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  • Posted 08/03/2015 08:42:05 EDT

    What's the point? There's 15 players on a roster, and 100 numbers you can use. Why is wearing 75, for example, a problem?

  • Forum Post: Shaw

    Posted 08/03/2015 12:01:20 EDT

    In response to slasher9's comment: In response to dannycater's comment: Shaw had a banner 2 days, and that means he WARRANTS A LOT MORE ATTENTION THAN TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD BEETCHING ABOUT WHY more »

  • Forum Post: Porcello on DL

    Posted 08/03/2015 11:09:36 EDT

    In response to moonslav59's comment: Remember how Lackey got totally roasted here on this site, only to find out he'd been pitching with a significant injury all year long? I'm not saying Porcello's w more »

  • Posted 08/03/2015 09:05:44 EDT

    I would like to see them both in the pen. If Kelly can become one of those 8th or 9th inning types and Hembree is for real, suddenly you've got a really good bullpen. We've all seen with the Royals la more »

  • Forum Post: CASTILLO gets it?

    Posted 08/03/2015 08:34:16 EDT

    Please don't jump so hard on the Shaw bandwagon yet. The kid's had a couple of really good games, but that's not enough to crown him a MLB player, let alone the starting 1B for next year. I think once more »

  • Posted 07/31/2015 05:11:14 EDT

    In response to cole-ely's comment: "He impacts winning" sounds to me like moneyball. That's a pretty good comparison to what the Celtics seem to be doing actually. They're going out and getting guys w more »

  • Posted 07/31/2015 04:52:17 EDT

    Time will tell. It may turn out that the Mets wind up the big winners in all of this. So far the A's and Sox have been losers, the Cubs may be, and the Tigers could be. Who knows.

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  • Forum Post: You play the GM

    Posted 07/31/2015 04:49:01 EDT

    I do it in a hertbeat. Wood is a really good young pitcher, and this lets you move Hanley back to the infield temporarily until Papi retires. Worst case you just sit Crawford as a really expensive 4th more »

  • Posted 07/31/2015 02:50:06 EDT

    I think Shields may wind up being the contract the Padres want gone if they are taking on Pablo. Whether he would wind up with the Sox or the Cubs...who knows.

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  • Posted 07/31/2015 02:14:13 EDT

    In response to Drewski5's comment: Red Sox get: Ross, Kimbrell, Gyozo Cubs get: Owens, JBJ Padres get: Castro, Sandoval, Cash, Margot,  It works, but I think the Cubs would want some more help this se more »

  • Posted 07/31/2015 10:48:52 EDT

    In response to sycophant123's comment: In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: In response to sycophant123's comment: And at .193 for his career over 3 seasons.    Has there ever been a guy on the R more »

  • Posted 07/31/2015 10:31:51 EDT

    I would keep both Betts and Xander. Just about anyone else is on the table. I'm not going to include Swihart unless it's for Gray or Kluber though. I like some of the other kids, but not enough to giv more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 08:44:54 EDT

    In response to Javi60's comment: In response to jgallag1's comment:    Margot should be very good, I'd include one of Owens or Johnson, JBJ/Marrero and guys like that seem like players Beane would tak more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 08:15:03 EDT

      According to Cafardo: "The Red Sox have had talks with the A’s, Mets, Indians and Padres about pitching, but it would take a small fortune of prospects to obtain Sonny Gray from Oakland, Noah Synd more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 03:35:10 EDT

    I wouldn't even say this is the most disappointing team of the last two years. We all knew the rotation was going to be shakey at best. We also assumed the back end of the rotation would be better tha more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 03:15:09 EDT

    I read this too. I love the kid, and would have loved to see him on this team. He's not anywhere close in reality, but that inning he pitched in the All Star game this year was '99 Pedro-esque.

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  • Posted 07/30/2015 02:44:53 EDT

    Their one weakness seems to be the bullpen. They have a sick lineup, as long as they can have one of their kids devalop as a leadoff guy. Their rotation is now much better with a true ace. Even though more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 12:42:12 EDT

    In response to dannycater's comment: The JBJR March "N Chowdah Society in full force...not that there is anything wrong with that...and nothing like hope to hang a hat on in a dismal season..I hope he more »

  • Forum Post: Wheeler

    Posted 07/30/2015 12:26:42 EDT

    In response to slomag's comment: This deal fell through.  We could probably do a three-team deal- we would seem to have plenty to acquire Bruce or Cespedes for prospects if we wanted to.       We woul more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 12:24:40 EDT

    I'd love to see what the return for Koji would be. I love him, and he has been a fantastic story and addition to the team, but he's not getting any younger, and he'd be the second or third best reliev more »

  • Forum Post: Wheeler

    Posted 07/30/2015 10:37:06 EDT

    The only players the Sox have that would bring back Wheeler are Ramirez (if the Sox eat a lot) and Papi (if they thought he could play 1st full time). They're only going to get rid of Wheeler if they more »

  • Posted 07/29/2015 02:34:06 EDT

    I've never been in the Hamels camp, but I think they need to do something. I feel like the Indians scenario is the best route to go. The Sox can afford to take back either Swisher or Bourn (or both) i more »

  • Posted 07/29/2015 02:20:15 EDT

    In response to seannybboi's comment: In response to jgallag1's comment: In response to seannybboi's comment: I just found out Kershaw is being scratched for tonight's start and the Dodgers just traded more »

  • Posted 07/29/2015 12:25:44 EDT

    In response to seannybboi's comment: I just found out Kershaw is being scratched for tonight's start and the Dodgers just traded for Latos.  If the Dodgers call and offer Kershaw for Swihart + prospec more »

  • Posted 07/28/2015 02:28:57 EDT

    What would the Pirates be willing to give up for de Aza? They were also looking at Napoli. If the Sox package them and eat a bunch of Nap's money, what could they realisticalyl get?

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