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About Me: Attorney and mediator. Believe rules are there for a reason, and that we would all be better off if we realized we were on the same team. I dislike poor sportsmanship and victim mentalities. Favorite Number: 85

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  • Comment on: Getting over it

    Posted 04/30/2014 02:14:34 EDT

    I think there's some old guy out in California, last name of Sterling, that seems to have time--and money--for it.

  • Comment on: Getting over it

    Posted 04/30/2014 02:09:09 EDT

    Hack-- I give her props for that. I think it was the first time she really stood up for herself and felt that being treated as this guy's fallback was not acceptable. I think it was a big step in the more »

  • Comment on: Getting over it

    Posted 04/30/2014 02:02:39 EDT

    Your bet on the beer was right.
    LW's "on and off" occurred multiple times over the two years because BF was "confused" about what he wanted. more »

  • Comment on: Getting over it

    Posted 04/30/2014 12:47:58 EDT

    "people who like you for you and want to be with you." The ex likes her for her, and wants to be with her (physically), but doesn't want her as his SO. I think it's taken some time for LW to realize t more »

  • Comment on: Getting over it

    Posted 04/30/2014 12:42:53 EDT

    Stop that, it's what causes aneurisms. more »

  • Comment on: Getting over it

    Posted 04/30/2014 11:37:44 EDT

    You forgot the part where the ex still asked for the booty call.
    THAT was really the twist. more »

  • Comment on: Getting over it

    Posted 04/30/2014 11:29:59 EDT

    Agreed, which is what she seems to be doing now--asking for help with her injury rehab.
    At least she's aware of it. more »

  • Comment on: Getting over it

    Posted 04/30/2014 11:22:39 EDT

    Was that scored for giving the test or taking it? more »

  • Comment on: Getting over it

    Posted 04/30/2014 11:20:04 EDT

    I don't think she is necessarily afraid. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I would say she seems intelligent enough right now to realize she isn't quite ready, but is making some steps in that dire more »

  • Comment on: Getting over it

    Posted 04/30/2014 11:16:56 EDT

    Anyone want to hazard a guess on the over-under that the "on and off" nature of LW's relationship was all due to the ex-BF just putting LW on hold while he was trying out new draft prospects? Just rea more »

  • Comment on: Getting over it

    Posted 04/30/2014 11:08:05 EDT

    LW is already suffering it. Her free agency period has been on-going for some time, and she isn't actively marketing herself to find a new team, and start a new season. She appears to have made one at more »

  • Comment on: Getting over it

    Posted 04/30/2014 10:38:35 EDT

    Well, I'm certainly glad that LW had the sense to turn down the offer to play on the ex's practice squad. I'm certain some have already asked about this, but my concern is with the " two years on and more »

  • Posted 04/22/2014 03:52:01 EDT

    All I can think of is that ad with Pinocchio as a motivational speaker...

    I'm certain the gigolos would seem less sleazy than the actual speaker, if it was a Tony Robbins type. more »

  • Posted 04/22/2014 03:25:45 EDT

    I think she just needs to do some serious cleaning out of the baggage she's been carrying around. more »

  • Posted 04/22/2014 02:35:26 EDT

    Of course, if LW's ex had responded to her 6 months ago, she would have written in with the same letter as Beantown Brunette last Friday. more »

  • Posted 04/22/2014 02:31:29 EDT

    Been around. Busy off-season.
    Don't know how much I will be here, but you are all still near and dear to my yellow-flagged, whistle-toting heart. more »

  • Posted 04/22/2014 02:08:35 EDT

    One of the most egregious cases of holding I've ever seen. I can't believe LW has wasted two perfectly good years of Free Agency riding the pine. Even if no one was calling, she should have at least b more »

  • Comment on: Play me some music

    Posted 05/10/2013 10:41:22 EDT

    Meredith-- My deepest sympathies for your loss. I have no other words to express my sorrow.  I am glad that you were able to spend these last years together.  The memories you made and love you shared more »

  • Posted 04/04/2013 06:49:42 EDT

    In response to Dread27's comment: While on the whole I would agree that things change and evolve constantly.  However, a marriage is still a marriage no matter the time frame in my estimation.  You co more »

  • Posted 04/04/2013 06:41:22 EDT

    In response to JeepersCripes9's comment: Very true CB. I do think it most definitely started as a religious 'rite'. Where they came up with that in each cultural religion, who knows. The Mayan marriag more »

  • Posted 04/02/2013 02:51:40 EDT

    First, for the sake of argument, you have to admit that "A marriage today in the US should still have at least something in common with a marriage in 300 BC in Turkey shouldn't it?" may be a faulty as more »

  • Forum Post: Fear...

    Posted 02/23/2012 05:56:31 EST

    well, my response to this one is that it is too simplistic to essentially say that fear--any fear--prevents us from living our lives. If I have abandonment issues, and as a result I never get close to more »

  • Forum Post: Fear...

    Posted 02/23/2012 02:35:56 EST

    I can understand fear based on what might happen being something that can keep you from enjoying life today.  But I still won't jump out of a plane with someone's handkerchief tied to my back. I would more »

  • Forum Post: Fear...

    Posted 02/23/2012 02:26:11 EST

    RT, you listen to yoga stuff on YouTube?

    more »

  • Posted 02/23/2012 02:18:06 EST

    I think the intersting part of Alf's response--saying "needed"--was that Alf included a working definition of "needed" as it applied to her response--and note that Alf did that only after reading some more »