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  • Posted 08/26/2012 09:38:25 EDT

    Looks like the dog's laughin at your profile picture. Come to think of it, that is a goofy pic of Larry Legend..... I mean seriously! You couldn't find anything better? Poor Larry, he looks drunk or s more »

  • Posted 08/26/2012 09:31:06 EDT

    Three bone-heads comin' here talking trash and everyone knows why

    ......because the truth hurts


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  • Posted 08/26/2012 08:04:01 EDT

    Let's go ahead and make predictions for team records for this upcoming year. Predict teams you like teams you don't like, predict every team - whatever! Assume every team you pick stays healthy. Let's more »

  • Forum Post: Celtic Dominance

    Posted 08/25/2012 09:59:06 EDT

    In Response to Re: Celtic Dominance: In Response to Re: Celtic Dominance : The Celtics dominated the 60s, that is so true! The Lakers never dominated. In the 80s, the Lakers lost to the Sixers, Celtic more »

  • Forum Post: Celtic Dominance

    Posted 08/25/2012 12:35:16 EDT

    The Lakers are the greatest franchise in NBA history. Boston was the greatest franchise in the ancient past NBA before the merger in '76 (?) when there were only 8 teams in the league; when the league more »

  • Posted 04/11/2011 11:42:36 EDT

  • Posted 04/04/2011 01:35:24 EDT

    In Response to Re: Bynum and Gasol both injured: that's a pretty thoughtful post, elias. what about diminished capacity to excel? are you picking up on any sort of decrease in his ability to carry his more »

  • Posted 04/04/2011 12:22:00 EDT

    I live in Southern California and have been a Lakers fan long before Kobe joined the team. I've watched maybe 80% of all of the games he's EVER played in. What I want to say about Kobe Bryant comes fr more »

  • Posted 03/28/2011 05:53:13 EDT

    In Response to Re: I hate to admit it, I bleed green and I'm invested in this but....: ...what is up with this team man?   Posted by DrBoogiebone For whatever reason, C's fans refuse to place the blam more »

  • Posted 03/26/2011 12:13:12 EDT

    "I'm going down with this Celtic ship"

    Wow Fierce what a quote! 

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  • Posted 03/26/2011 12:05:09 EDT

    I'm calling you out Duke. You and others have said that Danny Ainge did good by trading away Perkins in mid-season as opposed to waiting for the off-season since he was going to be asking for more mon more »

  • Posted 03/18/2011 04:31:02 EDT

    Is Shaq the oldest player in the NBA?

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  • Posted 03/15/2011 08:29:28 EDT

    In Response to Re: You Are in Trouble If You Erroneously Believe that Shaq is your Savior: Sure Shaq is old. But even at 39 years old he can still take out Andrew Bynum. Just like what Kevin McHale di more »

  • Posted 03/15/2011 05:31:02 EDT

    If history repeats itself, Howard will end up a Laker at some point and not a Celtic.

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  • Posted 03/15/2011 11:50:10 EDT

    In Response to Re: C's Lose 3 out of 4: So What?: Even if the Celts won 3 out of 4 they would still say that we are officially in trouble because we didn't get 4 out of 4. That's just how it is here. more »

  • Forum Post: GO HEAT!!!!!!!

    Posted 03/10/2011 03:11:49 EST

    Pay attention to one thing tonight: the amount of Lakers fans there are in Miami. When the Lakers are on the road, it's always neat to watch the thousands of fans in every arena cheer on the Lake-show more »

  • Forum Post: GO HEAT!!!!!!!

    Posted 03/10/2011 01:07:14 EST

    Yesterday, I was a Clipper fan.

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  • Forum Post: The Need for Shaq

    Posted 03/09/2011 10:38:48 EST


    did you know that Shaq turned 39? I thought he was 37.


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  • Posted 03/09/2011 10:34:59 EST

    ..............man I just can't get over Shaq being 39! That is old in NBA years..............

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  • Posted 03/08/2011 11:43:55 EST

    Wow Shaq is 39! I thought he was turning 37? Man, he's old... ...I sure hope you guys know what you're doing pinning your hopes on a guy who in basketball dog years is in his 70's 'cause for me the on more »

  • Forum Post: Danny scares me.

    Posted 02/26/2011 02:49:57 EST

    In Response to Re: Danny scares me.: Scares you? Consider this, Danny mortgaged the whole team just to get Garnett. Is that scary enough for you? Like Obama, Danny has a team of admin to help him anal more »

  • Posted 02/25/2011 10:33:55 EST

    In Response to Re: Looks like it's going to be Lakers vs. Heat afterall...: In Response to Re: Looks like it's going to be Lakers vs. Heat afterall... : It is 100% ignorant to say a solid playoff test more »

  • Posted 02/24/2011 09:04:09 EST

    I cannot believe what your GM did today!

    It is a shame your run had to end this way...

    ...see you next year!



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  • Posted 02/09/2011 11:15:12 EST

    "They'll never be as consistent as the Celtics were back in they day, but they've been the franchise to beat over the last 30 years." I don't think it's possible for any team to ever be "as consistent more »

  • Posted 02/03/2011 08:22:06 EST

    You scare me... I never said I predicted the loss on this board - I predicted the loss before the game to those whom I watched the game with that I wouldn't be surprised if the Lakers lose the game si more »