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  • Posted 01/29/2015 06:29:34 EST

    In response to MattC05's comment: In response to pcmIV's comment: Let's say Walt Anderson did what a lot of ball boys have suggested is commonplace and just felt the balls before approving them. Do yo more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 06:28:07 EST

    Why would the league fine the Pats?  It's not their responsibility to ensure the balls are at the correct press.  

    The refs are the final word.  If they didn't use a guage then that's on them.

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  • Posted 01/29/2015 04:51:45 EST

    In response to Baffle's comment: I want a pissed off team running up the score. And everytime Gronk scores a TD and "deflates" it with a monster Gronk Spike, I want an Edelman pretending to "reinflate more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 04:32:03 EST

    I've boycotted ESPN since 'spy-gate'.   I'll only watch it if there is a game on that channel I want to see but not for news or other BS.   I also tried to listen to sports radio but just couldn't tak more »

  • Posted 01/28/2015 12:01:14 EST

    How long do you think teams keep the stadium surveillance tapes for each game  Why would you keep the security tapes of what goes on in the hallways of Gillete for every game?   Those are probably on more »

  • Posted 01/26/2015 09:59:25 EST

    In response to pats-fan-2007's comment: In response to TheExaminer's comment: [QUOTE] In response to tcal2-'s comment: [QUOTE] In response to TheExaminer's comment: [QUOTE] I was about to admonish you more »

  • Posted 01/26/2015 09:55:54 EST

    At the very least it gives those Seattle players something to think about.

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  • Posted 01/26/2015 06:37:00 EST

    I'm with MtHurl and some others on this.  Even if they were found to be guilty I would still be a fan.  Although I truly believe they are not guilty of any wrong doing. Even during the Spygate fiasco, more »

  • Forum Post: BOYCOTT ESPN

    Posted 01/26/2015 06:07:08 EST

    I've had them boycotted since the Spygate fiasco.

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  • Posted 01/26/2015 06:03:37 EST

    They have video of Giselle letting air out of Tom's balls.

    But after further review, it looked more like she was inflating them.

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  • Posted 01/26/2015 05:57:20 EST

    In response to digger0862's comment:

    Peter King just said he was 6-10 minutes off camera.

    That's quite a range.  They don't know how long exactly?

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  • Posted 01/25/2015 09:13:59 EST

    I think a lot fans were stunned when this thing went down.  Some people may have said things they didn't mean out of frustration and anger but in the end it's still US vs. THEM.   That's the way I loo more »

  • Posted 01/25/2015 12:37:35 EST

    Agree with maintaining containment on Wilson.  I have nightmares of him running amok while being chased down. Make him try and beat you with his arm. I think this secondary is up to the task.

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  • Posted 01/25/2015 02:36:14 EST

    Was it me or did he look and sound very emotional when he talked about the team and how hard they work because he was pushing them and how they were the best team in the AFC and in the playoffs? I tho more »

  • Posted 01/24/2015 08:02:45 EST

    In response to crazy-world-of-troybrown's comment: In response to Salcon's comment: [QUOTE] Kraft hoists the Lombardi over his head and says, "This is for us and our fans. The rest of you can kiss my more »

  • Posted 01/24/2015 07:54:09 EST

    Kraft hoists the Lombardi over his head and says, "This is for us and our fans. The rest of you can kiss my azz."

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  • Forum Post: Darrelle Revis

    Posted 01/23/2015 07:06:53 EST

    I agree.  

    When he was with the Jets I got the impression that he was arrogant and all about me.  

    Now, he comes off as the anti-Richard Sherman.

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  • Forum Post: If I'm Kraft

    Posted 01/23/2015 11:43:28 EST

    The Brand has already taken a hit.  People are going to believe what they want and as far as they're concerned the Pats are already guilty.  If Kraft wants to protect his Brand and all they he and the more »

  • Posted 01/23/2015 11:34:51 EST

    If they weren't checked with a pressure guage and only tested by the 'squeeze' method then they could have been under-inflated to begin with without being tampered with at all. Too many unknowns at le more »

  • Posted 01/23/2015 11:28:05 EST

    And the list goes on.... 

    When this is over there won't be anyone left to like.


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  • Posted 01/22/2015 10:25:34 EST

    Now people know why Belichick has such disdain for the media. What I can't fathom is the amount of vitriol from ex-players that are now talking heads. If I were a player on the Pats I wouldn't so much more »

  • Posted 01/22/2015 09:56:10 EST

    Aikman, that bug-eyed bitch!

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  • Forum Post: RELAX

    Posted 01/22/2015 12:28:46 EST

    Whatever happened to just congratulating the better team and moving on?

    Now, all these entitled whiners cry after being beaten like a drum.

    They should be ashamed of themselves.

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  • Posted 01/22/2015 12:24:33 EST

    In response to pcmIV's comment: Speaking of injuries is there any news on Sherman? I have no doubt that he'll play, but I have no sense if the injury is expected to potentially limit him at all. I thi more »

  • Forum Post: Seattle game plan

    Posted 01/21/2015 06:21:35 EST

    These last two playoff games gave the Seahawks a lot to think about.   One game a lot of passing and not much running. The other a lot of running. Then you got the double pass from Brady to Edelman to more »

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