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  • Posted 12/20/2014 11:17:25 EST

    In response to stevethebloviatingmachine's comment: In response to SanDogBrewin's comment: [QUOTE] In response to stevethebloviatingmachine's comment: [QUOTE]Most of us thought there should have been more »

  • Posted 12/20/2014 07:01:47 EST

    In response to 50belowzero's comment: After recieving that "devastating" check,and after having to go to the hospital to get his cholesterol checked(to much butter on his popcorn),it looks like Movie more »

  • Posted 12/19/2014 06:22:43 EST

    In response to Sportsnutty's comment: Here comes Christmas break and all that time to reflect garbage people talk about...   I am wishful that the Bruins were sitting where they were last year instead more »

  • Posted 12/19/2014 11:19:12 EST

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment: In response to 50belowzero's comment: [QUOTE] In response to bim09's comment: [QUOTE] In response to jmwalters' comment: [QUOTE] A suspendable hit yes....but will more »

  • Posted 12/18/2014 08:32:19 EST

    In response to skater68's comment: 1. A dynamic offense first team that wins a cup every once in awhile   or   2. A less dynamic defense first team that wins a cup every once in awhile   I personaly w more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 11:08:14 EST

    In response to 50belowzero's comment: NBC broadcaster's,especially Eddie Olczyk was fawning over Loui all game long, his constant puck pressure,his ability to create turnover's and his offensive zone more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 10:42:44 EST

    FINALLY !!!! 

    more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 09:48:00 EST

    Svedberg doin his best Timmy impersonation tonight ...I like it !!

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  • Posted 12/17/2014 08:59:25 EST

    In response to Spike77's comment: The talk about Taylor hall ,dumb. Who gunna give up. We had a younger better faster goal scorer than hall and we traded him away for average players ,now to get  hall more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 08:32:15 EST

    Already , two great plays by Krejci

    more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 08:03:17 EST

    DK is in tonight ! 

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  • Posted 12/17/2014 01:04:21 EST

    In response to jerrynewyork's comment: In response to StanleyCuptotheBruinsin2011's comment: [QUOTE] Lost ...again against the Preds ...getting closer to our goal.....MCDavid will look so greta with a more »

  • Posted 12/16/2014 11:20:34 EST

    In response to billge's comment: Five more games like this is the breaking point. In the meantime they are at least boring to watch , and uninspired..  Not like those gags in Montreal, we got us a sys more »

  • Posted 12/15/2014 08:24:16 EST

    In response to billge's comment: The plan is to get three guys with the ability to be among the top seventeen scorers in the league, and then trade them cause they are soft. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa , waaaaaaaa more »

  • Posted 12/13/2014 06:11:19 EST

    In response to shuperman's comment: In response to 50belowzero's comment: [QUOTE] In response to shuperman's comment: [QUOTE] Who care's what you remember, potstirrer.[/QUOTE] Neil is a beauty.  San w more »

  • Posted 12/13/2014 04:15:45 EST

    In response to Bookboy007's comment: I'm officially on a rampage against Soderberg.  I counted about half a dozen times today where he made stupid plays, selfish plays, stupid Rob Lowe lookatme plays more »

  • Posted 12/13/2014 03:06:03 EST

    Miller doin the play by play in front of the net... Brutal

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  • Posted 12/13/2014 02:07:10 EST

    4 turnovers in one shift , anyone that thinks this team is fine ???? Yah sure

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  • Posted 12/11/2014 09:24:39 EST

    Wow ....can we have that looch more often ???

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  • Posted 12/11/2014 08:38:04 EST

    This is awful to watch , completely outclassed

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  • Posted 12/11/2014 08:15:44 EST

    Marchand is the only Bruin with some jam tonight

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  • Posted 12/11/2014 08:09:45 EST

    Z''s first game back ....and he looks dreadful . We can cut him some though 

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  • Posted 12/11/2014 07:48:09 EST

    There you go ...2-0 Hawks , the way the the offense is going for the Bruins , uphill climb to say the least

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  • Posted 12/11/2014 04:50:58 EST

    In response to NeelyOrrBourque's comment: I'm a huge hockey fan! I love certain players who play the game the right way, I also appreciate a team that works it's tail off every night even when the tea more »

  • Posted 12/10/2014 08:14:39 EST

    In response to shuperman's comment:


    I heard the hawks offered Crawsome , sabres said no thanks

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