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  • Posted 08/20/2014 09:40:55 EDT

    He had a good run for a while but was oft injured and unreliable....he can now assume the journeyman role for the remainder of his career and play for a new team each year. Let's send him on his way.. more »

  • Posted 08/18/2014 02:24:16 EDT

    Home runs = momentum and runs...there is no greater force in baseball than those two things moving in the same directions...the only disconnect i see are people who refuse to see the obvious As always more »

  • Posted 08/18/2014 10:13:12 EDT

    Anyone who tries to diminish the importance of HRs needs to get their heads out of Bill James' rear...the only thing more vital to a winning team is an ace who can bring it every start - especially in more »

  • Posted 08/18/2014 09:54:13 EDT

    I stopped reading after seeing Lavarnway's name...I'm about as much of a prospect as he is at this point go get some established players or next year we will be in last place again As always - 100% co more »

  • Posted 08/15/2014 11:52:22 EDT

    Clemens is still a liar - his whole "I don't care if I get in or not" is a farce. He cares. A lot. I just wish he would admit that he used the juice and let that die off so that his career can be put more »

  • Forum Post: Key to Jon Lester

    Posted 08/13/2014 12:40:27 EDT

    seattle is not far from oakland...he might stay on the left coast

    As always - 100% correct!

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  • Posted 08/13/2014 09:48:23 EDT

    maybe we can get Papi to be the official DH for JBJ and still get to keep a DH in the lineup as well..its only fair - he hits like a pitcher

    As always - 100% correct!

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  • Posted 08/13/2014 09:18:53 EDT

    In response to sycophant123's comment: [QUOTE] He won't be starting next year. It doesn't really matter if they continue to play him this year. He would make a great 4th outfielder, and there is nothi more »

  • Forum Post: Yoenis Cespedes

    Posted 08/13/2014 09:13:31 EDT

    no one ever scored from 2B on a walk...why NOTIN would start this discussion the same day as the trade and given our hitting woes this season is a mystery to me...not his shining moment As always - 10 more »

  • Posted 08/11/2014 05:30:02 EDT

    In response to Flapjack07's comment: [QUOTE] A lot of teams would have missed out on a lot of All-Star players if they gave up on them as early in their careers as many fans want us to do with our kid more »

  • Posted 08/11/2014 02:57:08 EDT

    In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: In response to DaysofYaz's comment: [QUOTE]   i  We'd sure give up a lot more hits. Not sure if Stanton would offset that. I wouldn't trade Pedey.     Have yo more »

  • Posted 08/10/2014 08:11:07 EDT

    In response to redsoxdirtdog's comment: [QUOTE] I'm convinced we are doing long term damage to these kids! There must be a change!!!  " Give them time to work it out," is burying these boys!!!!! They more »

  • Posted 08/10/2014 08:10:19 EDT

    In response to royf19's comment: [QUOTE] In response to redsoxdirtdog's comment: [QUOTE] Putting them in as starters CLEARLY BEFORE THEY WERE READY.   We could be doing irreperable damage to their psy more »

  • Posted 08/10/2014 08:06:08 EDT

    seriously he is what he is...even if he got hot the last few months, would you really think he turned the corner? he's a great defender, thats about it

    As always - 100% correct!

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  • Posted 08/10/2014 07:28:40 EDT

    In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: [QUOTE] In response to craze4sox's comment: [QUOTE] Brought up too soon with much hype, or just not as good as some thought?  Regardless not a lot of personal more »

  • Forum Post: Advice needed

    Posted 08/09/2014 03:03:35 EDT

    did someone nuke this thread? holy censorship batman!

    As always - 100% correct!

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  • Posted 08/09/2014 02:28:04 EDT

    No way Bogie, Bleacher Reports ranks us # (just make up any number) in MLB farm systems!  Look at all those great rookies who became excellent players in the last five years.... As always - 100% corre more »

  • Forum Post: Is Pedey outbound?

    Posted 08/09/2014 02:23:41 EDT

    Not one Sox rookie has made a dent of difference this year - they have all been vastly overrated based on their results....seeing some folks draw a line in the sand and saying they would not trade suc more »

  • Posted 08/09/2014 09:43:26 EDT

    Wonderlic score please... more »

  • Forum Post: Is Pedey outbound?

    Posted 08/08/2014 07:18:38 EDT

    In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: [QUOTE] Part of me actually wanted to suggest trading Pedey a year ago with Betts emerging and Pedey's reaching 30.  Of course I bit my tongue in fear that I more »

  • Posted 08/08/2014 07:06:36 EDT

    since we dont have any pitchers, i would think Owens would be the one guy who wouldnt be dealt no matter what...but all the rest are fair game imo

    As always - 100% correct!

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  • Forum Post: Is Pedey outbound?

    Posted 08/08/2014 07:04:58 EDT

    in early 2012 I wrote a thread that said Pedroia was in decline..I remember being attacked and mocked for it seems like its accepted...but his decline is relative - I wouldnt trade him blindl more »

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