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  • Posted 01/30/2015 11:50:57 EST

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:

    Can you think of one?  I can't!


    Well, he posted a thread about Joe Cocker last month. I'm sure you saw it. It was a beautiful tribute

  • Posted 01/30/2015 05:42:47 EST

    Wow. Roslindale representin', baby. You know it

    Woo hoo!

  • Posted 01/30/2015 04:25:13 EST

    Well, I drove through that intersection last night actually. I wasnt paying much attention to my surroundings as I waited for the light to change, but it seemed like everything there was okay to me No more »

  • Posted 01/30/2015 04:15:26 EST

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment: HOPEFULLY! The guy is a jerk.  He sometimes posts 150-200 times a day harassing others here.  He had over 30 accounts banned for being a jerk before this moderatio more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 07:46:03 EST

    In response to PhatVirginian's comment: LOL. I denied it because I didn't do it. Nothing to misinterpret or spin as you are known to do like Rusty. Okay, well, keep on rockin' in the real world then A more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 07:37:59 EST

    In response to PhatVirginian's comment:

    Nope. Why would I do that? Sure it wasn't you?

    Deniability on the internet is such a wonderful thing, isnt it, Mr SF?

    more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 07:30:41 EST

    Did you ask that the mod delete the last two messages, Mr Smiley Face?

    more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 06:26:17 EST

    In response to PhatVirginian's comment: I bet that he will create a new user name in the near future or already has a username that he uses in this forum. Wanna bet on that? I hope he does not let bac more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 06:17:55 EST

    In response to pcmIV's comment: Let's say Walt Anderson did what a lot of ball boys have suggested is commonplace and just felt the balls before approving them. Do you think he would ever admit this o more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 06:15:15 EST

    In response to PhatVirginian's comment: I bet that Rusty doesn't hold himself accountable for his behavior, wanna bet? Nope I bet we have seen the last of him in this forum though. The mods will never more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 06:04:45 EST

    In response to PhatVirginian's comment: LMAO - taking artistic liberty with your interpretation, eh? Maybe "did not want to reactivate your account at this time" just means exactly that.  Dude, you mi more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 05:45:48 EST

    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

    Today is the last media availability day

    more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 05:43:46 EST

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment: Are you taking this info from him?  He's the biggest liar online.  You really can't believe what he is saying, can you? The negotiate a "ban period" part came from more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 12:41:50 EST

    Great stuff as usual lol

    How do you get the head/neck to line up so seemlessly with the body? That's what I want to know

    You make it look easy, but I'm sure it isnt

    more »

  • Posted 01/28/2015 11:19:21 EST

    In response to pezz4pats' comment: Yes, ache And before he tried to negotiate, He broke 100  more rules while under the initial banning, which warrants a permanent ban.  That's all I have to say about more »

  • Posted 01/28/2015 06:17:21 EST

    In response to pezz4pats' comment: What treatment? They told him to negotiate a "ban period" He tried to negotiate a "ban period" When he did, they told him, "We arent negotiating a ban period with yo more »

  • Posted 01/28/2015 05:46:57 EST

    The Patriots are this season's Playoff Team On A Roll (PTOAR). Theyre playing their best at just the right time, and their star players on offense and defense are healthy and ready to take on Seattle more »

  • Posted 01/28/2015 05:32:07 EST

    Dont want to get into a back & forth with PE about whether or not Rusty deserves to be reinstated. That's what I meant about being "put in the middle". I already know how PE feels My remarks are aimed more »

  • Posted 01/28/2015 05:00:16 EST

    PatsEng: I'm not gonna put myself in the middle of this thing again, but if the goal of the new mod staff (aka the Rusty Extermination Squad) was to rid the board of Rusty, then mission accomplished. more »

  • Posted 01/27/2015 11:43:41 EST

    Maybe he's a little more fastidious about his appearance than you are about yours, and after washing his hands he took a moment to check himself out in the mirror and fluff his hair. Young dude like h more »

  • Posted 01/26/2015 11:19:10 EST

    In response to mthurl's comment: Can you believe this? How can something like this get "leaked"? The kid was taking a leak for Christ's sake! lol Funniest thing ever This is turning out so great Just more »

  • Posted 01/26/2015 11:13:53 EST

    90 seconds lol

    The kid was taking a GD p iss break

    OMG this is so stupid

    And Jay Glazer is a moron

    more »

  • Posted 01/26/2015 06:39:41 EST

    Impressive, but let's see him do it without the gloves PS Look at me! Look at me! I catch the ball with one hand! Just like the guy on SNF (which was me by the way) Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! God, I hate more »

  • Posted 01/26/2015 06:32:29 EST

    In response to patsbandwagonsince76's comment: MORE BREAKING NEWS Chris "My sources informed me the entire Patriots coaching staff and players have fled Foxborough today. No confirm more »

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