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  • Forum Post: Kesler to Anaheim

    Posted 06/27/2014 04:21:42 EDT

    let's use this one

    Jesus saves & Esposito puts in the rebound.


    Jesus saves & Esposito puts in the rebound.

  • Forum Post: Kesler to Anaheim

    Posted 06/27/2014 03:36:02 EDT

    garrison now to TB

    Jesus saves & Esposito puts in the rebound.

  • Posted 05/23/2014 10:44:23 EDT

    Add Sweeny to the Mix." rel="nofollow">     There have been all kinds of rumours surrounding the Capitals' vacancies. Ray more »

  • Forum Post: Kelly Missed

    Posted 05/02/2014 08:28:26 EDT

    In response to Bruinfaninnewjersey's comment: I'm not so sure Kelly will be back with the Bruins next season (or McQuaid.) They are both signed through next season, where do they go and when? the draf more »

  • Forum Post: Kelly Missed

    Posted 05/02/2014 07:45:56 EDT

    I think they should call up Spooner and send Florek back down. Keep the merlot line in tact and have Yeti, Spooner and Eriksson as line 3.

    Jesus saves & Esposito puts in the rebound.

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  • Posted 01/19/2014 03:39:47 EST

    In response to watchtower's comment: It degrades the game even more when a player slows down to a crawl or stops before shooting the puck.  The player should have to skate in at game condition speed. more »

  • Posted 01/19/2014 03:38:17 EST


    Big Game Iginla with a tough guy pose to Oduya at the end fo the game.


    Why does Marchant show up big when they lose? That has happened a couple of times this year.

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  • Posted 01/19/2014 03:36:50 EST


    and they are not really paid to win games... just not lose them.


    everybody is paid to win games....

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  • Posted 01/19/2014 03:25:00 EST

    In response to mattbs' comment:

    Campbell with two wide open nets but both times puck was at his feet. Its a game of inches.

    It is when its Gregory, he has no touch.....

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  • Posted 01/19/2014 01:04:11 EST


    No Lack of chances...




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  • Posted 01/19/2014 10:05:09 EST

    This is the Marchant vs Shaw rematch. Both have 24 points and about the same PIM's. I hope Marchant plays it right to the wire and gets em' off their game.

    Let's go Bruins!





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  • Posted 01/18/2014 01:17:58 EST








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  • Posted 01/18/2014 12:37:52 EST

    In response to 50belowzero's comment:

    Remember B's, high glove side on Crawford.

    Good Point, see the pad stack on the habs?




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  • Posted 01/18/2014 12:08:48 EST

    This has the potential to be the best confidence booster this season. The hawks just beat the Ducks and one of the hottest teams in the league. Everybody knows we cannot exact revenge on last year's c more »

  • Forum Post: Now what ??

    Posted 01/10/2014 01:22:33 EST

    I think the Olympic break will do the B's a lot of good. Panic after February.   I think we should go after Girardi. He is big and strong and Chara should be taken off the screen on the PP. He cannot more »

  • Posted 12/28/2013 04:08:15 EST

      I can't believe you listed Orpik...     Pouliot punching out Krejci... Knuckles Nilan becoming a bruin... the Iginla snub..   We are talking about a cup here run here...teams gotta move on...he is a more »

  • Posted 12/28/2013 03:38:01 EST

      Boyle, Dan » D SJS 37 $6,666,667 2014 (UFA) Phaneuf, Dion » D TOR 28 $6,500,000 2014 (UFA) Timonen, Kimmo » D PHI 38 $6,000,000 2014 (UFA) Markov, Andrei » D MTL 35 $5,750,000 2014 (UFA) Pitkanen, J more »

  • Posted 12/28/2013 12:45:23 EST

    This was a major factor in his troubles in Boston. Character wise this kid may turn it around. I think B's brass questioned his comittment and work ethic but there is no doubt he is a quality guy.   h more »

  • Posted 12/27/2013 04:10:58 EST

    In response to 49thparallel's comment: In response to soups-7's comment:   Chris Kelly is smiling right now.....he will be back before Pascal.. yes, but will it be in a Bruins uniform?  Things have ch more »

  • Posted 12/27/2013 03:49:40 EST


    Chris Kelly is smiling right now.....he will be back before Pascal..

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  • Posted 07/06/2013 10:43:46 EDT

      Seguin really hit the booze after his best friend was in that nasty car accident. It went from therapy to completely taking over his life. These were a few tweets from last fall when he started to u more »

  • Forum Post: High marks for PC

    Posted 07/05/2013 02:32:31 EDT

    In response to Hanrahan1's comment: If the Bs don't pick up a decent replacement for Horton then I'm afraid it will reflect in my marks for PC. Alfredson, Briere, Lecavalier and it seems Clarkson too more »

  • Posted 06/30/2013 11:22:50 EDT

    In response to Chowdahkid-'s comment: A bit of an over-reaction there ............don't you think soups ? Maybe but in sports motivation comes from different sources, I am saying defend home ice at al more »

  • Posted 06/30/2013 01:46:17 EDT

    This guy was a 30 goal scorer 2 years ago. I think he has Bruin written all over him? Any takers? This could ease the pain of watching Horty walk out the door. more »

  • Posted 06/30/2013 12:09:45 EDT

    Let's trade the leading playoff scorer from this year and 2011, how can you rationalize that? Kels seriously I once called out Krejci but I learned my lesson. He and Looch are the bell weathers on thi more »

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