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  • Posted 05/08/2010 02:18:18 EDT

    I do not like Thomas one bit but I 100% agree with the post by biggskye.

  • Posted 05/08/2010 01:44:33 EDT

    Are you people kidding?  Any of these guys can "fight" grapple up an throw a few punches...if your that bad of a fighter you just wrap the guy up. You play to have more goals at the end of that more »

  • Posted 04/28/2010 11:10:00 EDT

    In Response to Re: it's BRUINS vs Flyers!: I really wanted to see the Caps win.  I honestly wouldn't have cared if the B's had ended up playing the Pens, because if you want to be the best you have to more »

  • Posted 04/27/2010 09:53:58 EDT

    I say Thornton....guy is awful....clocking in at a minus 2...wheeler is -4 but you can still use him on both PP and don't need a fighter in the playoffs.....everyone will stick up for eachot more »

  • Posted 04/27/2010 09:15:56 EDT

    AS bad as they are listening to those bums Toucher and Rich talk about the Bruins is 10 times worse.

    Those guys no NOTHING about sports. I cannot stand them.
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  • Posted 04/25/2010 11:20:46 EDT

    Honestly I don't really care if he plays or not.

    Looks like he will be very limited if he comes back.
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  • Posted 04/22/2010 12:18:05 EDT

    I just watched the replay again. That pass by Ryder was riduculous. Then Satan first beats Miller and slides it through Myers legs. more »

  • Posted 04/22/2010 12:15:00 EDT

    Ryder sweet move on that slob Grier at the blue line then the dirty no look pass to Satan. Sweet finish by Satan to slide it by Miller and the defensemen. Keep putting that fat beast Grier out there. more »

  • Posted 04/21/2010 12:43:47 EDT

    I just checked the box score and it says Thornton only had 8 minutes off ice, but it really feels like he is out there all the time.

    Just a liability this guy.
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  • Posted 04/21/2010 12:41:43 EDT

    The guy is terrible. I was at the game Monday and I feel like he was out there about every 3rd shift. They have about a 1% chance to score and they definitely have the highest percentage to get scored more »

  • Posted 03/29/2010 10:58:15 EDT

    I dont believe a goalie "owns" a team.

    That just makes no sense.

    He matches up better against the way they shoot?

    No, Rask is just a better goalie.

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  • Posted 03/27/2010 10:02:13 EDT

    No I didn't see it. But i dont think they are a good team. I do not see how they are winning. If the Rangers held on in regulation and Pittsburgh beat Toronto tomorrow in reulation we would be well on more »

  • Posted 03/27/2010 09:50:45 EDT

    WHAT THE HELL. Rangers fighting for their playoff lives and they can't hold on? Not the worst night though: -Islansders, who I WAS most worried about Toronto passing won in overtime. -Columbus, who lo more »

  • Posted 03/24/2010 07:08:49 EDT

    What a terrible contract given out by Chiarelli. That has to go down as one of the worst all time. more »

  • Posted 03/21/2010 09:49:54 EDT

    A "penalty" shot is not designed to penalize a team?

    Good one.

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  • Posted 03/21/2010 09:47:04 EDT

    Well lets be thankful it didn't go to overtime and yield 3 points! more »

  • Posted 03/21/2010 09:45:00 EDT

    Chara is the biggest reason this team is so good defensively. He is a beast on the PK. Watch how bad our PK is when he is in the box. But hey Mitch, I shouldn't have to respond to people who say this, more »

  • Posted 03/20/2010 08:16:19 EDT

    When you say make a run at both do you mean trade for them or sign them?

    Since they are RFA you cannot just go sign them. The R stands for restricted if you didnt know.

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  • Posted 03/20/2010 05:48:02 EDT

    Dusty I agree. The Jackets, Islanders, and Canes have been all be pickin up 1 or 2 points a game. I would be surprised if Toronto finished 3rd, 4th or 5th to last but if I had to put my money on it I more »

  • Posted 03/13/2010 07:26:55 EST

    If you hold up a sign calling them out, you think they would actually do anything you fool? Make me a big sign and I will bring it down there at 6 pm during warmups and put it right up and the glass w more »

  • Posted 03/11/2010 08:53:18 EST

    Why is this more possible because of Savards injury?

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  • Posted 03/10/2010 10:08:46 EST

    Let stop whining and look at the positive. As bad as this season has gone we still have a 4 point cushion for the final playoff spot. Rangers are actually 3 points back but we have 2 games in hand on more »

  • Posted 03/10/2010 09:43:59 EST

    If Chara leaves its not going to be because he is trying to go to a better team. It is going to be because he has a better offer.

    Wake up
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  • Posted 03/10/2010 07:06:33 EST

    Wheeler couldn't stand on his skates last night more »

  • Posted 03/09/2010 09:36:29 EST

    Its called a joke.....what a disgrace this team is more »