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  • Forum Post: The Homer Mods are at it Again! Leave Leon Alone!

    Posted 09/02/2009 04:22:45 EDT

    Good afternoon Gang! Does anybody know where the thread discussing what's his names frailties,you know the knee and the shoulder, went? I'm pereplexed-You guys get to spout off about the Jets but the more »

  • Forum Post: End of an Era?

    Posted 09/02/2009 10:32:21 EDT

    The Hooded one?What a joke!The guys a cheater and you people put him aon a pedastal like he's some sort of genious. Hey it's real easy to run a defense when you know what play the other team is runnin more »

  • Forum Post: The Back-up QB Plan

    Posted 09/02/2009 10:19:05 EDT

    Who the F is Andrew Walter?
    How's what's his name knee and now his shoulder??Your boy is showing his age.

    Your well thought out and eloquently written posts are always welcome!

    more »

  • Forum Post: To the BDC Regulars (most of you0

    Posted 08/31/2009 03:57:12 EDT

    Hey dog -looking forward to another great year more »