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  • Comment on: 'Bay’

    Posted 12/25/2009 09:11:11 EST

    This may be waaaay to far out of the box..but...If the Sox did sign Bay back...Could one of the 4 outfielders play 1st?...Could Ellsbury play there? Or do we actually need more power from 1st base?

  • Posted 10/25/2009 07:22:26 EDT

    34-17 Pats.  Running game isn't that great today.  A few drops.  The defense gives a little but holds.

  • Posted 04/26/2009 06:56:31 EDT

    He served his time.  If he doesn't do it again...that's a good thing.  Until he is convicted again, I definitley would give him a cash.
    ..make him a slot wr