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  • Forum Post: Colts Fans Sink to a New Low

    Posted 02/23/2010 07:38:35 EST

    The Pats missed their 4th and 2 to win by inches...on the road! Manning would have still had to guide the Colts to a TD if he didn't throw that pick and they still would have to stop the Saints after! more »

  • Forum Post: BB sends a message........

    Posted 12/09/2009 11:01:52 EST

    In Response to Re: BB sends a message........: I once played football for a real a s s of a coach and he disiplined hard and was hated by most of us and didnt really inspire any of us to play hard for more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots 3 good players away from being a really good team?

    Posted 10/22/2009 02:02:07 EDT

    Didn't everyone say Maroney s#&ked this time last week? Please keep this in mind next time your ready to write a player off. more »

  • Forum Post: Ron Brace

    Posted 10/03/2009 12:00:13 EDT

    leatherhelmet  " BTW are there any teams who are relying heavily on players drafted this  year...please enlighten me"

    Ok, have you heard of Mark Sanchez? more »

  • Forum Post: Crable Who?

    Posted 08/23/2009 12:49:28 EDT

    Hypothetical, if Mayo broke is little toe in camp last year and was IR'd, then sprained an ankle in his 2nd year camp, would it be wise to waive him? I mean, maybe you're right enough is enough! How m more »

  • Forum Post: WBCN is shutting down and is becoming "The Sports Hub" - Bruins sign contract to be on FM radio

    Posted 07/15/2009 10:24:28 EDT

    This is interesting, not one of the articles I read mentioned anything about a weaker signal and thus losing fans. I think journalism has gone the same route as corporate...dumb. more »

  • Forum Post: Player to watch: Patrice Bergeron

    Posted 07/08/2009 01:22:46 EDT

    Bruins country, if Bergeron gets hurt they just move the lines around...the Bruins are deep for scoring believe it or not. They don't really have to replace him, someone just gets more ice time. As it more »

  • Forum Post: Player to watch: Patrice Bergeron

    Posted 07/07/2009 12:08:42 EDT

    Short memories. Remember how great Krecji looked last year? How excited you were that the Bruins somehow found him? That was Bergeron a couple of years ago...only better. He obviously is getting bette more »

  • Forum Post: who are the most under-rated players of the decade?

    Posted 07/07/2009 01:10:34 EDT

    Good luck. more »

  • Forum Post: who are the most under-rated players of the decade?

    Posted 07/05/2009 02:58:05 EDT

    Moss effect...you make me laugh. I have no doubt Fred Taylor and Joey Galloway never entered your mind until they became Pats. Both were college stars on top programs and first round picks...how is th more »

  • Forum Post: Kessel offer sheet

    Posted 06/30/2009 12:32:45 EDT

    PS. I remember Brett Hull, lots of goals...what did he win? He tagged along at the end of his career to win a cup. It's about winning a cup not about hoping your guy can win the scoring title. more »

  • Forum Post: Kessel offer sheet

    Posted 06/30/2009 12:30:08 EDT

    Don't forget kessel is not even healthy!! So you'd be taking an even bigger risk as a GM. He's a small guy and that shoulder could be just the begining. I say PRAY that he gets an offer somewhere else more »

  • Forum Post: Folks in Kansas City Having "Buyers' Remorse" on Cassel?

    Posted 06/10/2009 12:21:27 EDT

    It was interesting to see the NFL rankings for points and yards earlier in this post. You can see hoe numbers can be so misleading. Some teams are getting lots of points from defense and special teams more »

  • Forum Post: Who does the Sullivan Tire commercials?

    Posted 04/05/2008 12:13:49 EDT

    No kidding....Mr. Sullivan, the line is "we're HERE to get you THERE" or " WE'RE HERE to get YOU THERE"� not �" WE'RE here to get you THERE" Has anyone tried to explain this to you?

    more »