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  • Posted 11/01/2012 07:56:33 EDT

    I personally would never give Bella the flu shot. I also personally dont get it myself. I have seen too many adverse reactions, and I would hate to put Bella through anything like that even if the pos more »

  • Forum Post: Halloween

    Posted 11/01/2012 07:32:01 EDT

    That must be adorable!!! I put Bella's costume on last night and she was MISERABLE! I didn't make her suffer for long though. She looked so pathetic sitting there I just had to take it off. Score 1 fo more »

  • Forum Post: Halloween

    Posted 10/30/2012 03:16:30 EDT

    Being laid off is hard.  Especially if you are like me and thought "it could never happen to me!" Good luck on your second interview, please let me know how it goes!!!  I could see how it would be dif more »

  • Forum Post: Halloween

    Posted 10/23/2012 09:38:03 EDT

    Hi everybody!! Its been a while since I have been on, unfortunately I was 1 of the millions that lost their jobs. But fear not, I am one of the lucky ones that has since found a new job. Let me tell y more »

  • Posted 10/23/2012 09:35:02 EDT

    I do not feed Bella raw meats.  I figure if I wont eat it, why should I let her.  However, she LOVES raw and cooked veggies.  Give her a carrot and she munches for a long time!!

    more »

  • Forum Post: Sleeping ShihTzu

    Posted 10/14/2011 11:48:50 EDT

    Thanks for the advise.  It is appreciated as always.  We decided before we even bought her that we would not be using crate training.  I know that some people prefer it and that is fine, but we never more »

  • Forum Post: Sleeping ShihTzu

    Posted 10/14/2011 11:07:25 EDT

    My Shih Tzu Bella tends to sleep when she wants too.  Unfortunatly it does not usually coinside when I want to sleep.  Bella is home alone 2 days a week and we noticed very fast that when we get home more »

  • Forum Post: Fall Photos 2011

    Posted 09/30/2011 08:57:26 EDT

    I love the pic with the stick!  That is too cute.  She is a beautiful dog! Bella tries picking stuff like that up too, get frustrated, we try to help her, and she gets mad at us!  But I swear Bella ha more »

  • Forum Post: Fall Photos 2011

    Posted 09/29/2011 03:59:05 EDT

    Love the tootsie roll! That is so cute!  Reese is absolutley adorable.  He looks very young. Gracie seems so photogenic, ut us hard to believe that she doesn't like to stand still for pictures.  more »

  • Forum Post: Vaccintation Shots

    Posted 09/29/2011 03:55:18 EDT

    In Response to Re: Vaccintation Shots: Yes ... there is a type of fast growing tumor that can develop at the injection site.  I didn't want to mention it before,  out of fear the information would cau more »

  • Forum Post: Fall Photos 2011

    Posted 09/29/2011 11:48:06 EDT

    No offense taken! There are so many beautiful animals on here that is is hard to keep track.  This is one from last years Holloween and I am positive that there are more to come.  Here is my Bella in more »

  • Forum Post: Vaccintation Shots

    Posted 09/29/2011 11:31:04 EDT

    Hello all, Thanks to all for the wonderful advise.  I did take my baby to the vet this past Saturday, and $90 later after they took some of the fluid out and tested it.  The vet told me that everythin more »

  • Forum Post: Vaccintation Shots

    Posted 09/23/2011 03:26:46 EDT

    I didn't even think about just showing up.  I should have!  I will remember that for next time.  Yes Kar, it sounds like I have very expensive benedryl in my cabinet, next to the baby aspirin (I have more »

  • Forum Post: Vaccintation Shots

    Posted 09/23/2011 02:53:45 EDT

    I actually bought dog benedryl and my vet laughed at me because it is the exact same thing as people benedryl but I probably paid $5 more because the bottle said it was for dogs.  Let me tell you, bei more »

  • Forum Post: Vaccintation Shots

    Posted 09/23/2011 09:49:16 EDT

    I have an appointment tomorrow morning!!!!  Bella will be thrilled I am sure.  My vet has suggested the benedryl, I have the dosage at hom, but it just makes me nervous.  I know how benedryl makes me more »

  • Forum Post: Vaccintation Shots

    Posted 09/23/2011 08:36:38 EDT

    Thank you all for the advise.  I was away for a couple of days so I missed most of these.  To try to answer some of the questions, Bella was a year old in May, so that makes her about 16 months.  She more »

  • Forum Post: Vaccintation Shots

    Posted 09/20/2011 03:23:44 EDT

    It is a big enough bump that there is no way I could have missed it, especially when I gave her a bath 2 days ago.  My boyfriend is always telling me that I am a hypocondriac when it come to my baby, more »

  • Forum Post: Vaccintation Shots

    Posted 09/20/2011 02:45:22 EDT

    I know that this is a controversial subject, but I want to ask anyway.  I chose to get Bella vaccinated with everything.  She got all of her shots on 9/7 and did great with them.  I gave her a bath th more »

  • Posted 08/02/2011 02:03:18 EDT

    In Response to Re: Dog eating earthworms?: My 2yr old Boston terrier loves eating grass but she doesn't throw it up ever. I think she just likes her veggies because she will eat carrots and cuccumbers more »

  • Posted 07/05/2011 08:46:36 EDT

    Well, thank you to all for the great advise.  We survived the weekend...barely. On Saturday I deided that maybe it would help if she could see what was making the noise, so I took her out for a few mi more »

  • Posted 07/01/2011 03:44:37 EDT

      I dont know how your neighborhoods are, but mine started the celebration early this year and there were kids with fireworks last night.  Bella spent the night barking back at every crack and pop.  T more »

  • Posted 07/01/2011 03:41:44 EDT

    I have used a spray bottle in the past for other things, and frankly, she loves it, she just loves water from any source, so that wont work.  But thank you all for the suggestions.  more »

  • Posted 07/01/2011 01:45:26 EDT

    hmmm, I haven't tried the treat thing, thanks for the suggestion, I will try anything at this point, I have a feeling it will be a rough weekend for her more »

  • Posted 07/01/2011 01:38:45 EDT

    I have tried holding and snuggling and of course remaining calm and not getting annoyed at the stupid kids, but she just wants to get to the front window and bark right back at them.  It is almost lik more »

  • Posted 07/01/2011 01:24:23 EDT

    Lightenig doesn't bother her at all, Thunder, when it booms, she just barks back at it.  I don't think she is afraid of it because she doesn't shake or hide, it is almost like she is trying to "stand more »