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  • Posted 05/04/2012 05:20:14 EDT

    ANY Celtic fan that wants Paul Pierce traded is NOT a Celtic fan...  well not a LOYAL one anyway.  This man has played his ENTIRE career in Boston and now because his career is winding down you want t more »

  • Forum Post: HIBBERT??????????

    Posted 05/04/2012 04:51:33 EDT

    I like Hibbert's game and his energy level, fun to watch..   but no way is he worth a max contract.  There are already enough overpaid players in the NBA.  more »

  • Posted 05/04/2012 04:46:40 EDT

    After watching the video below..  I was VERY impressed with Tyson Chandler.  He spoke very highly of KG and we ALL know that not many active players have anything GOOD to say about Kevin Garnett.   Ta more »

  • Posted 05/02/2012 10:26:35 EDT

    Brandon Bass.  We must consider Brandon doesn't have MUCH experience PLAYING in the playoffs.  Baby, because of KG's injury especially, has a lot of playoff experience already.  I think as the C's adv more »

  • Posted 05/02/2012 10:19:50 EDT

    The fact that we are even COMPARING what RON did to Harden to the "chest bump" of an official is absolutely LUDICROUS!!  

    I do appreciate all of the feedback.  more »

  • Posted 05/01/2012 12:27:36 EDT

    The Grizzlies got caught napping.  I believe they have learned their lesson and will come back strong Game 2.  I like both the Clippers and the Grizzlies, but the Clippers shot is VERY slim... nothing more »

  • Posted 05/01/2012 12:20:24 EDT

    I understand the kid messed up.  Did he cost us the game: YES...  BUT it wouldn't have BEEN a game if he hadn't put the Celtics on his BACK and carry them until KG and Bass decided to wake up.  So, as more »

  • Forum Post: 61 out of 62

    Posted 03/10/2011 01:30:07 EST

    I thought I was the only one getting a bit FRUSTRATED with the injury bug not giving the Celtics a break! It seems to bite NO OTHER TEAM the way it bites us!  Shaq I don't think is really as "injured" more »

  • Forum Post: SHAQ'S HEALTH.

    Posted 03/10/2011 01:22:30 EST

    In Response to Re: SHAQ'S HEALTH.: He's fine. On eei today, Doc and the "Big Three" told him to come back when he is 1000% better... Playoffs!!! 18-25 Posted by beavis If healthy and just resting up, more »

  • Posted 03/10/2011 01:19:04 EST

    Arroyo did have a nice debut last night, but he won't see much playing time when Delonte comes back.  We really miss Delonte's presence running the point behind Rondo.  If he is running Arroyo behind more »

  • Posted 03/10/2011 01:05:05 EST

    I sure hope you're right!  I didn't think about his playing time and that DEFINITELY eases my mind.  I remember listening to 'The Big Show' on WEEI and they mentioned him playing 43 minutes the other more »

  • Forum Post: GO HEAT!!!!!!!

    Posted 03/10/2011 01:02:22 EST

    First and foremost, I am a CELTIC FAN, so calm down. HaHa!!  I am a HUGE basketball fan, so I watch all the games I can.  I have, as I am sure you have, been keeping up with the drama in Miami (LOVE T more »

  • Forum Post: SHAQ'S HEALTH.

    Posted 03/10/2011 12:54:56 EST

    Am I the only one that believes that Shaq is not as injured as the Celtics are making it seem?  I believe they are just resting him for the last few games and the long Play-Off run we have ahead of us more »

  • Posted 03/10/2011 12:47:19 EST

    This year the Eastern Conference, at least pertaining to the contenders, is as TOUGH as ever.  The C's desperately need home court advantage this year, seeing as the outcome could have been different more »

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