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  • Forum Post: Post your moderator related comments here

    Posted 08/04/2014 12:05:57 EDT

    Looking at the current pieces I have given serious consideration as to our best defensive alignment with the best future offense in mind. Defense is nice but offense in today's game is most important. more »

  • Forum Post: Red Sox have an entertaining team to watch now

    Posted 08/01/2014 11:47:57 EDT

    It's always nice to watch a Championship team but last seasons regular season at times was boring.   ownership realized a few years ago we were winning but boring. So they signed Adrian Gonzales to be more »

  • Forum Post: The Market For Rondo Has Just Been Set........

    Posted 08/01/2014 04:53:58 EDT

    All the talk about Rondo leaving at end of the year as a free agent will not happen. Rondo is our one SUPERSTAR that can make players on the current roster stars.  Rondo has grown up, a mature person, more »

  • Forum Post: The Market For Rondo Has Just Been Set........

    Posted 08/01/2014 04:21:56 EDT

    In response to sinus007's comment: Hi, Actually, TP's got $43.3M/3y - 13.4, 14.4 and 15.4. RR has $12.9M this year. I don't think it'll make much sense for him to get $1.5-2M increase when he can $3-3 more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 12/10/2010 03:24:13 EST

    The Red Sox have a lineup that will produce 5+ runs per game and a SP's likely to go an avrage of 7 ip's per outing with Bard and Papelbon to finish up and allow 4 runs on avg per game. The gold glove more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots will trim the budget to sign key veteran free agents Hello Julius Peppers???

    Posted 02/09/2010 03:57:01 EST

       Aiken, Sam $ 645,000 $ 0 $ 44,780 $ 689,780 $ 802,280 WR    Alexander, Eric $ 650,000 $ 0 $ 0 $ 650,000 $ 420,588 LB    Baker, Chris $ 1,600,000 $ 1,500,000 $ 107,280 $ 3,207,280 $ 2,007,280 TE    more »

  • Forum Post: State of our teams address

    Posted 02/09/2010 12:53:14 EST

    Patriots - Easy question now is why Mr. Bill the Wizard of the Patriots does not stick titles on his Co-ordinators in waiting. Answer: No offensive coordinator title no NFL head coaching job anytime s more »

  • Forum Post: Rask and Bruins 1st round pick to Atlanta for a 26 year old impact player

    Posted 02/04/2010 10:58:14 EST

    Goalies are easy to find scorers are not. Put a bad goalie on a good team he is a good goalie and if you put a good goalie on a b ad defensive team and you have a bad goalie. Ask Detroit Red Wings!!!! more »

  • Forum Post: Do you think TE Ben Watson finally got the wake up call and will be better than ever?

    Posted 09/16/2009 02:02:39 EDT

    Just 10 days ago when the final cuts were made even Watson thought his days may be over with the Pats. He certainly busted his beehind on those catches. Some weeks it will not be Moss and Welker as de more »

  • Forum Post: It's that time. Pats / Jets predictions and prognostications..

    Posted 09/16/2009 01:50:53 EDT

    Normally I would pick the Pats to win this game but times are not normal. I think the first few weeks of the season is an adjustment for all the top teams. Historically week #2 provides the most upset more »