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  • Forum Post: Is Boston snobby?

    Posted 07/02/2013 05:25:56 EDT

    An inherent symptom of an inferiority complex is overcompensation through rudeness and bloister. Bunch of T-shirts printed in the last two months should suffice for this QED.

  • Forum Post: Tell us your favorite New England ice cream spot

    Posted 06/01/2013 05:49:10 EDT

    Wow, how _could_ you forget the UConn dairy bar? Seriously.

  • Forum Post: How much time do you spend in traffic each day?

    Posted 02/05/2013 01:10:12 EST

    In response to moopheus' comment: It takes me 20 minutes to ride my bike from one end of Cambridge to the other. The same commute takes 15 minutes by car, and is far more stressful.  Back before my ba more »

  • Forum Post: AFC Championship... Ravens vs Patriots Game Thread

    Posted 01/21/2013 03:38:59 EST

    Reminded me of that character on the old Laugh-In, the one who rode the tricycle, and bumped into things, and then fell over, the way Brady ran into that ref and fell right over. Laugh-In should be th more »

  • Forum Post: Do you think cats belong on a leash?

    Posted 04/25/2012 06:44:45 EDT

    Let's actually start enforcing dog leash laws, okay? Seriously. more »

  • Forum Post: What are your favorite relationship songs?

    Posted 02/09/2012 08:26:11 EST

    Bob Dylan - Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands. Just Like a Woman. Boots of Spanish Leather. She Belongs to Me. Lay Lady Lay. Shelter From the Storm. Paul Brady - Lakes of Pontchartrain. I Want You to Want more »

  • Forum Post: Your favorite tear-jerker songs?

    Posted 02/07/2012 08:10:58 EST

    Stan Rogers - First Christmas more »

  • Forum Post: What are your favorite New England clam shacks?

    Posted 04/27/2011 04:54:02 EDT

    The map totally forgot Captain Scott's in New London, CT. Well worth the mention. more »

  • Forum Post: What's your favorite spoof movie?

    Posted 08/19/2010 09:17:32 EDT

    Spinal Tap is a must. But, why forget Hardware Wars? Or Phantom of the Paradise? Or Twentieth Century Oz? Too cultish or non-mainstream for ya? Flesh Gordon, in its own way, too. more »

  • Forum Post: Your favorite sandwich?

    Posted 07/28/2010 07:23:21 EDT

    I'll always remember that the first grilled cheese and tomato sandwich I had was here in Boston, but my favorite sandwich of all time will always be my grandfather's favorite- peanut butter and bacon. more »

  • Forum Post: Your favorite alien movie(s)?

    Posted 08/14/2009 02:13:46 EDT

    Brother from Another Planet

    The Man Who Fell to Earth
    5 Million Years to Earth
    The Day the Earth Stood Still (original)
    The Thing (from another planet) (original)
    more »