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About Me: I lived in metro Boston for 25 years and summered in Scituate for over 20, as well. Emmanuel and Boston College degrees. Have currently 11 inside cats, taken from the street, feed 5 ferals whom I trapped, neutered and returned and they come every day for breakfast and supper, and we have 6 insulated feral cat shelters on our property which some use every day. We also had 5 dogs, one at a time, all from shelters, whom we adopted and they are all in heaven now. Retired, married and am now 65 years old. My husband is wonderfully supportive of what I (we)do and is very helpful. Consider Boston to be H-O-M-E. Not a lover of NYC, where we live in a suburb style house. Rarely go to Manhattan even though it's close by! What for?

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