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  • Forum Post: Celts played well today

    Posted 04/21/2015 04:32:08 EDT

    In response to FierceBrand's comment: In response to prakash's comment: If the Celts can win a game or two, it will be excellent.  I hope that they win a close one.  I am looking for these guys to bel more »

  • Forum Post: Cavs strategy.

    Posted 04/14/2015 03:45:22 EDT

    How about a Hack-a-James strategy? Every time LeBron takes it to the basket he bowls over others and then the refs call a foul on the opposition to give him a 3-point play. Two points is better than t more »

  • Forum Post: Celts Prove Me Wrong

    Posted 04/14/2015 03:39:54 EDT

    In response to TommyRulesMtrax's comment: In response to FierceBrand's comment: In response to maryngary's comment: Clueless Celtic Cheerleader   Celtic management did their best to sink us, problem w more »

  • Forum Post: Atlanta or Cleveland?

    Posted 04/14/2015 11:11:55 EDT

    Please correct me if I am wrong but I think if we lose the last two and Indiana wins, we would have the 8th spot? I would prefer we play Atlanta -- I think we match up with them better and Indiana cou more »

  • Forum Post: 2 Games vs Cavs coming up....

    Posted 04/10/2015 01:30:52 EDT

    In response to teejaytee70's comment: At this point, I'm hoping we get the 7th seed so we will face the Cavs in rd. 1 and get absolutely annihilated.  That will be a real reality check for those here more »

  • Forum Post: Wade leaves game vs cavs with a knee injury

    Posted 04/03/2015 04:05:26 EDT

    In response to xxcodyfxx's comment: This should help our chances at a playoff spot. I guess Wade got what he had coming after knocking IT down. However, I don't think the C's want the 7th spot. I thin more »

  • Forum Post: Someone will want Tyler Zeller

    Posted 03/24/2015 01:10:57 EDT

    In response to wicksandrowe's comment: In response to cole-ely's comment: I think WE will want zeller.  He's the closest thing to a low post player we have. Yes, but not saying much - in the land of t more »

  • Forum Post: Change in primary ball handler last night... because?

    Posted 03/24/2015 01:03:39 EDT

    Marcus came back last night but you never would have known so since it seemed like he had maybe 5 touches the entire game. Instead Turner brought the ball up the floor. Turner's triple-double effort w more »

  • Forum Post: The Smart puzzel

    Posted 03/11/2015 12:13:17 EDT

    I don't think it matters who starts, it's about who finishes. The value of a player with instant offense off the bench cannot be overestimated. But I think Stevens wants to make sure that the team's o more »

  • Forum Post: Celtic need and Enforcer

    Posted 03/10/2015 03:48:45 EDT

    In response to billge's comment: The next time we play Miami, Mr Wade should spend the  major part of his evening on the floor, on his back, or in the sideline seats. Enter GW. I knew his value would more »

  • Forum Post: Stephen A. Smith: Gigi+JerebKo prove that Ainge only makes decisions based on RACE?

    Posted 03/10/2015 03:45:00 EDT

    Stephen A. Smith has a perception problem on approximately 99.3% of the issues he discusses.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Have minutes for bench players changed at least for the forseeable future?

    Posted 03/10/2015 03:31:51 EDT

    I want to see what Gigi can do against rugged competition. I know some of you may disagree but I don't feel JY is ready yet. Granted, it is hard to get better without PT. If this is a true playoff pus more »

  • Forum Post: Any news on IT4 x-rays?

    Posted 03/10/2015 03:25:49 EDT

    Anyone read anything about the results? Hope to God everything is okay. Either way, I bet he misses the Memphis game which is a shame. I was dreaming of seeing David knocking off Golaith.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Whiteside

    Posted 03/10/2015 03:23:35 EDT

    In response to hedleylamarr's comment: Anyone still want this guy?? "Climb on my back, boys, and I'll take you home." - Cedric Maxwell "You show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser." - Red Auer more »

  • Forum Post: Old reliable Brandon Bass is kickin' MAJOR @$$$$$$!!!!!!!

    Posted 03/10/2015 03:18:46 EDT

    Every team needs a Brandon Bass. The key word is "reliable". I think Danny should sign him to a 3 or 4 year extension. I think Brandon would love to stay a Celtic and I think he will accept reasonable more »

  • Forum Post: Celtics-Pelicans

    Posted 03/06/2015 09:27:18 EST

    Is zeller hurt?

    more »

  • Forum Post: Datome now and in the future??

    Posted 03/06/2015 04:51:46 EST

    I have watched Datome play for a very limited amount and would like to know what others think about his chances of gaining more playing time this season and whether he has a shot to make the 15-16 ros more »

  • Forum Post: Jury now out on Olynyk

    Posted 03/06/2015 04:47:31 EST

    In response to user_3960072's comment: Kelly's problem is he is 7 ft tall. The coaches probably have not considered playing him at the 3. He should be a SF not a PF or C.  He could play pretty well ag more »

  • Forum Post: Ainge finds players for Stevens' system

    Posted 03/02/2015 01:35:55 EST

    In response to wicksandrowe's comment: When Brad Stevens takes the time to tic off how one single play works and what players need to be able to do to make it work, we get a good glimpse into where th more »

  • Forum Post: Isaiah Thomas will make the Celts a playoff team

    Posted 02/24/2015 04:03:42 EST

    It was very sad to see Sully go down to injury. Over the past month or so, it seems the Celtics are becoming more of a team and I believe we will see Thomas add to that aspect. While it is true that o more »

  • Forum Post: Sully Out Indefinately!

    Posted 02/20/2015 12:33:55 EST

    I'm sure the pressure on the joints in his knees, ankles, and feet are not helped by his weight. It is frustrating to see his playing time limited by lack of conditioning and you can bet the farm he w more »

  • Forum Post: Are Cs going all in for Dragic?

    Posted 02/18/2015 05:04:27 EST

    In response to BrandBreaker8's comment: http://www.hoopsrumors.com/2015/02/dragic-rumors-wednesday.html   Hey, if we come away with Dragic and Plumlee, I'm good! If we get Dragic and Plumlee and are a more »

  • Forum Post: Lawson to Celtics?

    Posted 02/16/2015 01:47:17 EST

    Maybe the idea is to use Lawson for the next 2 years at a reasonable salary while Smart grows into the position. Then Lawson becomes a free agent and we pass. I think this could work as long as Lawson more »

  • Forum Post: PER and Marcus Smart

    Posted 02/10/2015 02:44:57 EST

    In response to puddinpuddin's comment: In response to ANONMD08's comment: In response to mellymel6's comment: Of course we're NOT set at PG...we need a REAL  all around PG, one who can lead the team, more »

  • Forum Post: training video for KO

    Posted 02/06/2015 07:28:35 EST

    Just watching cavs pacers for a few mins before the Cs. I cannot believe the progress of Mozgov. He used to move like he had cement in his shoes. I know KO doesn't have his wingspan but could he learn more »