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  • Forum Post: Who is Your Favorite Non-Patriot NFL Player?

    Posted 11/21/2014 11:34:57 EST

    ^^ this. J.J. Watt. not many (if any) NFL players can do this ....

    see the end of Video;

    Reason: reminds me of someone I know well. Good guy, as well.


  • Forum Post: Cleanse Your Soul

    Posted 11/07/2014 10:34:49 EST

                                                       Me: I confess for thinking bad thoughts about Leon. Priest: And who is Leon? Me: This guy on the BDC Patriots forum. A Jets fan. Priest: Ha, Oh that more »

  • Forum Post: Manning getting it all wrong again,

    Posted 11/05/2014 12:15:46 EST

    In response to Muzwell's comment: Manning was heard singing "Tom Brady beat my as-s again" to the tune of the Nationwide Insurance jingle after the game. Ha, thanks for the laugh muzz, we need more of more »

  • Forum Post: Tom "Twinkletoes" Brady

    Posted 11/04/2014 10:09:29 EST

    Thanks for posting the article! The Broncos were as mystified as they were frustrated. "He was just able to make some big plays," said linebacker Von Miller. "You try to keep that from happening. We j more »

  • Forum Post: Ayers Sack of PM

    Posted 11/04/2014 09:57:42 EST

    In response to BabeParilli's comment: The shoulder hit the thigh, not the knee. Close, and could have been missed, but no penalty. Yup, that's it. LQQKed  like a penalty from the stands but upon revie more »

  • Forum Post: Is it just me or is Edelman

    Posted 10/26/2014 11:54:43 EDT

    In response to pezz4pats' comment: In response to DougIrwin's comment: [QUOTE]. Maybe Brady should check his hands when he takes a snap and fumbles the ball, huh? LOL!! I mean, are you this dumb?  Ede more »

  • Forum Post: Running - Denver

    Posted 10/26/2014 10:21:11 EDT

    In response to rkarp's comment: my early take on the Broncos game: Pats play 8 DB's, give up the run to Denver Brady throws 50 passes shoot out in the 30's for both teams. See bold: Unless the Pats sp more »

  • Forum Post: FORUMS ARE BACK

    Posted 10/25/2014 10:44:52 EDT

    Does anyone know how to do a search? No search button, that magnifying glass on the top right LQQKs like a search button but it does nothing when clicking.  I tried anyway but got this ...             more »

  • Forum Post: nfl network's profile on DOUG FLUTIE is the best ever!

    Posted 10/25/2014 10:02:22 EDT

    In response to DougIrwin's comment: It was one of the better ones they've done, no doubt. Flutie could have quit, turned into a jerk, etc, but he kept on chugging, refusing to be denied. Tebow could o more »

  • Forum Post: If the Bears beat the pats..

    Posted 10/24/2014 09:43:18 EDT

    In response to mellymel3's comment: In response to HessHessLeonHess' comment: [QUOTE] Will it be the same reaction in here as it was when KC just hammered the pats on MNF? You remember all the calls f more »

  • Forum Post: Emmanuel Sanders

    Posted 10/24/2014 08:06:09 EDT

    In response to PatsEng's comment: Could that be because what they did were weaknesses on our own team we didn't take care of? We needed a pass rusher, Bronco's got Ware we got Smith We needed a SS, Br more »

  • Forum Post: The Reason They Crushed Cincy...

    Posted 10/06/2014 09:36:16 EDT

    In response to Muzwell's comment:

    In my view,This team isn't built to play that way, they're built to play like angry men, not technicians.


    more »

  • Forum Post: Rusty conveniently avoiding poor defensive effort

    Posted 10/01/2014 12:13:23 EDT

    In response to TFB12's comment:

    How do you even look at yourself in the mirror?  What a loser you are.

                       Cat sees Lion                              

    more »

  • Forum Post: Bill Simmons Challenges ESPN

    Posted 09/26/2014 01:36:17 EDT

    What's up Palookaski, good to see you here posting. It will certainly be interesting to see how this story all unfolds! [/QUOTE] All is well here TFB12, thanks. Never been to the Lake Tahoe area or Re more »

  • Forum Post: Bill Simmons Challenges ESPN

    Posted 09/26/2014 12:56:56 EDT

    Geesh ... I usually don't get involved with stuff like this on the board but this article explains and reveals - it seems - another coverup with a downright lie. more »

  • Forum Post: It's All of YOUR Fault

    Posted 09/26/2014 12:03:00 EDT

  • Forum Post: BB hangs'em up tomorrow and you can have your choice of any HC on Earth...

    Posted 09/24/2014 11:45:29 EDT

    With very few exceptions, Great Players never make great or even good Coaches. Why is that? Great Coaches have played the game but were considered just good or marginal players. The best Coaches Know more »

  • Forum Post: Raiders @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Posted 09/24/2014 10:37:38 EDT

    In response to agcsbill's comment: Oakland FRONT SEVEN? From what I have heard, only the front 4, and even less sometimes, successfully applied pressure most of the game. Sad, isn't it? AGCSBill, just more »

  • Forum Post: Amendola-Brady Miss (Film)

    Posted 09/24/2014 10:20:28 EDT

    Pro: I think after you make your short video, then use the same Imgur technique, I believe that will work.  Try that first and see what the Imgur has to say. I say that because I found a video on Imgu more »

  • Forum Post: Forum Is Worse Than Ever

    Posted 09/24/2014 10:13:45 EDT

    Seems every month we get a Cartoon strip, like this one.


    more »

  • Forum Post: Forum Is Worse Than Ever

    Posted 09/24/2014 10:11:45 EDT

    ^^^ Life has no meaning ...consider this.

    haha...Thanks for the laugh Wozzy


    more »

  • Forum Post: Amendola-Brady Miss (Film)

    Posted 09/24/2014 10:07:16 EDT

    Come to think of it ....the boys in the Draft Thread could also create hi-lite films. from games they have seen and DVD.



    more »

  • Forum Post: Amendola-Brady Miss (Film)

    Posted 09/24/2014 09:58:11 EDT

    In response to prolate0spheroid's comment: Watching it in motion (and I don't know if I can give you moving film), it looks to me like Amendola comes out of his break too casually, turns his head, rea more »

  • Forum Post: Film Study--Week Three (Raiders @ Pats)

    Posted 09/24/2014 09:43:35 EDT

    Ridley has'nt turned his head yet at that point Rusty. No time to second read ... even if Ridley was a first go to, happened too fast. Solder beat good on that one ... No Lie!

    more »

  • Forum Post: Scar Chimes In

    Posted 09/24/2014 09:17:43 EDT

    Patience Rusty. Just hit the post button ONCE and then immediately refresh before you try posting again.

    You're welcome Sir!

    more »

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