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About Me: I'v Had a Very active life, a member in the Hall of Fame @ Adelphi University'coached B.B, & Baseball, Sent teams to the Harry Agganis Tour'y in Lynn Mass, for 50 Years! Have 4 Children',all athletes & All-Americans in Basketball.

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  • Forum Post: Lost Cause

    Posted 07/25/2012 10:17:42 EDT

    The season was lost right from the beginning as the team was put together with a bunch of AAA ballplayers! Ben C. has made NO movers, & quite frankly he seems to be over his head. It's a complete disa more »

  • Forum Post: Yankee Haters Unite: Go Red Sox!

    Posted 09/18/2011 10:57:19 EDT

     The most IDIOTIC post I EVER read. How could you possibly worry about the Yankees when our RS are sinking like the TITATIC? Take a look at our problems, "Develop players in their farm system " & make more »

  • Forum Post: Time for a change

    Posted 09/16/2011 09:13:38 EDT

     Three weeks ago I said this team was cooked. But you RS fanatic fans, in a state of denial,& still are could not accept reality. Constructive moves could have been made 3 monthe ago, when "Management more »

  • Forum Post: Are you worried that Tampa Bay will win the Wild Card?

    Posted 09/09/2011 03:54:04 EDT

      Let's cut thru the chase!  This team is done for. Look @ the record the last 2 weeks. DISGRACEFUL!!!  Managment should have seen this coming 2 months ago. Buchholz, injured, Drew, Wakefield is done more »

  • Forum Post: why rays will catch sox

    Posted 09/06/2011 09:01:54 EDT

     The train has already left the station. This team is playing like there in the  celler!. 11 innings with TORONTO & they can't score ONE (1) RUN!!!   Are you kidding me!!! PATHETIC. I'm sick & tired o more »


    Posted 09/04/2011 06:30:48 EDT

     As I said it a week ago, The Sox are slipping & sliding a week ago, and our  so called mgr Francoma just keeps on chewing tobacco & spitting his sun flower seeds. PATHETIC! We have AAA ballplayers pl more »

  • Forum Post: Tito on Hot Seat

    Posted 09/03/2011 11:33:08 EDT

     Whether you realize it or not, The Sox have been in slide going downward!! And Francoma just goes with the flow. No imagination nor creative mind. He keeps on playing McDonald, B.A. 190, & trying to more »

  • Forum Post: Varitek Swinging on a 3-0 Count

    Posted 08/08/2011 08:45:57 EDT

     I can't take it anymore!  Francoma must be the worst mgr in MLB. Varitek swinging  on a 3-0 count is unbelievable. A diminished ballplayer, no batting skills swings @  a high outside fastball! Are yo more »

  • Forum Post: Varitek swinging on a 3-0 count!!

    Posted 08/08/2011 08:27:55 EDT

       I can't take it anymore! Francoma is an idiot!!! He has got to be the worst  mgr in the MLB. With a 3-0 count, and Varitek a diminished ballplayer with  no bat, swings @ a high outside fast ball! A more »

  • Forum Post: It Is Mid-May - Time to Fire Our Manager

    Posted 05/18/2011 05:15:09 EDT

      It's Hopeless!  Day in & day out, Francoma just goes with the flow! No aggressive management,just reacts after the fact. So they won 3 in a row vs the Yankees. So what. Nothing has changed. They NEV more »

  • Forum Post: john henry and front office very quiet.

    Posted 05/12/2011 09:05:44 EDT

     Very quite is not the word! This team is a disaster!!!  TEK & WAKE should have  been retired a loooooog time ago. Theo obviously can't make any creative  moves, and Francona chews tobacco & seeds eve more »

  • Forum Post: Who has the courage to state publicly that this team will not make it to the playoffs?

    Posted 05/11/2011 09:46:50 EDT

     Tired of reading all this nonsence of 2004..... would of, could of, will be o.k.  Lest get it straight-there is NO life on this team. It's DEAD & the leadership  is not there to motivate this team to more »

  • Forum Post: Laughing stock of major league baseball

    Posted 05/07/2011 12:13:44 EDT

     The general fan sentiment is that looser of a manager Francona MUST go. Why can't Henry & Epstein see it?  Tired of seeing his stupid face staring into wonderland & not making sound decisions. The tr more »

  • Forum Post: Simple question....

    Posted 05/07/2011 09:01:36 EDT

       I cannot believe the mentality of some of you RedSox Fans. The team is cooked!!! Their done with no hope of resurgance!!  Last year we blamed the injuries!!!  This year?.... what is the problem. I' more »

  • Forum Post: Titos a bum

    Posted 05/06/2011 10:06:20 EDT

       PLEASE!!!!!!  John Henry-----Do something!  Tito's got to go. This team is going down like the TITANIC!!!  No effort, no enthusiasm, direction, no drive no effort........ This team is talented, but more »


    Posted 05/06/2011 10:27:42 EDT

        Previous comments like: Inconsistant & underachieving players-lack of  intensity!!!  All correct. This team shows no desire & is totally DEAD! Yeah, stay with Francona. You know what, when a CEO c more »

  • Forum Post: Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

    Posted 05/06/2011 08:59:57 EDT

        Time to show the door to Francona! This team lacks motivation and  direction. We need someone to instill confidence and purpose in this  very talented team. We are going to blow this season away a more »

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