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  • Forum Post: Spygate vs Chokegate

    Posted 12/28/2009 11:01:01 EST

    As a Pats fan, defending the Colts gives me heartburn but they did not go anything wrong. It happens in every sport towards the end of the season once a team wraps up the division. For some reason the more »

  • Forum Post: Wave the white flag

    Posted 12/02/2009 10:32:53 EST

    I think it would be a different story if the Pats and Saints were trading blows and the Pats feel behind but two touchdowns maybe becasue of special teams or an INT, but the Saints manhandeled the Pat more »

  • Forum Post: Coaching observation

    Posted 12/01/2009 09:52:04 EST

    I disagree. In 2007 the Pats set all kinds of offensive records, and came within a minute of being 19-0. Romeo and Weiss both failed in their pursuits as head coaches, so what does that say for their more »

  • Forum Post: BREAKING NEWS....

    Posted 11/30/2009 03:34:25 EST

    I doubt he would come back to NE. I could see him going to Cleveland and rejoining Brady Quinn or possibly going to KC. I don't think he would go to Indy, becasue the offensive coordinator seems to be more »

  • Forum Post: The Amazing Media

    Posted 11/24/2009 03:45:05 EST

    I am a Pats fan living in NJ, believe me no one feels sorry for Rex Ryan. He dug his own grave with his kiss the rings comments, Kerry Rhodes wanting to embarass the Pats in week 2 etc.. One thing I h more »

  • Forum Post: Is Kraft spending enough money?

    Posted 10/23/2009 02:06:15 EDT

    Kraft turned the Pats into a competitor, prior to that they were a joke. Kraft hired BB and everything went forward from that. Just becasue the Pats are not bringing in big name players does not mean more »

  • Forum Post: Running up the Score=Injuries!

    Posted 10/21/2009 09:57:50 EDT

    It is not running up the score, when your starters are out in the 3rd quarter. Anyone who feels it is, remember this is the NFL not Pop Warner. These men get paid millions of dollars, and if they can more »

  • Forum Post: The level of HYPOCRISY....

    Posted 10/19/2009 05:41:41 EDT

    It is becasue of who was on the winning end. I am not saying it is a conspiracy, but the Pats have been a dominant force in the NFL for this entire decade, people want to hear about them especially th more »

  • Forum Post: What's more promising, the 59 or the zero?

    Posted 10/19/2009 10:14:57 EDT

    I think you can be happy that Brady is finding his grove and the Pats D has played well all season. I don't think you can read to far into either side of the ball yesterday becasue the Titans have a h more »

  • Forum Post: what is a true fan?

    Posted 09/22/2009 03:23:28 EDT

    A true fan sticks by the team and their decisions. It is OK to have an opinion, but at the same time there is a reason someone is an NFL Coach or player and they probably have more information than yo more »

  • Forum Post: Proof the Steelers and others are going to be terrible this year

    Posted 09/22/2009 03:09:30 EDT

    I sure hope everyone posting the Pats are done, does not do anything statistical for work. To base an assumption based on two games is just about as likely to hold up as the Jets going 19-0. I doubt t more »

  • Forum Post: The Kevin O'Connell Conspiracy! Jets cheated!

    Posted 09/22/2009 10:39:18 EDT

    In Response to Re: The Kevin O'Connell Conspiracy! Jets cheated!: In Response to Re: The Kevin O'Connell Conspiracy! Jets cheated! :  I understand what you are saying, but think about this.  The Jets more »

  • Forum Post: The Kevin O'Connell Conspiracy! Jets cheated!

    Posted 09/21/2009 04:51:05 EDT

    Lets be serious here. First off, all teh Jets did was try to get a comeptive edge. They did not use videotape (which is not illegal either), but using it in the manor the Pats did is. It is no differe more »

  • Forum Post: will the real pats fans please stand up

    Posted 09/21/2009 02:57:16 EDT

    I agree Mello! It is amazing how spoiled we as Pats fans have become and when they have a bad day, some fans are ready to dismantle the team. I would rather see that performance against the Jets in We more »

  • Forum Post: Remembering Sept. 11

    Posted 09/11/2009 09:59:51 EDT

    I was working on Wall St.; talking to a co-worker when we felt this earth shaking explosion. Another co-worker said oh my come over to the window and we saw this gaping hole on the side of the WTC. We more »