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  • Posted 04/16/2015 03:38:03 EDT

    In response to BsLegion's comment: thanks to @Dafoomie on twitter..  He brought up the fact that along with the slashes to hurt Chara last playoffs, there was Subban's and below you will see at the en more »

  • Posted 04/07/2015 12:41:56 EDT

    In response to Bookboy007's comment: Every Pacioretty injury will be scrutinized by Bruins fans because of the 9-11 incident.  I would think that's perfectly understandable.  Guy goes down, city goes more »

  • Posted 03/26/2015 02:52:59 EDT

    Bruins - 9 points

    Senators - 14 points

    <sad trombone>

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  • Posted 03/25/2015 04:28:11 EDT

    In response to Wheatskins' comment: Dougie is not out indefinitely. It's just a ploy to get the Senators over-confident. They say he is being re-evaluated again on Thursday. What was wrong with the fi more »

  • Posted 03/13/2015 05:34:51 EDT

    I guess that tells us what CJ thought about Bart's overtime penalty.

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  • Posted 03/12/2015 10:16:49 EDT

    In response to gord11's comment: Reading here, sounds like the B's were terrible? They were alright in the first period and horrible in the second and most of the third.  They did OK in the overtime, more »

  • Posted 03/12/2015 10:11:38 EDT

    I get the concept you're pushing.  I also get that most people in the hockey world recognize that the Canadiens have been a mediocre team with a Hart Trophy candidate in the net all season.  Did the n more »

  • Posted 03/12/2015 09:59:53 EDT

    Five unanswered goals in the third period?  What happened?  Price coming back down to Earth?

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  • Posted 03/12/2015 09:57:10 EDT

    In response to Mutant211's comment: Too bad Stamkos' penalty doesn't carry over into the shitout.  Goucher and Beers just said that the penalty did make Stamkos unavailable for the shootout.  Interest more »

  • Posted 03/12/2015 09:47:30 EDT

    Time to buy a lottery ticket. 

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  • Posted 03/12/2015 09:44:14 EDT

    Too bad Stamkos' penalty doesn't carry over into the shitout. 

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  • Posted 03/12/2015 09:36:29 EDT

    In response to StanleyCuptotheBruinsin2011's comment: In response to Mutant211's comment: Who gets a passing grade for tonight?  It's a pretty short list. Rask Krug Spooner Bergeron Seidenberg That's more »

  • Posted 03/12/2015 09:30:54 EDT

    Now would be a good time for Soderberg to break out of his slump.

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  • Posted 03/12/2015 09:23:14 EDT

    Who gets a passing grade for tonight?  It's a pretty short list.






    That's all I've got.

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  • Posted 03/12/2015 09:18:27 EDT

    Another giveaway along the boards.  This is pathetic.

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  • Posted 03/12/2015 09:15:58 EDT

    Ugh, Soderberg can't buy a goal.

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  • Posted 03/12/2015 09:01:36 EDT

    Wow, look what happens with some offensive zone time.  The Bruins possessed the puck in the offensive zone for longer than any stretch in the second period and were rewarded with a goal.

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  • Posted 03/12/2015 08:57:24 EDT

    I work evenings (home tonight) and never go to message boards from work.  I listen to the audio stream of most games on my iPod and occasionally take a break and find a TV to watch some of the game.  more »

  • Posted 03/12/2015 08:17:21 EDT

    I am not accustomed to seeing the Bruins have so much trouble along the boards.  It's not just one or two guys, but team wide.

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  • Posted 03/12/2015 07:52:03 EDT

    In response to Bruinfaninnewjersey's comment:

    Has there been any mention that Chara is playing injured?

    He looks like his knee braces are made out of cast iron.

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  • Posted 03/12/2015 07:47:27 EDT

    TB is doing a good job of taking away the boards in the defensive end.  They are forcing a lot of turnovers.

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  • Posted 03/11/2015 06:22:41 EDT

    In response to dannycater's comment: What Seidy can control is his decision making, and his decision making is all mental, so I have to say that if there is one part of his game that has fallen off it more »

  • Posted 03/11/2015 06:20:48 EDT

    I'm not ready to give up on Seidenberg yet.  Last season when the extent of his knee injury was announced, Habs fans said that the injuries were similar to the ones suffered by Markov, and that it too more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 02:17:51 EST

    Is he going to be on the fourth line, or is a more expensive winger on his way out of town?

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  • Posted 03/02/2015 02:14:39 EST

    Connolly's stat line certainly tempers my enthusaism.  32 points in 134 games?  Yikes. 

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