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  • Posted 08/26/2014 01:52:49 EDT

    Just saw we got a pick as well.  I thought BB was losing it.  I bet we get a 2nd

  • Posted 08/26/2014 01:50:10 EDT

    There's your tight end.  I don't know if getting rid of one of your best OL for a kid who was undrafted last year is the best thing when you have a 37 year old immobile QB but in BB I trust Also, tall more »

  • Posted 08/26/2014 12:34:18 EDT

    I think it's a test by BB to see if he can rely on Jimmy to be the #2.  If JG passes, Mallett gets cut which opens up a roster spot

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  • Posted 08/23/2014 12:53:20 EDT

    In response to Homecheese's comment: [QUOTE]  In the meantime, lets discuss some league preferences people have: 1. Scoring settings are the same as starters and benchwarmers?  2. The league is at NFL more »

  • Posted 08/21/2014 04:22:10 EDT

    Count me in if there's space available

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  • Forum Post: Would You?

    Posted 07/24/2014 09:53:11 EDT

    In response to BostonSportsFan111's comment: [QUOTE] Great question. For me, its all about the journeys, and not just how the journeys end. Having been a fan of the Pats since the early 70's and remem more »

  • Forum Post: PUP/NFI List

    Posted 07/21/2014 05:27:11 EDT

    It should be noted that players on either list may be activated at any time.  I'm hoping in particular that Dobson and Easley can get off sooner rather than later.  I want the young guys getting valua more »

  • Forum Post: PUP/NFI List

    Posted 07/21/2014 05:25:47 EDT

    Per Mike Reiss and Field Yates:   Players that will start on the PUP to begin camp: Dennard, Dobson, Gallon, Kelly, Slater   Players that will start on the Non-Football Injury List to start camp: Easl more »

  • Posted 07/17/2014 07:14:24 EDT

    In response to prolate0spheroid's comment: [QUOTE]      Good post.  I'd add pass coverage needs to be better, but I think that's been addressed with the secondary changes and hopefully the linebacker more »

  • Posted 07/17/2014 07:12:31 EDT

    In response to PatsEng's comment: [QUOTE] Most of mine echo what has already been said but I'll toss my two cents in here #1 - The D has to get off the field quickly. Turn-overs are better but they ha more »

  • Posted 07/17/2014 07:06:30 EDT

    In response to TripleOG's comment: [QUOTE] [/QUOTE] Just curious, based on the production we got from an undrafted guy(KT) vs Boyce who is a 5th rounder who redshirted, how are you "not high" on KT bu more »

  • Forum Post: Armstead Retiring

    Posted 07/16/2014 03:32:53 EDT

    I can't say l-i-v-e?  Are you f'in kidding me, BDC?

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  • Forum Post: Armstead Retiring

    Posted 07/16/2014 03:32:17 EDT

    Just reported by  

    What a shame.  Hopefully he can li-ve a long and happy life away from football.

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  • Posted 07/16/2014 03:11:22 EDT

    In response to BabeParilli's comment: [QUOTE] This sort of move is beyond BB's capacity. ______________________________________________________ Question: How can you tell when Rusty's lying? Answer: H more »

  • Posted 07/16/2014 03:09:01 EDT

    In response to Kinchow's comment: [QUOTE] We need to drastically improve our 3rd down defense.  Last year the D couldn't get off the field.   The "bend but don't break" mentality needs to morph into " more »

  • Posted 07/16/2014 03:07:04 EDT

    In response to AyyyBoston's comment: [QUOTE] I agree Irish. Being able to put pressure on the opposing QB is a huge need. The Pats can't let guys like Peyton Manning to get comfortable in the pocket, more »

  • Posted 07/16/2014 02:44:34 EDT

    Aside from the obvious "the whole team must stay healthy (more specifically Gronk and Revis)," and "we need the lucky bounces," what are the top 3 things that must happen if the Pats are to hoist the more »

  • Posted 07/10/2014 02:47:57 EDT

    In response to Pats-bilbo's comment: [QUOTE] I think the reason is more due to Pats not wanting their reporting methods and evaluation concepts made public more than protecting what they knew and when more »

  • Posted 07/02/2014 09:09:40 EDT

    In response to DougIrwin's comment:

    Oh god.

    Don't you people have homes? Lmao


    No, I live on the streets but luckily the McDonald's on the corner has free wifi

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  • Posted 07/02/2014 09:09:06 EDT

    Count me in again

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  • Forum Post: alternate universe

    Posted 06/24/2014 04:39:39 EDT

    You get an F for trolling and an A for transparency.  Try harder with your next handle buddy

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  • Posted 06/24/2014 03:42:34 EDT

    In response to TripleOG's comment: Not good enough and even this year, I am not too excited about adding 33 y/o Will Smith and the current backups(Buchanan, Bequette) did ZILCH last year. Other teams more »

  • Posted 06/23/2014 04:03:33 EDT

    In response to ATJ's comment: [QUOTE] Feel free, my friend.  Since I'm only on at work tweeting that little gem would raise more eyebrows than I care to raise. [/QUOTE] I'm surpised an old-timer like more »

  • Posted 06/23/2014 03:22:04 EDT

    In response to ATJ's comment:




    May I suggest we get this trending on twitter?

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  • Forum Post: 45, the New 35?

    Posted 06/23/2014 03:15:14 EDT

    I've always thought that Brady is the type of QB that can see success into his early 40s.  He's really only had one injury and he keeps himself in top shape.  Couple that with the fact that he relies more »

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