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  • Posted 10/12/2011 10:35:10 EDT

    Look at Thornton and Ference.

  • Posted 10/12/2011 10:33:03 EDT

    The only A's should be Seguin, Marchand, Thomas, and Rask. The rest are C's or worse.

  • Posted 10/12/2011 10:09:48 EDT

    I did get to see what I think was the most entertaining period of the game. The B's can't win every game unfortunately. 

  • Posted 10/12/2011 09:21:29 EDT

    Found a link if anyone else needs it.  http://adf.ly/2K8ON

  • Posted 10/12/2011 08:55:25 EDT

    Thanks for the update. The link is a no go in Mexico. Glad I'm not missing much.        Go B's! 

  • Posted 10/12/2011 08:23:08 EDT

    Anyone have link for the game vs CAR?   Thanks

  • Posted 05/29/2011 06:39:51 EDT

    If I was PC I would only trade him to Philly for Carter, Giroux, or Richards. 

  • Posted 05/26/2011 08:19:15 EDT

    It won't matter when the B's win the cup this year!

  • Posted 05/14/2011 11:55:38 EDT

    Thomas has finally lost his touch again and it is now time to make the change before it's too late. Bring on Tukka "THE FUTURE" Rask and bring that cup to Boston. Just kidding. I can't wait to watch y more »

  • Posted 04/21/2011 06:10:28 EDT

    Can't have a top 5 forward conversation without mentioning Phil "the thrill" Kessel. more »

  • Posted 04/18/2011 04:41:58 EDT

    Believe.  more »

  • Posted 04/16/2011 11:57:10 EDT

    I understand you will probably never see this message but just in case I will still post it in order for the B's to win the series. For game 3 put Caron and Seguin with Krejci. Put Lucic and Horton wi more »

  • Posted 03/11/2011 12:22:45 EST

    I would love to see Caron with Bergie and Marchand. Put Glider, I mean Ryder with Campbell and Recchi on the 4th. Sit Thornton and Paille or demote them. If Caron had played on the big team this year more »

  • Forum Post: Taylor Hall hurt?

    Posted 03/04/2011 06:57:38 EST

    Just what the NHL needs more of, a coward who instigates a fight while leaving his shield on. Any injury Hall sustained is well deserved. I'm surprised Hall isn't on the HABS. I think the NHL should s more »

  • Posted 02/25/2011 05:23:17 EST

    Who's Kessel? more »

  • Posted 02/19/2011 02:51:17 EST

    Now that fans know that Stewart and Shattenkirk were available would'nt it of made more sense for PC to of used his numerous assets on these two instead of Kaberle, Kelly, and Peverly. Both are young more »

  • Posted 02/18/2011 03:29:44 EST

    I think PC just screwed with his pants on and everyone in Toronto is rejoicing. It will be even funnier if Kaberle does'nt resign and goes back to Toronto next year. In a nutshell PC gave up a 1st, 2n more »

  • Posted 02/15/2011 05:04:41 EST

    Comparing Statsny to Fisher is as dumb as your trade proposal.   more »

  • Forum Post: A Perfect Storm

    Posted 02/15/2011 04:50:24 EST

    If PC is as smart as I hope he is, the offer should be a 2nd round pick this year and 3rd next year if Kaberle resigns. more »

  • Posted 02/15/2011 04:41:53 EST

    If you substituted Bergeron and Marchand for Boychuk and prospect to go with the picks the AVS might consider it. more »

  • Posted 02/15/2011 04:37:57 EST

    A franchise center in his prime for a 6th/7th D man(no value), a prospect(who currently has little value), and two picks(that have minimal value). Why did'nt PC think this one up, DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH more »

  • Posted 02/10/2011 03:34:11 EST

    Seguin, Wheeler, Stuart, Colbourne and B's 1st(via Toronto) to STL for Backes, Berglund, and Johnson. more »

  • Forum Post: Pitt Trade

    Posted 02/05/2011 06:01:53 EST

    If you read the post bigbadmommysboybruinsfan it included trading that pick. The post does sum up though 99% of the whining on this board. No trade post on this board should be taken serious since no more »

  • Forum Post: Pitt Trade

    Posted 02/05/2011 05:32:21 EST

    I say we trade Bergeron, Wheeler, Stuart and B's 2 1st rounders to Pitt for Malkin(who should be healthy by next season) and Letang. That way people cannot whine next year about not having a stud offe more »

  • Posted 01/26/2011 01:49:32 EST

    Your a dolt Nash. more »