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  • Posted 09/02/2015 10:03:40 EDT

    I feel like this relationship has run its course. He's picking fights, and that's just not cool. And you do need to work on your speech patterns in general.

    Just end this.

  • Posted 08/31/2015 11:33:08 EDT

    ::::clueby4:::: = AWESOMENESS!

  • Posted 08/31/2015 11:30:54 EDT

    Really, let this girl (and I do mean girl) go. And you may want to look at the real reasons you are hanging on to this trash.

  • Posted 08/28/2015 09:07:23 EDT

    Yes. This.

  • Posted 08/28/2015 09:03:31 EDT

    Ya know, I am 45 and I am watching all of the Faceboom posts about friends that are getting divorced or are widowed.

    I think I am done here.

  • Comment on: Was she married?

    Posted 08/27/2015 09:02:33 EDT

    Why on earth does it matter?

  • Posted 08/26/2015 01:38:39 EDT

    Thanks Dadz!

  • Posted 08/26/2015 01:37:16 EDT

    Thx for the clarification Sox! And, I do have to say MS hits men much harder than women for some reason...

  • Posted 08/26/2015 10:33:24 EDT

    Yes. ^^THIS!!!^^

  • Posted 08/26/2015 10:31:43 EDT

    Thank you bklynmom for clarifying this. And SoxRock, a dx of MS does not necessarily mean a death sentence. Yes, there are some versions of the disease that are just horrifying, but it does not mean t more »

  • Posted 08/26/2015 10:29:35 EDT

    LW - I completely understand where you are coming from as I have been "blessed" with multiple sclerosis. And it has made me think of what I would do in the same situation. My thought is to just let th more »

  • Posted 08/20/2015 02:06:06 EDT

    Hallelujah and Amen. more »

  • Posted 08/20/2015 09:02:30 EDT

    LW - stop this. Just stop. This guy is wishy-washy at best, and you deserve better. Just take the "like" as just a "like" and let this one go.
    Peace/out more »

  • Posted 08/19/2015 09:35:30 EDT

    Okay, NOW I get it.
    /generation gorge more »

  • Posted 08/18/2015 10:00:38 EDT

    You keep thinking about him because you are having an illicit fling in your head and you feel guilty. I call 'em like I see 'em...
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  • Posted 08/17/2015 09:14:03 EDT

    I.... I just don't get this. Going back to work now.
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  • Posted 08/14/2015 09:25:50 EDT

    LW - stop the second guessing. You absolutely did the right thing. It is onwards and upwards from here!

    A 3som! Shame on you Mere... ;) more »

  • Posted 08/04/2015 02:15:16 EDT

    Oh, he seriously needs to figure out what he wants. P00p or get off the pot.
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  • Posted 08/03/2015 09:19:33 EDT

    Civility is the word of the day for you. This battle is too large for you to deal with. Just smile nicely and let it go otherwise... Did that make sense? Eh, first day back to work after a month. Peac more »

  • Posted 06/29/2015 11:30:08 EDT

    I'm seriously not getting the warm-fuzzies about this relationship at all. And neither are you LW. It's time to move along and end this one....
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  • Posted 06/26/2015 09:04:29 EDT

    I'm a born-again Virgin, so I am unable to comment on this letter.
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  • Comment on: Did I Overreact?

    Posted 06/25/2015 10:58:31 EDT

    Thank you for your support TwoCent! :) more »

  • Comment on: Did I Overreact?

    Posted 06/25/2015 09:09:43 EDT

    He's a complete tool. End of story.
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  • Posted 06/24/2015 04:36:05 EDT

    Thank you David for clearing up what happened yesterday. I've heard lots of comments from Joe Public about "all those warnings and nothing happened". How do you educate people? I will post this on my more »

  • Comment on: Has He Moved On?

    Posted 06/24/2015 09:24:36 EDT

    ::golf clap:: to BBB! more »