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  • Forum Post: Bone Cyst in a Cat

    Posted 07/25/2013 04:47:59 EDT

    Just wanted to thank everybody who responded -- I appreciate it so much. My baby is getting his cancerous leg amputated on Aug. 1. I'm also working with a new vet who is great, and will be checking wi more »

  • Forum Post: Bone Cyst in a Cat

    Posted 07/11/2013 02:40:24 EDT

    Hi RockinRobin, I just wanted to thank you again for your responses. I really appreciate it and thanks for opening my eyes as to the vaccine related cancers. Turns out my little guy was diagnosed with more »

  • Forum Post: Bone Cyst in a Cat

    Posted 07/11/2013 02:38:04 EDT

    Hi Dr. Bell, thank you so much for your reply. I greatly appreciate it. They did do a biopsy and it turns out to be fibrosarcoma. I'm currently researching amputation options and it makes me feel a lo more »

  • Forum Post: Bone Cyst in a Cat

    Posted 07/08/2013 01:17:26 EDT

    Hi there, thank you for your comments RockinRobin! The vet I'm seeing is very good. We are still awaiting biopsy results, but in the meantime, to ease pain, they did treat it as a cyst and scraped out more »

  • Forum Post: Bone Cyst in a Cat

    Posted 07/01/2013 01:04:25 EDT

    Hello, my cat was just diagnosed with a bone cyst in his rear hind leg. I have been given a couple options -- one is to allow surgery to scrape out the cyst and hope the bone regrows. The other option more »

  • Posted 03/21/2013 12:39:58 EDT

    Enlarged heart?

    more »

  • Posted 03/19/2013 10:08:44 EDT

    And for the record, I have friendships that have lasted over 15 years... and some new ones along the way... But I am not in touch with any of my ex's... I guess I just never felt the need. I personall more »

  • Posted 03/19/2013 10:06:45 EDT

    OK, OK, I see what you're saying... and good point. As long as Jackie is OK with the friendship thing, I guess there is no harm, but if she is still hoping for romance... that is what concerns me. If more »

  • Posted 03/19/2013 09:53:38 EDT

    But why would you need to keep ex's as friends? Don't you have other friends? If Jackie wanted this to be romantic, then this isn't going to work in the long run - it's not possible to just turn off t more »

  • Posted 03/19/2013 09:43:55 EDT

    I have never really understood this whole "stay friends with your ex" thing. When you are with someone you truly love and want to be with, why would you even think about your ex? It did not work for a more »

  • Posted 03/06/2013 09:42:39 EST

    LW, this sounds like a situation I was in a few years back. I was the one saying I wanted a break and it did turn into a break up. It was the best decision I ever made because he was emotionally needy more »

  • Posted 02/28/2013 10:12:18 EST

    This just strikes me as very sad. LW, I think instead of worrying about going to this wedding, you should be thinking more about: have you not had a real relationship for the past 10 years because you more »

  • Posted 01/28/2013 09:30:06 EST

    Sounds like this group might be a little too close for comfort and you all need some space. Space might help to put things into perspective.

    more »

  • Posted 01/03/2011 03:40:11 EST

    Long time lurker, first time writer here. I absolutely love this column and have been reading it for a couple years now. This letter hits close to home for me and I just have to write in. I feel like more »

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