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  • Posted 04/26/2015 07:28:08 EDT



    No! Who would really want to be in the presence of a socialist communist tyrant who is destroying our country! I admire you more than ever TB!

  • Posted 04/15/2015 10:36:36 EDT



    That's awesome! Justice served! Shocking didn't think they had enough.  

  • Posted 03/26/2015 05:46:27 EDT



    good! Seems like a know it all!

  • Posted 03/23/2015 06:35:58 EDT

    Gfy! In response to rkarp's comment: In response to Brady2Welker47's comment: In response to rkarp's comment: In response to Brady2Welker47's comment: Hey know it all...a lot of people on this board a more »

  • Posted 03/21/2015 05:30:42 EDT

    In response to rkarp's comment: In response to Brady2Welker47's comment: Hey know it all...a lot of people on this board are very resourceful...didn't want to waste my time trying to contact that JO w more »

  • Posted 03/21/2015 07:51:29 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 He has been very vocal and anti patriots while supporting the crappy team he covers..the Jests...most recently he called the Patriots petty for pursuing tampering charges against the more »

  • Forum Post: Wide receivers

    Posted 03/19/2015 11:42:23 EDT



    Shorts always hurt! Had one good glimpse been absent since.

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  • Posted 03/19/2015 11:40:27 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 Think that's a great idea! I'm not sure they would go for a #2 BC he is coming off of an injury ...but a #2 for a perennial all pro leader type to anchor that defense with a super bow more »

  • Posted 03/19/2015 11:28:06 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 Guys you never understand that there is a formula BB keeps us competitive every year...BB has won 4 rings for us with this formula.  never in my wildest dreams could I imagin more »

  • Posted 03/18/2015 08:59:46 EDT



    Love to see Woodhead back..

    Maybe a T Wright for Woodhead might work?

    Just dreaming I know...

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  • Posted 03/17/2015 06:51:20 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 For as much as I liked Vereen ...I didn't think he was that good of a runner...great hands and did well with blitz happy about Cadet. Looks like he maybe in same mold not more »

  • Posted 03/17/2015 01:41:43 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 I agree with your point of chasing money..too bad it would have been fun seeing 3wr set with Gronk in the seam and JE DA and Stevie Johnson running crossing patterns all over the fiel more »

  • Posted 03/17/2015 01:25:06 EDT



    Oh well there goes that option...3 yr deal with SD

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  • Forum Post: Stevie johnson

    Posted 03/16/2015 04:08:42 EDT



    Rather them spend money on Defense...Tramon Williams if he is a good fit

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  • Posted 03/16/2015 04:05:21 EDT



    Good Luck Vince..thanks for being one of my favorite patriots !!!

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  • Posted 03/15/2015 01:55:01 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 I wonder why Pierre Thomas hasn't been looked at...seems to me like the perfect replacement for Vareen...albeit older but durable runs a little better ...understands protection ...and more »

  • Posted 03/15/2015 12:46:47 EDT



    Yet another idiotic post! Sources...give us all a break already...

    We are tired of your non sense ridiculous posts.

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  • Posted 03/11/2015 10:36:51 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 T Wright seemed to have understood playbook when he first started seeing game action...he obviously had Brady's trust BC of the number of TDs he saw in the RZ ...if its a matter of bl more »

  • Posted 03/11/2015 09:32:34 EDT



    Gronk....BC he has love for the game he doesn't appear the be the greedy bahbstad Revis is...

    Also Gronk drafted by us! 

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  • Posted 03/11/2015 09:28:21 EDT






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  • Posted 03/11/2015 12:47:09 EDT



    Boo him out of the building....he wears the right color...all about the green ...greedy bah stad

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  • Forum Post: FITZY A JET !

    Posted 03/11/2015 12:45:02 EDT



    Thankfully their QB play will continue to suc ...k

    Same old jets ...hope that locker room wall falls on Revis foot! 

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  • Posted 03/11/2015 07:16:07 EDT



    Hey Revis  you are a brick! Hope a locker room wall falls on your foot! You greedy bahstad!

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  • Posted 03/11/2015 12:10:55 EDT



    McCourty not that good at CB...better suited at Safety

    I like Culliver and Cromartie..Tramon Williams..guess it all depends on how they want to play defensively in secondary...




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  • Posted 03/11/2015 12:06:50 EDT

      Brady2Welker47 I believe as soon as NE knew they were out of the Revis sweepstakes it meant they defensive philosophy would be different post Revis ...Revis and Browner meant tight press coverage .. more »