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  • Posted 04/09/2012 05:48:43 EDT

    Besides BB, no one else i would rather learn the game of football from

  • Forum Post: Luck Vs. Griffin

    Posted 04/02/2012 09:46:31 EDT

    I think it comes down to scheme and supporting cast, Luck is the sterotypical pocket passer, think Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. RGIII can make more out of nothing with his feet, but he does have a can more »

  • Posted 03/26/2012 07:53:13 EDT

    Look at Murray run behind fiametta, vs not, FB's can still be very effective more »

  • Posted 03/13/2012 10:13:08 EDT

    In Response to Re: Patriots don't need a big name.: Lloyd isn't a big time WR? Lets see, he knows/thrives in the system, can get open on the outside and has freaky catching ability. Sure, not a burner more »

  • Posted 03/08/2012 10:56:42 EST

    In Response to trade rumor: How about trading Brady to the 49ers for a number 1 and 2. Manning signs with Pats, plus whatever wide receiver he brings. Then with the draft go defense plus a center. Fre more »

  • Posted 03/06/2012 10:17:33 EST

    To be honest between Mankins and Samuels NE fans think that players are insulted when they get tagged, more often than not there not insulted, I mean hell vinatieri got tagged twice by the patriots more »

  • Posted 03/04/2012 12:18:11 EST

    In Response to Re: Jerry Rice looked real good in his latest commercial, should the Pats bring him in?: Don't let the fact that he's been making the talk show circuit and out of football for 8 years c more »

  • Forum Post: Deep Threat?

    Posted 03/03/2012 01:15:43 EST

    In Response to Re: Deep Threat?: In Response to Re: Deep Threat? : Except for B Johnson mthurl not a single receiver you mentioned was considered a deep threat. All of them typically worked the 5-20yr more »

  • Posted 02/28/2012 10:51:08 EST

    dont forget Gronk had back problems the year that he came out, so while they are worrying full recovery isn't imposibile  more »

  • Forum Post: Coach Faulk?

    Posted 02/28/2012 05:12:54 EST

    Any chance he can coach DB more »

  • Posted 02/20/2012 04:31:44 EST

    These things have been kicking around for 2 or 3 years now, so idk if it will actually happen more »

  • Posted 02/16/2012 10:14:54 EST

    In Response to Re: 6 No Brainer moves for Patriots.: Here are mine (a few more than 6): Resign Connolly, Carter, Anderson and WW  Sign FA Adam Carriker DE Sign FA Ahmad Brooks OLB Sign FA WRs Meachem more »

  • Posted 02/12/2012 01:07:19 EST

    In Response to Re: Why the Pats shouldn't draft a DB in the 2nd: I remember posting on this board last year that the Pats should try to sign Asomugha and was told that the Pats had one of the best tan more »

  • Posted 02/07/2012 10:50:05 EST

    In Response to Re: What do you want from the 1st 2 round of the draft?: In Response to Re: What do you want from the 1st 2 round of the draft? : Are you on crack? The Steelers are not giving you Walla more »

  • Forum Post: Lloyd

    Posted 02/07/2012 10:45:37 EST

    He has said that he would like to follow McDainels whereever he ended up, what are y'alls feelings on him, worth the money or to bad so sad for him more »

  • Forum Post: A Polite question

    Posted 02/01/2012 10:45:45 EST

    I wouldn't be supirsed if he was active, he plays on special teams as well, it will be interesting to see more »

  • Posted 01/31/2012 12:39:06 EST

    In Response to Re: Are the Giants better than their 2007 team?:  The Giants front 7 won that SB, plain and simple.  Posted by RustyGriswold  I have said since the superbowl one of their defenders dese more »

  • Posted 01/26/2012 07:33:04 EST

    In Response to Re: Since McDaniels is helping the Pats, will Ocho be a part of the offense?: I haven't seen anything in print about Gronk, but didn't someone on the board mention Gronk has ligament da more »

  • Posted 01/25/2012 10:32:39 EST

    Maybe next year, but if Brandon Lloyd is true to his word he may be in foxboro next year, little bit of an upgrade over Ocho at this point in their respective careers more »

  • Posted 01/22/2012 08:53:47 EST

    Rice had 21 carries for 67 yard with a long of 12, the D forced flacco to win the game, classic BB gameplan  more »

  • Posted 01/18/2012 08:20:23 EST

    Just because somebody has succeeded on another team, does NOT mean that they would have the same success here. Look at Aaron Maybin, sucked on the Bills but found a bit of a groove on the jets. We hav more »

  • Forum Post: ESPN...

    Posted 01/14/2012 11:51:00 EST

    In Response to Re: ESPN...: I'm glad the Saints and Broncos are gone. So sick of hearing nothing about Brees and the Saints and Tebow and the Broncos all last week. Posted by Wizardsjag I bet that we more »

  • Posted 12/17/2011 10:18:37 EST

    J. Baldwin is also on the chiefs, i think that Jones had more oppertunities to get yardage with Matty Ice, than whoever the chiefs trot out more »

  • Posted 11/20/2011 11:58:09 EST

    In Response to Re: Are the Packers racist: In Response to Re: Are the Packers racist : I know you are being sarcastic but in the schools I went to and in the jobs I have worked the % of black American more »

  • Posted 09/25/2011 01:25:08 EDT

    power rankings while fun to read only matter in college football because thats all the bcs really is more »

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