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  • Forum Post: COLTS: luckiest team in history?

    Posted 11/24/2009 02:57:06 EST

    I don't know what Ed Reed smoked before that game, but where was that "lateral" going exactly? How many lucky breaks do the Colts get? Answer: Not enough to keep the Texans from smacking them down thi more »

  • Forum Post: Wouldn't Be Surprised If Colts Lose To Texans This Weekend.

    Posted 11/24/2009 02:55:30 EST

    How many times have blown calls and plain LUCK bailed out the "Clots" this season? Maybe if Ed Reed had bothered to shower and shave, he would have skipped that moronic lateral attempt to nobody and t more »

  • Forum Post: Patriot and Colts game thread

    Posted 11/24/2009 02:51:27 EST

    There's really no doubt about the blown PI call that let the Colts off the hook. The hometown spot of the 4th & 2 didn't hurt either. It was like BDC Dottie was officiating that game...or someone just more »

  • Forum Post: November Chat

    Posted 11/24/2009 12:22:05 EST

    Another great Thanksgiving holiday season in Boston. We have a lot to be thankful for, including having moderators like BDC Dottie who routinely ruins every Globe message board she moderates. Maybe th more »