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  • Forum Post: Saturday Night Lineup

    Posted 08/25/2012 08:42:54 EDT

    Still gotta get rid of Lackey.

  • Forum Post: Could next year really be worse?

    Posted 08/25/2012 08:31:11 EDT

    Get rid of Lackey.

  • Forum Post: Is anyone happier than me today?

    Posted 08/25/2012 08:29:45 EDT

    I love my Red Sox, but how can you trade Adrian Gonzalez? How can you give up on Carl Crawford? I cannot believe we traded those two guys away just to dump a crap starter, and not even the worst one o more »

  • Forum Post: Jason Kidd, thinks rondo is the best pg...

    Posted 08/22/2012 11:22:13 EDT

    Absolutely horrendous Celtics board. more »

  • Forum Post: Center is a must!

    Posted 08/21/2012 12:18:27 EDT

    I think we all know who we are gonna be up against in the ECF. I think that's the only real question at this point.

    CAN WE BEAT THE HEAT? more »


    Posted 08/21/2012 12:16:24 EDT

    Waters will be there for week 1, and he will produce at the same level as last season.

    Next question. more »

  • Forum Post: was anyone else very impressed with this guy?

    Posted 08/21/2012 12:14:54 EDT

    Actually I thought Foles was the biggest bright spot for the Eagles. Talk about a guy who was prepared for the big show. Came in for Vick after 4 plays and played REALLY well. more »

  • Forum Post: Did Bill knowingly snub espn by not starting Brady?

    Posted 08/21/2012 12:13:44 EDT

    Its simple really. 3 games, 10 days. Gotta sit the players that are gonna make the roster, why not throw out all the other kids on MNF and see how they react. It's a good way to sort out the roster. I more »

  • Forum Post: MALLET WAS better than Hoyer under pressure. he was not great. Was mostly positive after first series

    Posted 08/21/2012 12:12:06 EDT

    Mallet can definetly take the #2 spot on the QB depth chart if Hoyer keeps playing like that. Mallet showed he can get the ball out under pressure. Makes you realize how lucky we are to have Brady tho more »

  • Forum Post: I still believe

    Posted 08/21/2012 12:08:54 EDT

    True fans still watch their Sox get killed the the Yanks on national television. GO SOX!

    more »

  • Forum Post: A Howard and Nash stopper.

    Posted 08/20/2012 06:45:13 EDT

    Honestly the best thing you can do is wait for the season to start. I think the Lakers will be very good this season. Although Nash is older than he was, Nash is still the best pure un-selfish point g more »

  • Forum Post: Five CRAZY Ways To Fix Sox

    Posted 08/20/2012 06:38:55 EDT

    Why would you trade Agon? To me that makes very little sense. He's extreamly productive. Makes very little sense. more »

  • Forum Post: Crawford and TJ Surgery

    Posted 08/20/2012 04:38:42 EDT

    Look, I will, and have always felt that the Crawford signing was a good idea. It's been really unfortunate to watch these first two season go south for him. But he has proven in the AL East that he ca more »

  • Forum Post: Jets Schedule & predicted finish

    Posted 08/20/2012 12:21:47 EDT

    The only prediction needed is that they will finish behind the Patriots once again. more »

  • Forum Post: Luck Looks Sensational Again

    Posted 08/20/2012 12:20:51 EDT

    Good Luck to him. I doubt his defense will allow him into the playoffs for years to come. But I hope he does well in the NFL. He threw a garbage pick though. (not the tipped pass, but the first one fo more »

  • Forum Post: team grades.

    Posted 08/20/2012 12:18:43 EDT

    I think since its the pre-season. I will hold judgment until the season actually starts until I give off-season grades. more »

  • Forum Post: free agents left...

    Posted 08/20/2012 12:16:40 EDT

    What about Barbosa? I think he could really be a good piece of the bench for someone. more »

  • Forum Post: A Proxy Aplogy from The Board Stooge to AGon

    Posted 08/19/2012 10:24:06 EDT

    Nice to see at least someone owning up to the fact that 60% of the board was bashing A-Gon before the all star break.

    Go Sox, and that means all of them more »

  • Forum Post: Beckett and Crawford and lack of an Ace

    Posted 08/19/2012 06:20:09 EDT

    KEEP Crawford, he can still be the guy he was in Tampa. He's gonna have to get that surgery NOW, but he will be back next year and dominate just like he did for the Rays. more »

  • Forum Post: Thoughts on beer in clubhouse AGAIN

    Posted 08/11/2012 11:58:35 EDT

    Ah at this point it really doesn't matter. Let them drink. (And yes, because it's A-Gon that supported it, and anything he says goes.) more »

  • Forum Post: Saints kicked our arses?

    Posted 08/08/2012 05:26:46 EDT

    I love the sarcasm in this thread.

    Stoked to hear Jones getting some respect, I think he will be a huge part of this time this year and years to come. more »

  • Forum Post: Didnt they use to call Tom "Mr.Clutch" or something?

    Posted 08/07/2012 06:37:07 EDT

    Just another troll that will go away when the Giants start losing. more »

  • Forum Post: Is this the end of Bobby Valentine?

    Posted 07/27/2012 11:46:26 EDT

    This team needs more than just a new manager. more »

  • Forum Post: Will you still be watching?

    Posted 07/24/2012 03:44:32 EDT

    I'll always be watching, how can you call yourself a fan and not watch? Hell I watch the highlights after even if they lose 9 to 1 more »

  • Forum Post: Gm isn't getting it done

    Posted 06/11/2012 12:06:58 EDT

    raider is absolutely right. The players aren't getting it done. Bailey, Ells, and Crawford need to get back to get things going. more »

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