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  • Posted 08/30/2014 03:37:03 EDT

    Loved the B's-Whale rivalry.

  • Forum Post: It is "business".

    Posted 08/27/2014 12:24:57 EDT

    Straight up business decision, comes down to age and cap hit.

  • Posted 08/25/2014 07:25:14 EDT

    In response to bobruins's comment:

    On October 16 in montreal, Milan Lucic will beat-up dale weise & alex yemelin in the first period


    Best prediction on here.

  • Posted 08/24/2014 07:18:53 EDT

    Gotta believe he's pretty much done.

  • Posted 08/24/2014 06:59:32 EDT

    I didn't dislike the pick just surprised by it.  After watching him play I like it.

  • Posted 08/23/2014 11:25:17 EDT

    In response to ADG's comment:

    You know what his problem is? He's an awful pitcher.


    Pretty hard to argue with this.

  • Posted 08/19/2014 09:16:47 EDT

    Butler has certainly impressed so far this pre-season, I think he's a near certainty to make the final 53.

  • Posted 08/18/2014 03:44:51 EDT

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment: In response to stan17's comment: [QUOTE] Toughest Bruin of all-time, Normand Leveille.    I hate what happened to him, but Leveille doesn't belong in this thread. more »

  • Posted 08/18/2014 03:10:05 EDT

    Toughest Bruin of all-time, Normand Leveille.   

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  • Posted 08/17/2014 11:13:11 EDT

    Cam Neely

    Ray Bourque

    Stan Jonathan

    He wasn't specific so.. 

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  • Forum Post: Jonas Gray

    Posted 08/17/2014 04:43:15 EDT

    I liked what I've seen of him so far.

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  • Posted 08/17/2014 04:41:29 EDT

    In response to HOTBLITZ's comment: [QUOTE] I'm heading to Vegas September 1st and wanted to put some change on the game. I feel alot of you are very football savvy and was just curious of opinions any more »

  • Posted 08/17/2014 04:05:55 EDT

    In response to lucdufour's comment: [QUOTE] Tremendous luck goes a long way too.  The Bruins were a Ryder save away from getting bounced and needed 3 game sevens to win their Cup.  The Kings were down more »

  • Posted 08/16/2014 01:30:34 EDT

    In response to pumpsie-green's comment: [QUOTE] In response to stan17's comment: [QUOTE] He is absolutely lost at the plate.  Not sure his trade value could be any lower.  [/QUOTE] No one is talking a more »

  • Posted 08/15/2014 11:14:48 EDT

    He is absolutely lost at the plate.  Not sure his trade value could be any lower. 

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  • Posted 08/15/2014 10:59:59 EDT

    In response to DougIrwin's comment: [QUOTE] Butler a clear lock. I think some earlier today were claiming he was not a lock. I could not disagree more.  [/QUOTE] Right now he looks far better than Log more »

  • Posted 08/15/2014 10:58:22 EDT

    In response to rajkvp's comment:

    Hope they find a way to keep Tyms


    I could see him stealing Boyce roster spot if he keeps playing well. 

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  • Posted 08/15/2014 04:51:07 EDT

    His last good season was 2010-11 so I'd be a little surprised if he makes the cut but he's worth a look.

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  • Posted 08/11/2014 05:48:28 EDT

    All that does is open up a roster spot, he would bring very little back.

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  • Posted 08/10/2014 05:46:48 EDT

    He's a goner, not a chance he's brought back next year. 

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  • Forum Post: Accountability

    Posted 08/10/2014 05:41:58 EDT

    In response to Quagmire3's comment: [QUOTE] I think Ben C is severly overrated. He did NOTHING in the offseason. Then again he is only a puppet, maybe Larry wouldn't let him do anything! Most egregiou more »

  • Posted 08/10/2014 05:33:36 EDT

    I've been watching the Sox a long time but I've never seen them with a hitting lineup that has under achieved this badly.  Today they picked up right where they left off last night, 2 hits in 6 inns s more »

  • Posted 08/09/2014 08:29:15 EDT

    Webster looked very good last night against a good team on the road, I hope he keeps it going.

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  • Forum Post: I got a question

    Posted 08/08/2014 11:26:35 EDT

    It's always about the money and it should be, the NHL and pro sports leagues are businesses.

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