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  • Posted 08/20/2014 08:35:13 EDT

    Really cool WEEI has an app for audio streaming. Nice to get a touch of home here in Houston.

  • Forum Post: Tony Gonzalez

    Posted 08/20/2014 02:36:12 EDT

    Wow!!! Gonzo and Gronk. DC's worst nightmare. I hope this has some wheels.

  • Posted 08/04/2014 06:09:11 EDT

    I don't think a spa would help my feet.. I'd have to go to a collision center or something.  Wife goes all the time.

  • Posted 08/03/2014 11:01:10 EDT

    In response to Quagmire3's comment: Not sure why this proclamation requires a thread? "Giggedy, Giggedy!" The battles appearing recently on the board are great when two differing opinions engage. The more »

  • Posted 08/01/2014 05:15:46 EDT

    And no DB does not stand for defensive back.  Seems this crybaby does not want to practice with the Pats. 2 days ago he announced he was in the same category as Sherman, Revis and the other elite corn more »

  • Posted 05/10/2014 01:57:43 EDT

    In response to rtuinila's comment:     In response to TFB12's comment:                     In response to DougIrwin's comment: [QUOTE]                               ^^Classic backpedal.               more »

  • Posted 05/10/2014 10:00:58 EDT

    I'm good. In a sea of Texan fans, I stand alone yet proud.

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  • Forum Post: Whine List

    Posted 05/10/2014 09:53:36 EDT

    In response to billge's comment:     Red (Sox)                                                                                 White (Those evil other guys)     I respectfully submit my entry to the w more »

  • Posted 05/10/2014 09:22:59 EDT

    I love the way Houston media is spinning this. On Sports Radio 610 Houston, GM Rick Smith flat denied there were any talks involving the Patriots. Pats dumped their 3rd round pick to Jax. Houston is s more »

  • Posted 03/21/2014 03:33:02 EDT

    In response to NYC's comment: [QUOTE] So what does Houston's QB depth look like right now? [/QUOTE] Case Keenum, TJ Yates, and newly signed R. Fitzpatrick Not sure how that effects their 1st round pic more »

  • Forum Post: Kubiak Fired

    Posted 12/07/2013 08:56:36 EST

    Living in Houston I have listened to the bashing of this man for weeks. Firing him with no hope of salvaging this season was a classless move. The team has a ton of talent yet play like overpaid spoil more »

  • Posted 10/20/2013 04:47:50 EDT

    In response to coolade2's comment: [QUOTE] This guy will be run out of the league.  The WORST call in the history of the leage although it is only a regular season game. Just watched it again on tape. more »

  • Posted 10/20/2013 04:39:55 EDT

    In response to David233's comment: That call was worse than the roughing the passer call on Sugar Bear against Stabler in 1976. In response to WazzuWheatfarmer's comment: [QUOTE] It was a horrible cal more »

  • Forum Post: Bum

    Posted 10/19/2013 12:39:12 EDT

    Rest in peace cowboy. Thank you for all the memories. 

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  • Posted 10/18/2013 01:03:46 EDT

    Tom can smile again

    Doc says Gronk will play Sunday

    Redzone will be his


    5-7-5 right?

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  • Forum Post: LeGarrette Blount

    Posted 04/27/2013 06:25:21 EDT

    In response to alfred-e-bob-neumier's comment:

    You simply have to like Blounts guts and toughness...if you need 2 yards to move the chains late in the game he'll get it for you...



    more »

  • Posted 04/09/2013 01:22:14 EDT

    In response to BostonProSportsLover's comment:   bb has a bad track record but there are tons of good fast guys out there. hard to mess it up. i still see us trading the first rounder and getting a fe more »

  • Posted 01/30/2013 10:41:30 EST

    In response to NoMorePensionLooting's comment:


    He has a SB Ring...


    He's a tool. 



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  • Forum Post: Scripted

    Posted 01/21/2013 12:41:36 EST

    Harbaugh family reunion. Second only in nausea factor to a Manning Bowl. Go get them Ray, misplace the white suit KILLER. 2ND half Brady looked more concerned about man makeup than the game. Color me more »

  • Forum Post: superstition

    Posted 01/19/2013 08:36:25 EST

    In response to ASO9771's comment: Bruschi 54 jersey on as soon as I am out of bed, same jeans every week. Pats Football helment on Coffee table to rub for luck, lots of beer, Chicken Wings every week more »

  • Posted 12/03/2012 03:45:13 EST

    In response to themightypatriots' comment:

    Nice post, shows how humble Brady is, always giving credit to his teammates.  Best QB ever.


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  • Posted 12/01/2012 03:59:52 EST

    I think he is an asset. Funny, not so much. He does keep it interesting. What is funny (looking) is my pair of Deion Sanders, 1993 Nike Diamond Turf 2 sneakers. Why I still have these is beyond me. Th more »

  • Posted 10/03/2012 06:13:15 EDT

    In response to harleyroadking12's comment:

    her backside is amazing, and she looks pretty darn nice on the frontside too

    Gisele Bundchen


    Wow, all of a sudden I'm hungry

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  • Posted 10/03/2012 03:33:16 EDT

    In response to TFB12's comment: [QUOTE] Tom Brady vs. the NFL: The Case for Football’s Greatest Quarterback [/QUOTE] Not sure I want to vision life without Br more »

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