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  • Posted 09/04/2015 07:15:46 EDT

    This guy might be the biggest moron of them all But the best thing is that even if he doesn't admit his wrongness, it's still a terrible look for ESPN when their legal "experts" are ridiculously off t more »

  • Posted 09/03/2015 10:29:54 EDT

    Hobson with a few grabs, may have saved his job. :) 


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  • Posted 09/03/2015 11:36:00 EDT




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  • Forum Post: Smurfs part two

    Posted 09/01/2015 01:05:50 EDT

    "The Pats don't have size problems. Chandler 6'7" Gronk 6'6" LaFell 6'2"" Agree to a point, but I don't think you can list Lafell given his injury situation, he's a hypothetical at this point So if yo more »

  • Forum Post: If we can win

    Posted 08/31/2015 05:43:42 EDT

    Prakash nice man - sounds like you're really going to enjoy the team this year. :)  Bill I look at the season a bit different than you do.  This roster, as it stands now, is nowhere near good enough f more »

  • Posted 08/30/2015 05:38:19 EDT

    T Pat, really enjoyed revisiting that Super Bowl review. This is finer stuff that we ever get on Thx man.

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  • Forum Post: LVP of 2015

    Posted 08/30/2015 04:58:17 EDT

    For LVP of the season, it's a tough one, but I think Porcello gets the honors in a very competitive field.  We should do a separate one for "caused the most management headaches..." Hanram might win t more »

  • Forum Post: LVP of 2015

    Posted 08/30/2015 04:56:09 EDT

    "Why would you hate someone just because they underperformed? You seem very immature." LOLZ Yes it is fashionable for some in this forum to bash folks who have accomplished a great deal in their profe more »

  • Forum Post: RIP Darryl Dawkins

    Posted 08/29/2015 05:08:25 EDT

    "Nobody was ever like this man...he was an NBA original...they broke the mold when he left the game...R.I.P. big man...when they say the name "Chocolate Thunder" everyone knows who they mean and they more »

  • Forum Post: Front 7 looks...

    Posted 08/29/2015 03:23:44 EDT

    Agreed.....this could end up being one of the best front sevens in the league by a wide margin. Going to be a lot harder to exploit our secondary with these guys playing the way they do. 


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  • Posted 08/28/2015 09:25:25 EDT

    :1st rounders - well above average (actually top of the league) 2nd rounders - slightly below average (hits between 15-30% depending on who you ask about which players, ie some feel Wilson wasn't a mi more »

  • Posted 08/27/2015 04:13:42 EDT

    Sent you a message with a few instructions that should work.  The only thing to keep in mind is that sometimes, in systems like this, screen names that were once used are permanently unavailable to be more »

  • Posted 08/27/2015 03:23:54 EDT

    "How is you were able to edit your user name from "BostonTrollSpanker" to "BostonTS" ? I cannot edit mine." Hi Burrito -  the process is a bit complicated. Message me and I'll tell you how I did it.  more »

  • Posted 08/27/2015 03:18:28 EDT

    I thought better of my original post, after further research. First time I've ever done this.  :) 



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  • Posted 08/26/2015 02:03:37 EDT

    "As for Doyel, he has yet to earn any respect from me. He has no prior connection to Indiana so he can opine (anyone can) but not with any local sense of anything. At least not yet.  " I hate Doyel as more »

  • Forum Post: New Mod Thread

    Posted 08/26/2015 01:57:05 EDT

    "I think quite a few people on this forum have a very loose definition of what constitutes a troll." It's true and I rarely use that word, because it's ultimately pretty subjective. I  I consider this more »

  • Forum Post: steve bulpett...

    Posted 08/25/2015 05:51:58 EDT

    "There really aren't many guys on the team who are redundant. There's definitely some gluts at a couple of positions, but the guys that are at those positions can give you completely different things. more »

  • Posted 08/25/2015 05:45:32 EDT

    First off - this is a great article, kudos to the author.  Unfortunately the Forbes brand isn't what is was, they basically rent out space now and it doesn't take a lot to become a Forbes contributor. more »

  • Posted 08/25/2015 01:40:07 EDT

    Peter King is a gutless mouthpiece. "On Sunday, when the dots were connected from an ESPN story back to an ESPN analyst regarding the shameful “fall guy” routine from the 2014 Rookie Symposium, th more »

  • Posted 08/25/2015 01:29:22 EDT

    "Yup, nobody drafted lower than Smart is better, at least so far." that to me is the interesting point - did you miss on multiple players that have turned out to be better?  So far, as you say, that a more »

  • Posted 08/24/2015 07:23:11 EDT

    Is he trading for a basketball player or a lawnmower?

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  • Posted 08/24/2015 07:18:47 EDT

    "It doesn't upset us. You see, when we show our greats the door, we wish them well. You guys could learn a little humanity from people like us. " lolz............ I knew you'd be in here doing your sn more »

  • Posted 08/24/2015 12:27:17 EDT

    Add to the bubble list:  CB  - Devin McCourty :)  PE, don't think you have good info on Amendola, I've heard several reports that he's been a standout in training camp and given they are bringing folk more »

  • Forum Post: steve bulpett...

    Posted 08/24/2015 02:03:09 EDT

    "what do we Need???? A real point guard and an athletic big that is 6 11 or better. R J Hunter is the three or two that we have been looking for." Disagree on the point guard. Turner can play it well more »

  • Forum Post: Olynk hurt

    Posted 08/24/2015 01:19:41 EDT

    "forget his trade value now." he had no trade value anyhow after a mediocre soft season, so it's not much of a concern from that standpoint.  I hope he's ok but we have no shortage of guys who can log more »