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  • Forum Post: Trash,trash everywhere!

    Posted 03/19/2012 07:39:00 EDT

    I walk this city almost every night or day, it is a mess and it has been since PAYT has been implented and the reality of it is, nothing will change and the city will just continue to deteriorate.

  • Forum Post: Stabbing On Salem Street Last Night!!!!!!

    Posted 03/19/2012 07:37:49 EDT

    I heard about this stabbing on Facebook Sunday morning but have not read one official news story about it on any of the Malden websites. Not surprised about that at all.

  • Forum Post: neighbor's construction

    Posted 02/23/2012 12:39:23 EST

    Call city hall if they did pull a permit they will have to take it all down, the same thing happened with non english speaking neighbors of ours. We watched them put the whole thing up knowing they ne more »

  • Forum Post: revisiting PAYT

    Posted 01/30/2012 07:23:51 EST

    Mad Dog - I think that is a great idea, everyone just stop using the bags and just continue to recycle! We all know they pick trash up that isnt in the bags, they pick and chose as it is. more »

  • Forum Post: revisiting PAYT

    Posted 01/25/2012 12:32:41 EST

    The quality of the bags is terrible they are paper thin and tear as soon as put anything in them. Here's an idea - stop with the double tax we already pay for our trash to be removed. I will continue more »

  • Forum Post: Investigation into Sheriffs Department

    Posted 10/27/2011 02:45:42 EDT

    I am not saying that I believe Gary has done anything wrong but I do agree with AnnieO's comment. We don't know for sure and we won't until the information is released from the Grand Jury. more »

  • Forum Post: Rats in Malden

    Posted 10/12/2011 10:48:59 EDT

    I know that the Linden section of Malden is having a problem with rats but I was wondering if other parts of the city are having the same problem? more »

  • Forum Post: Debate.

    Posted 09/15/2011 07:22:49 EDT

    I also heard from a few different people that the Fallon camp was not made aware of the debate until after everything had been planned. more »

  • Forum Post: Gary Christensons Platform

    Posted 09/01/2011 07:45:27 EDT

    GC has worked hard much harder than DF and in my opinion will win the race easily - BUT - he will more than likely be another Richie Howard, he learned at his hand, he openly praises him and holds him more »

  • Forum Post: Malden DPW

    Posted 08/29/2011 07:48:58 EDT

    Outstanding job by the DPW during the storm yesterday! more »

  • Forum Post: Malden City Council, I cant find Blue Bags again...arrgghhh

    Posted 08/26/2011 07:51:56 EDT

    No matter how much or how little you throw in the bags they rip or when you go to close them they tear. I've more than my share of words with people picking up the trash on my street including the rec more »

  • Forum Post: How people go through your recycling bin after you place it out for pick up?

    Posted 07/18/2011 10:52:59 EDT

    Go through my recycle bins that is fine but do not touch my paper thin trash bags, if you handle them more than once they rip. more »

  • Forum Post: Retired City Employee Pay Raises

    Posted 07/12/2011 11:58:38 EDT

    We laid of police and fire - no one in City Hall lost their jobs. more »

  • Forum Post: sober homes and drug treatment centers

    Posted 07/08/2011 03:01:07 EDT

    I agree if Gary thought this was a problem worth fixing he would have done something before, I wouldnt expect anything different if he becomes Mayor. more »

  • Forum Post: CVS

    Posted 06/23/2011 07:07:58 EDT

    The Council does not care that the area is already a traffic nightmare, especially the councillors that live on the other side of the city. They hold traffic department meetings and it is nothing more more »

  • Forum Post: CVS

    Posted 06/22/2011 09:19:37 EDT

    Chamber of Commerce is really doing a great job to protect the interest of the other Drugstore chains in Malden by allowing this to happen. more »

  • Forum Post: Simonelli for Councilor at Large

    Posted 05/16/2011 11:29:52 EDT

    I am sure he has enough on Tricky Dick to ensure another position when this administration ends. more »

  • Forum Post: why is kinnon like that?

    Posted 04/28/2011 08:39:57 EDT

    You are not wrong. He is always condescending and bully like. Clearly insecure, if he yells louder and makes people back down, no one can see all that he doesn't know. more »

  • Forum Post: Malden Recycling

    Posted 03/23/2011 07:02:16 EDT

    Of course it needs to change Everett also has the larger bins with lids and the streets are much cleaner. But our city would prefer the streets to be dirty and make us pay $20 for trash bags, because more »


    Posted 10/11/2010 11:38:21 EDT

    What is the Mayors, Chief of Police, and Police Commissioner's response to the Guardian Angels having to come and protect this city? more »

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