post: Wideman **$%#(#*$(((**

    Posted 02/10/2010 04:18:28 EST

    OMG, I honestly cannot believe there are people trying to say this clown is good. He has been downright brutal ALL year. He can't shoot the puck on net, gets shots blocked, can't skate backwards, skat more »

  • Forum Post: boynton

    Posted 02/05/2010 04:34:33 EST

    Right on Woodtick......He might get his mostly butt kicked but he stands up for his teammates and plays with a passion. TONS better than Wideman, Hunwick or Ferrance. (I think LoneWolf is playing OK!) more »

  • Forum Post: Blake Wheeler exposed

    Posted 12/09/2009 01:15:57 EST

    Chara declined to go with Colton also in this game....does that make him a wimp too? Play "smart hockey" take the Power play and don't take a skilled player to the box with a goon. That being said, I more »

  • Forum Post: All Time B's team!

    Posted 12/09/2009 01:08:28 EST

    In Response to Re: All Time B's team!: G= Cheevers D = Orr D= Bourque RW= Neely C= Esposito LW= Bucyk Posted by SmokingJoe  Post is "all time B's team and I think SmokingJoe is right on the money from more »

  • Forum Post: Hunwick new leader in assists! (for B's opponents)

    Posted 12/05/2009 10:37:24 EST

    Wow! A great centering feed last night from behind the net results in a goal, then later Honey's all over the ice.....too bad he wasn't watching his guy go to the net.....Bingo, another goal. Tried fo more »

  • Forum Post: All time Bruins punching bags

    Posted 11/15/2009 03:24:02 EST

    BYRON BITZ....No doubt the biggest wuss ever to wear a Bruins uniform. Pretty sad to be that big and get your butt kicked in EVERY fight you have ever had....Even had to have Thornton stand up for him more »

  • Forum Post: growing up with orr!

    Posted 10/10/2009 02:09:00 EDT

    In Response to Re: growing up with orr!: Do us all a favor and just stop watching if all you can do is sit there and hold on to a different age/style/strategy as opposed to the way the game is now.   more »

  • Forum Post: A Peak at Things to Come??? 5 Reasons Kessel will be sorely missed.

    Posted 10/02/2009 12:15:12 EDT

    In Response to Re: A Peak at Things to Come??? 5 Reasons Kessel will be sorely missed.: In Response to Re: A Peak at Things to Come??? 5 Reasons Kessel will be sorely missed. : Get your own. Funny how more »

  • Forum Post: Out of morbid curiosity...

    Posted 08/14/2009 05:50:17 EDT

    The Bruins and only the Bruins. 2nd favorite is whoever is playing the Blackhawks (I live in Chicago) I guess I kinda like Nashville a little since Milwaukee is their AHL affiliate and I go to alot of more »

  • Forum Post: All time Bruins punching bags

    Posted 08/14/2009 02:17:28 EDT

    In Response to Re: All time Bruins punching bags: In Response to Re: All time Bruins punching bags : OK...  I was thinking Doak for all the shots he blocked (face first?) and otherwise sacrificing his more »

  • Forum Post: All time Bruins punching bags

    Posted 08/13/2009 06:28:42 EDT

    OK, we listed toughest B's and favorite B's how about supposed tough guys that could'nt beat your granny! My starting lineup would include; Andre Nads are off(The dancing Bear) Sandy Moger (Saw Chelio more »

  • Forum Post: Favorite Position players to wear the jersey my era

    Posted 08/13/2009 01:10:49 EDT

    In Order of favorites by position- Lucic-Sanderson(Turk16)-Neely Chief-Esposito-O'Reilly Jonathon-Pete McNab-The Sink Cashman-Murray Oliver-Pie McKenzie Bobby Orr-Ray Bourque Zedeno Chara-Teddy Green more »

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