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  • Forum Post: Bruins vs Hurricanes - October 18th 2011

    Posted 10/13/2011 03:16:00 EDT

    Got two tickets to the Bruins and Hurricanes on October 18th 2011 at 7:00pm at the TD Garden Tickets are located in Loge 6 Row 20 Seats 7 and 8 (20 rows from the ice where the B's shoot twice)  Lookin more »

  • Forum Post: B's Tickets

    Posted 10/08/2011 11:59:07 EDT

    Boston Bruins Regular Season Tickets For Sale - Loge 6 Row 20 (end where the B's shoot twice) - Following games available: - October 10th Columbus Day vs Colorado - October 18th vs Carolina - October more »

  • Forum Post: Turning Point Game

    Posted 05/21/2011 06:08:46 EDT

    Very big loss for the Bruins and its gonna be how they rebound next game that will dictate the rest of this series! A loss like this can take the wind out of the sails and give the other team the gas more »

  • Forum Post: Tickets for tonights game

    Posted 05/17/2011 09:52:36 EDT

    Got tickets for tonights game...Loge 7 Row 15....the end where the B's shoot twice....looking to unload these at face value...get in touch with me at 613-795-5095 if you're interested... more »

  • Forum Post: Stubhub, ouch

    Posted 05/12/2011 03:47:00 EDT

    Got tickets for Game #2....Loge 7 Row 15 (Bruins Shoot Twice)....send me an e-mail if you're interested... fees and free shipping... more »

  • Forum Post: Another slow start for Bs

    Posted 04/21/2011 08:19:46 EDT

    Is Clod allergic to calling a time out and getting your team sorted out??? Fu*kin running around, giving up odd man rushes, leaving TT out to done, its called Bruins I guess... more »

  • Forum Post: Another slow start for Bs

    Posted 04/21/2011 07:56:47 EDT

    Thank god the Bruins got some rest in Lake Placid and got to take in the Miracle on Ice history....they're slower then molasses and are turning over pucks like its their the fu* you n more »

  • Forum Post: Horton??

    Posted 04/18/2011 10:39:21 EDT

    Anyone have any idea if Horton is alright?? He looked like he was in a great bit of pain on the bench after he get thumped along the boards.... more »

  • Forum Post: Game 1 on Thursday

    Posted 04/12/2011 04:53:58 EDT

    Hey all, Got 2 tickets to Game 1 on are located in Loge 7 Row 15 and the seats are 5 & 6...this is the end where the B's shoot twice...e-mail if interested... C more »

  • Forum Post: SAY GOODNIGHT

    Posted 04/04/2011 09:58:36 EDT

    Exactly why the B's will not win this year....another blown game...this team shows time and time again that they can not hold a lead when the going gets tough...defense was brutal tonight...puck watch more »

  • Forum Post: Good teams do NOT have 4 game losing streaks!!!

    Posted 03/12/2011 11:59:55 EST

    Red Wings just snapped a 4 game winless skid last night....give it a rest, they'll bounce back!! more »

  • Forum Post: Time to put the Habs in the rear view mirror!

    Posted 01/19/2011 07:52:15 EST

    Hey Kordic,

    Does Denis Lemieux check spelling and punctuation on all of your posts?
    more »

  • Forum Post: Neil Should Be Punished!

    Posted 11/02/2010 01:14:52 EDT

    Obviously Neil hasnt forgot about this....

    No wonder he took on Seidenberg...hahaha... more »

  • Forum Post: Individual game tix on sale - you buying? which games, why?

    Posted 10/17/2010 04:13:42 EDT

    Boys, if you're interested or know anybody else that is, I got tickets for the Bruins vs St. Louis Blues (10-11-06) and Bruins vs Los Angeles Kings (10-11-20) for are located in Loge 4 more »

  • Forum Post: Pierre Mcguire is an IDIOT!!!

    Posted 06/26/2010 04:25:49 EDT

    Biggest name dropper in the business...have a listen to him next time..."Well Gord, I was having dinner with so and so or I was talking this afternoon with so and so...".....He's a baldheaded idiot... more »

  • Forum Post: TT has waived his NTC

    Posted 06/26/2010 03:39:26 EDT

    I like Savvy alot...dont really wanna see him go but one has to question his age and medical condition...might be best to deal him when we can get something decent in return!!! I just hope if they do more »

  • Forum Post: TT has waived his NTC

    Posted 06/26/2010 03:30:35 EDT

  • Forum Post: TT has waived his NTC

    Posted 06/26/2010 03:27:26 EDT

    This is huge...if the B's can clear off TT from their money books, this team is gonna be very dangerous looking!! We do not need Carter, he's another Centreman and God only knows that we are stacked w more »

  • Forum Post: TT has waived his NTC

    Posted 06/26/2010 03:13:24 EDT

    Where does this information come from?? Links?? more »

  • Forum Post: A thought for tomorrow

    Posted 05/15/2010 03:07:20 EDT

    Boys....respect to your level headed comments!!!! As much as this hurts, Im a big believer in the saying, "You have to learn how to lose before you learn how to win"...That being said, the future is b more »

  • Forum Post: All you cry babies: apply here

    Posted 05/14/2010 10:29:22 EDT

    In Response to Re: All you cry babies: apply here: In Response to All you cry babies: apply here : Arent you doing the same thing you jack a^^ and complaining about wideman, wheeler and hunwick...what more »

  • Forum Post: Game 5 Ticket

    Posted 05/09/2010 09:54:46 EDT

    Have a Game 5 Ticket for sale....Loge 5 Sec. 17 - Bruins will shoot twice....face value is $185.00 and im selling it for that...Let me know - email is more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 05/07/2010 10:21:28 EDT

    Does anybody know when Game 5 tickets are set to go on sale? Have checked Ticketmaster website and nothing is up yet.... more »

  • Forum Post: Winter Classic

    Posted 11/24/2009 04:32:26 EST

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for purchasing tickets to the Winter Classic. Im looking for any local brokers or anyone that might be willing to sell. Looking for 4 together. more »

  • Forum Post: Wow 3 points out of 4 without Looch & Savvy

    Posted 10/23/2009 10:05:21 EDT

    In Response to Re: Wow 3 points out of 4 without Looch & Savvy: HAHA Bruins fans are the only fans in the NHL that are happy with a loss Jacobs decades of mediocre hockey has conditioned them this way more »

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