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  • Posted 10/29/2010 03:51:47 EDT

    He escaped from prison!! People act like he was on his way home from volunteering at the community center or something! Geez! Instead of complaining the Mom should be happy that at least somebody is p more »

  • Posted 05/06/2010 06:48:02 EDT

    Does the Globe just copy and paste this article every time BPD is up for a contract???? Looks like it to me! more »

  • Posted 05/06/2010 04:10:50 EDT

    Hey "DisabledAmerican"...Are you aware of how many disabled veteran MARINES who have fought in combat you just offended by slamming cops??? LOTS! more »

  • Posted 05/06/2010 04:07:07 EDT

    Dear Globe, Please start writing complete stories. You make mention of ONLY 4-5 individuals of more than 2000. You fail to mention the average police officer makes less than 100k/yearly. What about th more »

  • Posted 04/22/2010 06:30:24 EDT

    MaggieMac8790, EXTORT overtime pay, your an idiot! They unfortunately don't get paid overtime, thought they deserve it. more »

  • Posted 04/22/2010 06:27:38 EDT

    Hell ya, SB3...looks like we are the only two that know what is going on here! more »

  • Posted 04/22/2010 06:25:25 EDT

    Hi Arrogant Liberals! You probably believe that that it is less expensive to hire flagman like Deval tells you.....ahhh, arrogant and uninformed. Do the math, cops benefits are already included. YEs, more »