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  • Posted 08/29/2014 02:52:37 EDT



    On standby if picks him up

  • Posted 08/26/2014 03:09:06 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 Defense is championship caliber with Revis! Now lets go get Andre Johnson with money saved from Mankins and let's goto war.  Let's stop the nonsense and finally give Brady another leg more »

  • Posted 08/26/2014 03:04:50 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 I like the move...Mankins up there in age and salary...Wright good receiveing TE. We also get a #4. Let's go get Andre Johnson and give Brady what he needs to bring home that elusive more »

  • Posted 08/21/2014 01:40:45 EDT

    You sound like the most ignorant person I've ever encountered on this board...that's how you come across!    In response to pcmIV's comment: [QUOTE] Well so much for dumping this thread.  The amount o more »

  • Posted 08/21/2014 07:42:15 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 When people commit crimes murder rape robbery ..under constitutional law people are innocent till proven guilty ..why is the cop tried and sentence before having his day in court? If more »

  • Posted 08/20/2014 10:11:54 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 Kid was a perp! He had just committed a robbery...That we know as Fact! As to why the police officer shot him the number of times he did is unknown...unless you have been in a life an more »

  • Posted 08/14/2014 05:04:06 EDT



    Try talking Gonzalez out of retirement...I'm sure he is great shape. 

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  • Posted 08/09/2014 07:02:46 EDT



    orange crush opening day! Let's go Pats

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  • Posted 08/03/2014 07:23:12 EDT



    thanks TB

    happy birthday...hope Giselle is letting you play with the birthday balloons today

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  • Posted 07/16/2014 08:01:37 EDT



    But we don't need Andre Johnson according to some

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  • Posted 07/12/2014 06:48:50 EDT

      Not sure Obrein can compete this year with the unsettled QB trading A Johnson would not hurt Texans in the short run because they have to build an offense to go with what looks like a form more »

  • Posted 07/12/2014 10:47:02 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 #2 ranked offense means I said their in season offense is good enough...there post season offense is too predictable adding a player like Andre Johnson opens things up more »

  • Posted 07/12/2014 07:47:33 EDT

      Brady2Welker47   We didn't win those Super Bowls because defense wasn't good enough! Now we have a championship secondary that will undoubtedly open up the pass rush...defense is set. Getting Revis more »

  • Posted 07/10/2014 09:47:35 EDT



    Read again today how A Johnson wants out...please BB happen...Bradys window won't be open much longer...please get him a legimate #1 WR.

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  • Posted 07/02/2014 12:40:26 EDT



    Gentlemen Brady on Buffalo Brady on NE ..aren't you forgetting hall of fame coach Bill Belichick and how he factors into how Brady would do on Buffalo?

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  • Posted 07/02/2014 04:46:33 EDT



    Lee gets hurt by looking at his reflection....always for Kiko tough loss .Welcome to our world.

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  • Forum Post: world cup thread

    Posted 06/27/2014 09:53:56 EDT



    I tried watching soccer and honestly I find watching paint dry more exciting...guess I'm spoiled by American football...sorry just my opinion.

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  • Posted 06/25/2014 06:45:18 EDT

    In response to DrDribbleDits' comment: [QUOTE] Revis n Browner make this defense into a top 10 got the game changer in Revis go get your game changer on the O...balance is the key more »

  • Posted 06/24/2014 11:31:21 EDT



    Enjoy your bubble are clueless!

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  • Posted 06/23/2014 11:03:29 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 Pass...yeah we have all the time in the world to pass...we are going to watch our hall of fame QB have not have that big time WR come crunch time BC we passed!  Windows is closing fas more »

  • Posted 06/18/2014 09:53:09 EDT

    In response to m. a. pat's comment: [QUOTE] Ochocinco n A Johnson.. Apples and oranges...Ochocinco was always sandlot WR ...A Johnson consummate professional disciplined professional n highly producti more »

  • Posted 06/18/2014 08:20:35 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 I agree ...can't break the bank on a 33 year old wr with a huge contract...but contrary to popular belief Texans don't have all the leverage...A Johnson might hold out and is only wil more »

  • Posted 06/18/2014 06:58:46 EDT

    In response to garytx's comment: [QUOTE] Lots of problems with this. When a player says it isn't about pay look out.  He'll go to a team at his discount.  Time of contract to go along with that discou more »

  • Posted 06/17/2014 04:43:56 EDT

      Brady2Welker47   Croc! 16 games 109 Receptions 1400 yds receiving with you throwing him the ball....washed out! Far from it! Andre Johnson is a leader, stays in great shape, and is durable. BB make more »

  • Posted 06/16/2014 08:55:07 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 He is in my opinion the missing link! BB get it done!!!  I'd love to see Brady light the scoreboard up with A Johnson and just shut up all the naysayers as he hoists the Lombardi trop more »