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  • Forum Post: Have you hosted a baby gender reveal party?

    Posted 02/19/2014 01:57:24 EST

    "Personally I think 'peaking' is in abominable bad taste, not to mention spoiling life's greatest surprise." --- Um, it's a great surprise whether you find out via ultrasound or at the birth. It's STI more »

  • Forum Post: Have you hosted a baby gender reveal party?

    Posted 02/19/2014 12:14:45 EST

    Americans are so gifted at expressing their self-absorption. Anything for more presents.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Holiday bonus for daycare provider?

    Posted 12/23/2012 01:49:56 EST

    Wow, seriously, I never heard of giving such expensive gifts! I had no idea "tipping" for daycare providers was expected. I usually just give $20 gift cards, and maybe a little box of chocolates to go more »

  • Forum Post: No “AND GUEST” – help!!

    Posted 08/15/2012 08:58:23 EDT

    If the friend is that close, he should get in touch with the friend and ask. It's gauche, yes, but everyone will get over it. And it may have been an accidental oversight. more »

  • Forum Post: What are your favorite songs about TV?

    Posted 08/07/2012 08:53:11 EDT

    How could this list not include Money for Nothing? more »

  • Forum Post: Facebook question re: exclusion of the child-free

    Posted 01/12/2012 11:48:46 EST

    I see how it seems insensitive, but think she may be reading into it too much. I'm guessing people who write "other parents" think they are flagging the post for the audience that's most likely to res more »

  • Forum Post: Famous folks from Cambridge?

    Posted 11/26/2011 09:40:39 EST

    His name is Edward ESTLIN Cummings, not Enslin.

    Also, it's not necessary to lowercase his name. That was something his publisher made up.
    more »

  • Forum Post: Looking for new a mommy group in Waltham, Newton or Arlington area

    Posted 11/13/2009 02:28:25 EST

    Try whatever your local hospital is, they often have new moms groups. I also think Arlington has a parents network. Good luck! more »

  • Forum Post: Big father, little mother = baby too big for delivery?

    Posted 10/26/2009 10:18:51 EDT

    As others have said, it seems to be an inexact science. I had heard, for instance, that your baby will tend to be the same size as the babies your mother had. I have no idea if that's true, generally, more »

  • Forum Post: Strollers - bugaboo? let me hear it

    Posted 09/30/2009 11:15:30 EDT

    I had a Graco travel system which lasted through two kids and I also had a Graco two seater for a while. These were both fine, although I did always feels they were bulky (especially the two seater). more »