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  • Posted 02/09/2015 06:09:57 EST

    Don't forget all the "Oh OH oh oh OH OH" before the single ladies part. REAL ARTISTRY.

  • Posted 02/09/2015 05:56:43 EST

    Beck can play 14 instruments. Beyonce needs 4 people to write one song for her. Your argument is invalid.

  • Posted 01/31/2015 04:00:10 EST

    This was inevitable. The poor woman was a train wreck, which became all the more obvious when she married her step brother.

  • Posted 11/05/2014 11:19:02 EST

    You know what will help you guys get past this bump in the road? A baby. Procreating always brings you closer together. You should become the next Duggar family starting RIGHT NOW.

  • Posted 11/05/2014 10:38:52 EST

    A simple BJ doesn't rise to the level of apology needed.

    I'm thinking B-side.

  • Posted 11/05/2014 10:37:27 EST

    Someone needs to send this broad a Jump to Conclusions Mat.

  • Posted 11/05/2014 10:24:56 EST


  • Posted 11/05/2014 10:20:52 EST

    I can't believe that after 3 years, this pile of crazy hasn't stuck a Hank Schrader approved GPS tracking device to his car.

  • Comment on: His dad cheated

    Posted 09/04/2012 09:30:10 EDT

    Wait.  Why is my name missing the "The?"  Why is my avatar different?  WTFUDGE?

  • Comment on: His dad cheated

    Posted 09/04/2012 09:29:32 EDT

    I'm still waiting for my apology from Bill Clinton. He has caused so much stress in my life because he won't man up and admit to me that he strayed.

  • Comment on: His dad cheated

    Posted 09/04/2012 09:19:49 EDT

    " Am I wrong to believe that there should be a discussion with his family that includes me, in which the affair is at least acknowledged? "   Yes.  Why are you all up in his parents' business?  It's t more »

  • Posted 02/13/2012 03:02:59 EST

    Hi guys. more »

  • Posted 02/13/2012 12:21:00 EST

    I keep waking up half-naked in purple shorts. more »

  • Posted 02/13/2012 12:14:39 EST

    If another lurker tells me what to do in this space, everybody should go inside, get down in the basement and hide until given the all clear. more »

  • Posted 02/13/2012 12:09:24 EST


    Holy isht, where's the Tylenol? more »

  • Posted 02/13/2012 12:03:24 EST

    WE are not the problem, HENS.

    YOU ARE! more »

  • Posted 02/13/2012 11:51:41 EST

    Wow, just went back to page 1 and the advice that I put some thought into has been poofed.

    Hendetta. more »

  • Posted 02/13/2012 11:34:02 EST

    "So all I know is, he was into field hockey players
    - So I tried out for the team
    And the next thing you know...."

    I love this interlude. more »

  • Posted 02/13/2012 11:27:58 EST

    I was talking to preachy-preach about kissy-kiss
    Buy me a soda
    Buy me a soda
    buy me a sodaaa and try to molest me in the parking lot

    yep yep yep! more »

  • Posted 02/13/2012 11:25:31 EST

    ::offs to listen to some Pixies:: more »

  • Posted 02/13/2012 11:19:14 EST

    diamondgirl wrote: Plus, how can they know enough about pshop to be that specifically nasty, but not understand that he is the sweetest guy there is? Obviously, they just want to restore civility and more »

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