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  • Forum Post: Is coach BB's EGO hurting the PATS

    Posted 11/09/2011 09:35:09 EST

    In Response to Re: Is coach BB's EGO hurting the PATS: Well, I think he is still a good defensive coach, but his grocery list stinks and is stale and outdated. Thats the problem. These not very talent more »

  • Forum Post: HAYNESWORTH traded to NEW ENGLAND...

    Posted 07/28/2011 01:22:35 EDT

    I'm a bit nervous about this one but if BB can bring the best out of Albert then this is going to be interesting to watch. Especially from the pass rush standpoint. To be sure BB doesn't suffer fools. more »

  • Forum Post: What position unaddressed would leave you most dispirited

    Posted 03/24/2010 07:02:58 EDT

    If the Pats walked away from this year's draft without an OLB or a DE that would be amazing.  OLB is such a thin position.  They just plain need talent there.  There's not too many OLB types that fit more »

  • Forum Post: Season is over - grade the draft...

    Posted 12/31/2009 08:58:45 EST

    Russ, you have a good point.  I live in Redskins country and I thank the almighty that I'm a Patriots fan.  The Skins fans are not too impressed with Dan Synder and this perenial losing bunch.  If Bob more »

  • Forum Post: Season is over - grade the draft...

    Posted 12/30/2009 06:07:50 EST

    Wright gaff notwithstanding, I agree that the draft grade will have to be an incomplete at this point.  There's a lot to be optimistic about.  Looks like we found a solid OT and we FINALLY have a bevy more »

  • Forum Post: kaczur should never play.

    Posted 12/29/2009 08:12:55 EST

    The best five lineman should be playing.  Vollmer has earned his place as the starting RT.  Although I've never had a thought on Kaczur one way or another I will concede that he has cost this team in more »

  • Forum Post: Who's your least favorite player in the NFL?

    Posted 12/29/2009 07:56:48 EST

    Porter Terrell Owens....actually, I just feel sorry for him... Rex Ryan...yeah, he's a coach but.... The trash mouth talking safety from the Steelers who's name  already forgot that Brady punked a cou more »

  • Forum Post: Edelman's future

    Posted 12/29/2009 07:42:41 EST

    I think Edelman is worth having on the team for the next few years to see how he progesses as an NFL WR.  Having never really played WR until the NFL you have to let him progress and see how far he ca more »

  • Forum Post: Gasper Won't Give Up the Ghost

    Posted 12/25/2009 11:20:44 EST

    Funny those reporters.  Wategate--dogged journalism that revealed a scandal that by today's standards would seem almost common place and by which the coverup became the bigger offence than the act its more »

  • Forum Post: PATS just signed another mid-level guy to an extension.. like the strategy?

    Posted 12/25/2009 11:10:09 EST

    Yes, I think an extension is a endorsement of a players current performance and future potential.  It's not like there signing top flight FAs here.  These are players that contribute on special teams more »

  • Forum Post: Burgess....

    Posted 12/21/2009 06:53:19 EST

    It would be a ton of good news if Burgess came on going into the playoffs. 

    Maybe it's matter of being comfortable with the system now. 

    Let's hope so... more »

  • Forum Post: If the two seed is in play, do the Pats go for it????

    Posted 12/21/2009 06:49:08 EST

    In Response to Re: If the two seed is in play, do the Pats go for it????: "Hello, you play to win the game." Of course he goes for it. The BYE for the wildcard playoff would be gold, plus it changes t more »

  • Forum Post: Brady needs a break.... When??

    Posted 12/21/2009 06:45:49 EST

    If we win this week, and Brady needs a break he'll probably get one.  With Miami and the Jets two behind, a win makes a lot of things possible.  If they loose and the Dolphins and Jets also loose then more »

  • Forum Post: Ron Brace is bust

    Posted 12/21/2009 06:39:40 EST

    In Response to Re: Ron Brace is bust: or we can give u a dollar, u can buy a clue and at the very least wait to see what happens after 3 years like real pro evaluators do. Or do u know better than the more »

  • Forum Post: draft

    Posted 12/21/2009 05:47:22 EST

    In Response to Re: draft: I dont know what u are talking about Bosox.  The pats use their 1st rd pick every year prior to this since Brady has been here.  So what are u talking about?  I love this yea more »

  • Forum Post: draft

    Posted 12/21/2009 05:39:56 EST

    Way too much time between now and the draft, but I think there's a few positions they'll starting thinking about. RB - Yes, right now we have a stable of aging veterans and a fairly young Maroney that more »

  • Forum Post: BRUTAL PATS INJURY REPORT... can we CONTINUE to overcome it?

    Posted 12/20/2009 11:19:05 EST

    For the D-line this is where we find out how the backups hold up.  Kaczur is covered more than adequately with Vollmer.  Neal will be missed but we have sufficient backup there too.  Look at the brigh more »

  • Forum Post: Benjamin Brady

    Posted 12/20/2009 09:08:11 EST

    In Response to Re: Benjamin Brady: Does this mean Tom will now be throwing more to Watson? Posted by Yapple Hope so.  David Thomas was making a pretty fair living catching passes from Drew Brees.  We more »

  • Forum Post: Will we see RON BRACE against the Bills?

    Posted 12/20/2009 09:03:21 EST

    Let's see.  Wright, Pryor, Green, Adams with Brace and Richard out there as possibles.  We could be emptying the cubbard today to field a D-line. Adios Thomas is certainly big enough to put a hand dow more »

  • Forum Post: 2010 defense

    Posted 12/18/2009 08:50:58 EST

    So many things to consider for 2010.  The thing that sticks out for me is the Patriots still need OLBs next year.  Not impressed with what's there now.  ILB I'm fairly comfortable with.  These next th more »

  • Forum Post: I know it's dangerous but I have been thinking....

    Posted 12/18/2009 08:29:02 EST

    As much as I'd like Weis to come back,  I don't think he would.  I think he's done as a college coach.  I've heard analysts say he's not a good fit for the college system because of all rah-rah colleg more »

  • Forum Post: Which Patriots rookie has impressed the most to date?

    Posted 12/18/2009 08:12:02 EST

    In Response to Re: Which Patriots rookie has impressed the most to date?: All you guys missed the one rookie who has been a starter from day one.  Long snapper Jake Ingram!! I would also have to go wi more »

  • Forum Post: Which Patriots rookie has impressed the most to date?

    Posted 12/18/2009 08:06:51 EST

    In Response to Re: Which Patriots rookie has impressed the most to date?: In Response to Re: Which Patriots rookie has impressed the most to date? : No-one mentioned Tate. The Pats activated him befor more »

  • Forum Post: If these two things happen we can make a run at it.

    Posted 12/18/2009 07:52:36 EST

    It needs to come together on defense.  I remember the Colts the year they went to the superbowl.  Their defense was having difficulties most of the season and then almost at the end of the season the more »

  • Forum Post: Week 15 NFL Picks and "Game of the Week"

    Posted 12/17/2009 09:06:50 EST

    Way too much information to sift through on this one.  My picks INDY NO (bye bye Dallas, hehehehe) BAL NE (Of course!) ARI HOU MIA KC ATL PHI DEN SD (This team is peaking like the Pats used to do) GB more »